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Updated on August 15, 2012
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This may be a silly question, but being 9 months pregnant and due next week, It is on my mind. We are having a girl and have not told people the names we are considering, except my hubby slipped to a coworker thinking nothing of it. Well, we have a mutual friend and they were talking and this friend told me she knew the names we were considering. Then she proceeded to tell me that she didn't like the one. Of course it was the one we were leaning toward and considering the most.

So in my horomonal state I now worry that if I name her it, people will not like it. I know it is up to me and my hubby, but I guess I need some reasurrance that the name we picked is not horrible.
So, what do you think of the name Daphne?
also, we are having a hard time with a middle name. any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks moms! I just needed some validation and reassurance that the name we were picking wasn't awful. I love the name and I know I shouldn't let anyone else dictate how I feel, but being oh so pregnant, I can't always control my emotions!
I believe we are going with the name Daphne Angela. Guess I will find out if it doesn't fit when she comes out, but I think it will work out great. Now, I just need her to come out!

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answers from Houston on

I love the name Daphne. It's classic, a little unusual, feminine and still playful. You chose well.

I like Rose with it, but then I would, wouldn't I?!!? Other names the come to mind for Daphne:


Please ignore a person who would tell a 9 month pregnant woman that she didn't like the chosen name.

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answers from New York on

I like Daphne! I personally can't stand names with all kinds of crazy spellings and any name that sound like "kayleigh". There does not exist a name that everyone likes so pick what you like and be confident that it is a nice name. I think 1 syllable middle names would work here.

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answers from Sacramento on

I don't think it matters what anyone thinks of the name you choose as long as you love it. Daphne will forever remind me of Scooby-doo, but I don't hate it...

How about Daphne Rose?

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answers from Bellingham on

Daphne Kate
Daphne Quinn
Daphne June

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answers from Tampa on

I love the name! It was on my list of girl names. How about Daphnie Jane? Or Lynn?

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answers from Boca Raton on

My friend named her daughter, Daphne. I think it's cute!
My son's name is different. Not everyone liked it, but we did. That's all that matters (Banyan is my son's name)

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answers from Colorado Springs on

As people grow to love your baby, the they will grow to love the name. I like Daphne too! She's your daughter, and YOU get to choose the name. My granddaughter (3 months) is named Evelyn May, much to the surprise to all the family, some hated it, others thought it was just so old-fashioned. I am loving it now because I love her. It's a musical name to me and one filled with baby giggles. Daphne will be the same, and after a couple of months people will say it's the PERFECT name for this baby!

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answers from Albany on

Actually, Daphne du Maurier just may be my favorite writer!

Naturally, Rebecca comes to mind as a middle name.

So, yeah, Daphne gets my vote!


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answers from New York on

LOVE the name Daphne! It's different yet classic ... romantic, but cute. Very feminine.

How about Daphne Jane? I also like Rose, Charlotte, and Victoria for middle names. (Kind of depends on your last name.)

Best wishes to you!! :-)

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answers from San Francisco on

You can't please anyone and everyone. Why would you want to??? Do you like the name? Does it have meaning for you? Then name your baby that name. Everyone has an opinion. Doesn't make it right or wrong. I think Daphne is a beautiful name. Best wishes!!!!

When people ask, I never told them any name. I told them AFTER and said---We have decided to name him/her __________. Then the can't say anything negative. GL!

Daphne Jane
Daphne Lenora
Daphne Beatrice
Daphne Annabelle

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answers from Spokane on

Daphne is adorable!

Daphne Rae
Daphne Mae
Daphne RaeLynn
Daphne Marie

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answers from Seattle on

I love daphne! For middle names I like Amelia, brooklyn, Elizabeth, Harper, Jane, lane/laine, Lauren, Lana, Olivia, Peyton, Quinn. Anything that doesn't also end in an ee sound. Congrats! Everyone will say they don't like at least one of your names, no big deal!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Love it. Super cute. She will OWN that name! Go for it.

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answers from Hartford on

While there's nothing wrong, per se, with Daphne I personally find it very dated to the 1970's and I dislike the sound of it intensely. That's just me. The name does seem to be making a bit of a comeback as I've heard of lots of newborn Daphnes in the past year (I follow trends)

I would suggest avoiding any male names like Quinn and Taylor, as masculine names on girls is very very trendy and extremely dated to the very early 2000's. It would be so nice to keep feminine in the middle.

