Baptism Outfit for Boy - Does It Have to Be Traditional?

Updated on February 18, 2011
C.B. asks from Reedsburg, WI
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Is it really necessary for a baby boy to wear a typical baptism outfit? My 5 month old will be baptized in a couple of weeks, and the outfits I found online are upwards of $80 - $150!! I just can't imagine spending that much on an outfit he'll wear for a couple of hours. Would I be out of line to just dress him in khakis and a white button up shirt? Or should I really spend the money on a traditional baptism outfit? Does he have to be in all white or are khaki pants ok?

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answers from Des Moines on

Baptised both my boys in gray dress pants and button up shirts. One had a sweater vest and the other wore a tie. They looked adorable, but neither my husband nor myself were really emotionally attached to the white tradition. I couldn't see spending that much either, unless you think you can mix and match pieces with other clothes to make other dress outfits (don't know if that would really work or not!).
Happy baptism to the little guy:)



answers from Milwaukee on

I was also very against spending that kind of money on a one time use outfit so I dressed my son for his baptism just as you described, in a white button up shirt and khakis, and then also wrapped him in a white quilt that one of his grandmothers made. It worked out well, everyone thought he looked great.



answers from Minneapolis on

My boys both wore all white, but it wasn't a traditional baptismal suit or gown. It was just a nice all white Carter's two piece outfit. Very reasonably priced. You might be able to find something at a consignment store too.

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answers from Chicago on

We used "family" baptismal gowns for our children so we didn't have to pay anything...isn't there one you can borrow from someone? For our son (soon to be 2nd one), we used my husband's family's gown and for our daughter, we used mine made for me by my grandma when I was a baby (she was a seamstress). If not, then your baby is on the up-end of fitting in a traditional gown anyway and I think a white dress shirt (as long as it buttons up and can be opened for oils on the chest if done in your religion) and khakis are fine. Some of the older kids being baptized at our group Catholic baptism were wearing that kind of stuff or white pants (where they found them, who knows) and white dress shirts.

Best wishes!

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answers from San Antonio on

For our son we found a simple onesie at Kohl's with built in shorts that was a baby blue and white. It had a cute little collar, and was just easy. He was 5 months old as well, and it just seemed so much simpler. No one said anything other than how precious he looked.

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answers from San Antonio on

I got my son's on sale at Babies r Us...for like $20. My daughter wore a pretty white dress I found at Target I think...



answers from Los Angeles on

W/o reading the other posts, I think its important to wear all white even if you dont go with 'traditional' outfit. Have you looked at Sears, JCPenny online? I live near Los Angeles so we fortunate to have downtown shopping. Good luck



answers from Appleton on

I worked at a Penney's, in Appleton, for 3.5 yrs and part of the time I worked in childrens. The Baptisim outfits they have are satin and look very nice and run around $35-$40. However the satin is very cheeply made, wrinkles easily and won't hold up if you wish to pass down this outfit. This is an emotional buy and lots of parents want to 'do the right thing' and purchase these outfits. Have you ever tried to hold a baby wearing satin? You feel like they are going to slip out of your arms. Penney's also carries Oakie Dokie infant - toddler outfits and in the past couple of years they offered white pants. These usually run $9.99/ winter and $5.99/ summer for each piece. Penney's has all the accessories to go with the traditional Baptisim outfits, hats, socks, blanket, bibs ect. You could call the Baraboo store and see if they have the Baptisim outfits and the Oakie Dokie and if the Oakie Dokie has white pants this year, but I think you may need to run to Madison. I would dress him in a white outfit and if you feel he needs to be in a more traditional outfit pick-up a couple of the accessories to complete the outfit.



answers from Washington DC on

I would talk to your pastor about any requirements. As long as you are within them, I wouldn't worry about the price. I spent a bit on my DD's dress, but my friend made her son's outfit. And my cousin was baptized in a little suit. In my congregation the kid is usually in something extra nice, but not always a gown. Just be prepared for the outfit to get wet.



answers from Minneapolis on

Our oldest was baptized in a white onesie. He was only a week old, and frankly, we were broke. He didn't care. We felt a little sad, but mostly we were just really happy that he was baptized. At the end of the day, it was a great and joyous event. And that's what really matters.



answers from Davenport on

I bought my little guy a light blue sailor suit secondhand, but excellent condition, on Ebay...we also had a one piece cable knit sweater outfit...but it was April and had just gotten too hot...that was also secondhand, off eBay from the baby Gap originally.

