Baby's First Toothbrush

Updated on November 06, 2008
A.T. asks from Lake Oswego, OR
4 answers

Looking for recommendations for baby's first toothbrush and the pros and cons of the most popular ones out there. Any tips on how often to brush. My twins are 9 months old.

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answers from Phoenix on

I started brushing once a day when my kids were about 8-9 months. Just do it for a few seconds until they're used to the idea and know ahead of time that they're going to want to hold it themselves and chew on the bristles. I kept a backup for when the bristles got too frayed. I used this one-- . The bristles are pretty soft and my sons didn't object too it too much. I think I got it at Target, but it might have been Babies R Us.


answers from Philadelphia on

The Banana Brush is great and was developed by a mom who is a ped dentist. Also the one that One Step Ahead carries.



answers from Phoenix on

congratulations! i started wiping my grandsons gums with a cloth ever since he was born so hes used to teeth cleaning and we haventhad a problem. i graduated him to this thing you put on your finger and then i went with just a generic toothbrush. i bought a pak of 4 so he could have one to play with just make sure they are soft and small enough to fit in their mouth. i also got some baby toothpaste that tastes like bubble gum. i also make sure he sees my brushing my teeth and he imitaties. heis 16 months old now. "teeth" was one of his first words. i always maek sure he drinks water after every snack and we brush after meals. i dont know how good his parents are about brushing at night, i dont want to know but i hope they are doing it. he had his first dentist appt at one year so you may want to make one now cause it takes a long time to get an appt with a pediatric dentist and make sure you try to at least wipe teeth down with a washcloth or get one of the finger thins now so they are used to it



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi A. i just read your post and i started brushing my daughters gums after she drank a bottle. I used a finger brush and as she got teeth i used a toothbrush that had the smallest head i could find i even started to floss. She is going on 3yrs and i have no problems brushing or flossing.

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