Baby Boy "Take Home Outfit" - ??

Updated on September 30, 2011
C.J. asks from Frisco, TX
17 answers

What did you take your little one home in? I'm putting wayyyyyyyyyy to much time into finding an outfit that he's going to wear for an hour! But the hospital I'm delivering at takes wonderful photos (that are actually good enough for birth announcements) so I want to find an outfit that could be suitable enough...
But being so super tiny those first days where did you find an outfit for a boy??
Or did you go with something like a knit diaper cover & hat?

Much love mamas!
- - - C.

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answers from Anchorage on

I learned after my first how tiny they are, his cloths were so big on him. I suggest getting a premie outfit, and also one for 0-3 months, that way you are covered. I used little footie jammies with matching hats, they both looked so cute :)

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi C.-

I had a beautiful little pink cotton dress (with smocking and embroidery and little ruffly panties!!) And a pink onsie and little tiny pink lace tights! Also one of those bows on an elastic head band...

It is a good thing RYAN was an emergency c section it gave my mom some extra time to get a BOYS outfit!


Best Luck!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Oh, how exciting! I always struggled with what to bring to take the baby home in. I always brought a couple of outfits so that I could decide. I usually ended up with a soft, cuddly pj outfit for the trip home. I also love those sleeping gowns, even for boys, because they are so easy to change the diapers without waking the baby and fussing with them too much. But, I wouldn't chose that for the pictures!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Of course, I had something picked out & ready to go but snce I went unexpectedly early, it was left to my husband to follow instructions of where it was located....and he brought the WRONG thing to the hospital!
So it was a terry....cloth....sleeper. Sigh.
Men! Gotta love 'em!



answers from Tampa on

Those fancy nightgowns with matching hat, absolutely adorable.



answers from Dallas on

In my opinion you should think about comfort. The kid was just born and has been through a lot and the only thing he has had on his body is a very worn in onesie that is super soft. Don't put him in some hard outfit...ouch! Put him in a soft cute sleeper and no matter what time of year it should be long sleeves and feet covered. These are babies :)



answers from Dallas on

my first son, due to the heat in TX (I had no idea it would be 90 in October!) had to wear the onsie from the hospital and a little hat home:(
My second (january baby) wore the sweetest little white cable knit pant and sweater outfit.
ONe mistake in outfits is any kid of gown to go home it - not for pictures - it gets bunched up in the middle strap and their little legs show and if winter - not a good thing. That is what I did learn through everyday outfit trial and error:)



answers from Savannah on

That's kinda funny...I remember putting way too much into my first son's outfit. But he was a preemie, so it didn't work out anyway. I ran to the store and got him a lovely, super soft sleeper and a little cap that he'd feel warm, comfortable, and secure in, and it was a pretty blue to match his awesome blue eyes. I realized that was the best thing for him---anything too "fancy" would just be lost on a tiny little baby, and he wouldn't be comfortable in it and I would have trouble changing his diaper ever 5 minutes (or so it seemed). For my next son, I got him a pretty green and white sleeper that was a bit warmer since it was the end of November when he was born and pretty cold out, and a matching cap. We saved the cute outfits for when they were a few months old and we did baby dedication at church. What I did do that was a little over the top but I still do for all family / close friends that have babies was have special blankies made for them.



answers from Mobile on

I had a cute little outfit for my baby to wear home. Right when they came in to take his pictures(they do it on the way outta the door) he threw up ALL over them. He ended up wearing a sleeper home & in the pictures! Just be prepared! :)



answers from New York on

We brought two outfits because the "estimated weight" is just an estimate! We brought a "newborn" romper and a "0-3" romper. He was so tiny that he wore home the "newborn" one! I was green and white striped with a little frog on the tushy!

Make sure it's comfy, though. My little guy cried the entire 15 minute drive home and then passed out for 4 hours!



answers from Des Moines on

I put my son in a carters little baseball looking sleeper. Simple. Cute. We didn't have pictures tho...maybe I would have put more thought into it? But he wore the sleeper not just an hour but the rest of the day at home because it was comfortable and appropriate


answers from El Paso on

I second getting a premie outfit or newborn size or even 0 3 months
I mean a cute outfit in each size because he might be little but he might be just big enough for newborn
I only took a newborn outfit to bring my lil girl home and it didn't fit I was so bummed cuz I didn't have a back up so she went home in the long sleeve shirt the hospital gave hher and some pink pants I did take and pink socks and a pink hat and pink mittens
I wish I would've thought about more like you're thinking about it now



answers from New York on

They sell real "outfits" in newborn sizes. My son was born at home, so I didn't have this type of outfit for him, but my sisters had "outfits" for their sons when they had their bris. Any store that sells baby clothes will have something, whether it's a diaper set kind of thing, a sleeper, coveralls, pants and shirt - and my daughter wore her coming home outfit the entire rest of the day.


answers from Los Angeles on

Comfort, comfort, comfort. Forget the fuss and put him in a soft cotton onesie with soft cotton elastic pants and of course a soft beanie to cover that little head! How fun!!



answers from Kalamazoo on

I brought a selection of sleepers for my first - but they were all too big. I was "prepared" the second time around, and bought a couple of "newborn" sleepers. Well, he was over 9 lbs at birth - and only fit in the one "back up" set I had thrown in. My only suggestion - like most things in parenting - prepare to be flexible! :D Congratulations on your baby, btw!



answers from Washington DC on

Does your MIL have the outfit Daddy wore?
For my 2nd and 3rd they came home in the dress Aunt S wore.
My first and fourth came home in a "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" outfit.

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