I don't think you have to spend money on anything extra, something nice looking and a light color would be fine!

My daughter was baptised in the same cotton gown that myself, my mom and all my aunts were baptised in, and it will be passed down, but he was a boy and too big for it anyway. You are the Mom, do what you want, God only cares that you are there dedicating him to HIM, not what anyone is wearing.



answers from Norfolk on

We had our kids in regular but nice clothes. Nothing wrong with it.



answers from Kansas City on

I don't think you have to do "traditional" but I am a bit of a traditionalist at heart, so I would recommend doing something with a short set or cottony overall type things. I would also do all white, but that's just me. Since it is Easter soon I would think you'd be able to find white outfits in stores. Check the higher end stores like Nordstrom, Janie and Jack, even try Gymboree or Baby Gap. Congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on

Check out ebay! That is where I found my son's and it was a traditional style and it was brand new. I know that I didn't pay more that $20 for it and there were 4 different pieces. It was adorable and did the trick for the few hours that he actually had it on.


answers from Iowa City on

I have never seen a baptism where the child actually wore a "baptismal outfit." If the baby was a boy he wore khakis and a button down (usually plaid actually, not white) or a suit that was not white. If the baby was a girl she just wore a dress of some sort (various colors). So, I would say khakis are just fine. Isn't it the action of or meaning behind the baptism rather than the clothes that matter anyway?



answers from New York on

You can dress him in anything you want! I personally like to see a baby in something a little special. We put our son (8 months at the time) in a white cotton one piece with some pretty blue detail in the front. It was not a "Christening" outfit but I thought it was perfect. My cousin put his son in a white shirt and khaki pants. I personally hate the shiny white outfit with the chef hat. It looks tacky to me.



answers from Rapid City on

My son's were baptised in suits, not the white outfits. My youngest was a blue tux actually. Put what you would like on him, God is interested in the baby, not the materialistic clothing.



answers from Oklahoma City on

As I understand it the outfits are worn by all the boys in the family. Any other sons you might have, those sons sons,'s not just a one time outfit.

Does someone in his family already have a family outfit for boys?

As for it being all white in my church we are not allowed to wear anything that is not pure white in our religious ceremonies like baptism.


answers from Saginaw on

My vote is to dress him in anything you want! (I know my church wouldn't care)


answers from Milwaukee on

yes all white is the way to go did you check the 2ed hand stores in your area If I were you I would still buy the baptism outfit then you can put it up for use if you have more kids or hand it down to your son when he has kids



answers from Minneapolis on

try to find him some white pants to go with the shirt-im sure thatll be cheaper an keep him in traditional white....



answers from Tallahassee on

When I son was baptized I found a really cute one piece with the snap on the bottom, all white for just $35.00 at Belks. (If you happen to have one)
I also found some in Sears. Check the website.
Good luck

PS I just found one in JC Penney website for $12.00.


answers from Bloomington on

I found the cutest plain white long pant/long sleeve romper on Ebay for my sons for $7 with shipping. I think it was Children's Place brand... As long as they're wearing white, I don't think it matters!



answers from Sioux Falls on

I have boy girl twins and they were baptized in onesie outfits that were a bit nicer then the typical onesie. i got them from JC Penneys. They had little bootie shoes to match but they were pink for the girl and blue for the boy. those type of traditions don't have to be followed unless you want to or unless your church dictates it.



answers from Denver on

Not at all. Find something you like that works for you and him. It's not about what he's wearing right? Enjoy!



answers from Sheboygan on

Neither of my two kids wore traditional baptism outfits. In fact, it was so warm when my son was baptized that we ended up stripping him down to just a onesie. I think a white shirt and khaki pants would be just fine. If you are not sure go ahead and call the priest (You could probably just talk to his secretary).

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