Daphne Helene
Daphne Hannah
Daphne Camilla
Daphne Elizabeth
Daphne Charlotte
Daphne Victoria
Daphne Althea

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answers from Albuquerque on

You can never ever in a million years please everyone - don't even try. Don't care what others think. My mom hated my son's name when he was born and let me know (thanks mom). Now she loves the name and thinks it's the best name we could have picked for him. I think Daphne is beautiful...a little out of the ordinary and very pretty.

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answers from Boston on

Daphne is beautiful, and delicate. Good choice!

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answers from Detroit on

I love Daphne! She's a minor goddess in Greek mythology pursued by Apollo. She's beautiful.

How about Daphne Viridian? Viridian is a name for the color green, and Daphne was turned into laurel by Apollo, thus the color green.

I do like the name Rose for a middle name with Daphne also.

Enjoy the arrival of your girl!

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answers from Kansas City on

There are a lot of names I don't's why I didn't pick them.

Anna for one! I don't like it...but when our friends announced they were naming their daughter Anna...I said nothing. Kept my mouth shut. They named her Anna and I learned to live with it!

Your friend can say what she wants but you shouldn't worry what she likes or doesn't.

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answers from Denver on

When we were pregnant with our third child we decided not to share any of the names. My family spent a great deal of time trying to guess and one day my mother said, " I especially hope it is not ***** , because I hate that name..guess what, that was the exact name we had decided on. I waffled, my husband was adamant about sticking to our choice...fifteen years later we love the baby more than we could ever imagine, we lover her name..even my mother, and could not imagine her being called anything else.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I think the name Daphne is cute. I agree with everyone else in that you and your husband are picking the name for your daughter not anyone else. You go with the name you like.

As for middle names - I like Daphne Jo.

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answers from Chicago on

There's nothing wrong with Daphne. While It's not a name I'd consider I don't think it's weird at all and frankly you shouldn't worry about what others' think. I've heard some real doozies and some people are frankly nuts.

What about Daphne...and then a middle name that's from your family?



answers from Los Angeles on

Don't let it bug you if other people don't like the name you pick as long as
you like it.
Personally, I love different names.

Daphne Lynn
Daphne Lora
Daphne Lorraine
Daphne Lia




answers from Salt Lake City on

Daphne is an adorable name! I wouldn't take the advice of anyone else. Go with the name you and your husband chose. Don't second guess based on someone else's opinion. Congratulation and good luck on your delivery!



answers from New London on

May or Mae



answers from Anchorage on

Daphne is very cute. as for middle names, are there any family names that repeat? if not some cute ones may be rose, ann, grace, may, autumn...


answers from Pocatello on

Love Daphne!!!! It is so pretty! What about Daphne Lark?


answers from Portland on

I love it! How about Daphne Irene? ;)



answers from Boise on

Don't worry about what you want to name your baby. It is all up to you! I really like the name Daphne, it is pretty. You will probably want a 1 syllable middle name something like Grace to go with it. Makes her name flow.

For awhile after our daughter was born people made fun of her name. We named her Analiese Macaylee... but the pronunciation is (on a lease) so everyone would say we had her for a short time then we would have to give her back.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Daphne! It is very cute and there won't be 6 of them in class with her. As for a middle name Lynette? I also liked Daphne Elizabeth suggested by another poster.



answers from Colorado Springs on

How about Daphne Elaine? I also like Marie as a middle name with Daphne. What is your first & middle name? You could always use that. Or maybe a female version of your hubbys name.

My X & I named our 2 kids after both of us. My name is C. Ann & my X is James Leslie, so our daughter is Leslie Ann (both middle names) & our son is James Cassidy (used our first names with the male version of C.).

I am sure whatever you choose, will be wonderful & you will find that the name suits the baby well.

Best of luck & may God bless you all.



answers from Los Angeles on

Love it. Daphne was one of our girl choices, but was never used since we have 2 boys. Middle names are tough, I'd do something with atleast 2 syllables like Christine.

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