What Do You Use for Inexpensive Invitations/cards?

Updated on September 09, 2010
W.D. asks from Chicago, IL
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We would like to send out invitations for our daughter's 1st birthday....ones that would allow us to put a picture(s) of her on it. I have used cardstore for xmas cards before, but looking to see if anyone knows of another site/company that is a little less expensive.



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answers from Las Vegas on

I seem to recall that Vista Print (www.vistaprint.com) has good prices. I think that if you are a first time user, they give you a special discount (at least that was the case when I ordered business cards a while back). And, if not, you can do a quick search and see if you can find any special internet coupons for their service.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Kansas City on

You need to sign up for Snapfish and Shutterfly!! They have specials, deal and coupons all the time and they both offer super cute photo cards. I do photo cards for both kids' b-day invites plus Christmas and everyone loves them. Of course there will be people who just throw it away, but a lot of people will hold onto the card for a keepsake, especially family and close friends. You can also make them on line and pick them up in stores to save on shipping, but they do cost a little bit more that way...I think it equals out money wise to be honest, but if you're in a time crunch you can pick them up.

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answers from Chicago on

Walgreens...you can upload photos at the photo booth and create your own invitations. They even give you envelopes for free and the cards are ready in about an hour.



answers from Chicago on

We did online invitations so I could use pictures and it was totally free. We used something called Smilebox that allows you to do tons of stuff and it's all free. Very fun!



answers from Dallas on

walgreens.com has some reasonably priced photo cards. We used some of the blank or non-themed cards to make my son's invitations last year.



answers from Philadelphia on

Go on the computer and do the evite invitations. They are free and I think you can add your own pictures. I did this for my sons party and it worked great. It tracks who is coming and not coming so you know how many on your guest list.



answers from San Francisco on





answers from Chicago on

You could go to etsy.com shop custom photo invite and find one for $10-$15. You upload the picture & info to the graphic artist then print at Walgreens (when they go on sale) or Costco.



answers from Chicago on

I agree do an evite if you want free. Costco was great! $14.99 for 50 and $5.99 for each additional 25 and they give you the envelopes with your photo cards.



answers from Chicago on

Make your own! You can get wallet-sized prints with a glue stick, or print them out on the computer. Get some cute paper from Kinkos.



answers from Erie on

You can do that at the photo kiosk at walmart I"m sure for not more than 25 cents a piece



answers from Los Angeles on

I either print them ourselves, use www.vistaprint.com or use www.evite.com

For Christmas, I send out an e-mail with a webpage link. Nobody wants to save all of my pictures every Christmas and they can look at it when and if they have time AND NO POSTAGE or PAPER! www.babyjellybeans.com



answers from Chicago on

Do a search for vistaprint on google then click the google ad to get another 50% off- they take longer, don't have as many design options but can't beat the pricing



answers from Washington DC on

TIny Prints and Vistaprint. But a wide range of prices on these sites, some inexpensive and some very expensive, so look carefully.

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