What Did Your Baby Wear in the Hospital?

Updated on February 26, 2011
R.. asks from Cleveland, TN
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My cousin just had a baby, and they dressed him up while in the hospital (for the stay, not just the going home). I don't think there is anything wrong with that... but I remember when I had my DD I just left her in the t-shirt the hospital provided. We were there for about a week... I was just wondering what other mothers do, out of curiousity. :)

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So What Happened?

Hee hee. It kinda sucked... I did bring 2 outfits for her to wear... One for pics, one for going-home. When the photographer came to do the pics, she was in the BILI lights, so we asked them to come back the next day. (or the day after that..) Never came back. Pooh. So we got no hospital pics other than the ones we took. Then the outfits (BOTH of them!) were too small. We had brought newborn sizes assuming our DD would be a 'normal' sized baby... but we couldn't squish her into either outfit. So she went home in the T-shirt too.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We were only in the hospital for 2 days with each kid and we just left the boys in the t-shirt and diaper the whole time until it was time to go home...the girl was another story...we (whole family, both sides) were so excited to finally be buying pink, everyone brought a special outfit and we put her in it for their visit...so consequently, she went thru several outfit changes while at the hospital...and we have ALL the pics to prove it too! :)

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answers from Huntington on

My daughter stayed in hospital T-shirt and blanket. She looked to perfect to pollute with clothes!! (until we took her home).

My son was in the NICU for a month and was in diaper only for weeks. The first time he wore clothes, it was a onesie. I kept him in onesies or diaper only while he was in the isolette.

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answers from Seattle on

A hospital provided onesie that was printed on the BACK

"If you can read this sign, flip me over."

And on the FRONT

"Back to sleep."

Loved that onsie, it cracked me up in my hormonal state faaaaar more than it was worth.

Mine, too, skipped the newborn clothes at over 10lbs and 23" long and was wearing 2-3mo clothes on day 2. The hospital has onesies printed in sizes from 3lbs to 15lbs. So we ALL got them.

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answers from San Francisco on

The onsie/blankets the hospital provided until we went home for all three of my darling kiddos!

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answers from Kansas City on

R., I think we're in the minority here! ;) Mine only wore the hosptial garb too. I didn't even change them for the picture. It was easier for me to just leave them in it and not worry about it. I know a lot of people who take clothes for them to wear, but to me, not worth it!

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answers from Columbus on

Hospital garb. For the picture too..it was only a head shot, why bother with a real outfit.

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answers from New York on

I left the boys in the hospital t-shirt and swaddled them in the hospital blankets. It never even crossed my mind to bring outfits for them to wear while in the hospital. They went through so many of those t-shirts getting all of that nasty sticky black poop out!! I'm glad I didn't get my outfits covered in that!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hospital garb until day 2 when pix were done & we left.

Since I went early and my bag was not packed yet...I asked my husband to bring the outfit I had laundered, folded & ready in the crib for his pictures. Is that what he brought? NO. SOMEWHERE he found a too-big blue terry sleeper so THAT was his going-home outfit. Men!

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answers from Houston on

I gave birth with a midwife in a birth center, and came home the same day...but my daughter stayed in night gowns for weeks. Partly because she was much smaller than expected and partly because I love them on babies. They have easy access to diapers and sweet little baby feet.

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answers from Augusta on

the hospital stuff
And nothing because both of mine had to be under the bili lights

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answers from Nashville on

our babies stayed in the t shirts but we are just laid back, easy people. If I had the energy or the care, it might be cute to dress them everyday and take pics. :o)


answers from Seattle on

I had cute little outfits so she looked adorable, and some nightgowns for nighttime. My mother bought her some fantastic "diva" hats with a big flower on the side that she wore too. We were there for 3 days and she was dressed every day.


answers from Portland on

I'm with you. I just left my kids in the hospital t-shirts. I picked out one special going home outfit for each child, which was a sleeper and that was it. Oh and those cute little knit hats they give you to wear in the hospital too.


answers from Dayton on

W/ our first she wore a little t-shirt and nothing while in the billi light incubator. :(
W/ our 2nd we were in a birth center w/in the hospital and he stayed w/ us the entire time-did not leave the room till we left the hospital (so nice!).
I was fine w/ him being in a little t-shirt the whole time...but the nurses encouraged me to put him in the sleeper we had brought him (about 12 hrs. after birth).
It seemed kinda weird at the time. I have always visited babies in diapers and t-shirts at the hospital. Lol.
But he hated to be cold so it was probably a good thing. :)


answers from Spokane on

I just brought a few gowns & some socks for my little ones. They were the same gowns I wore as a baby so they weren't "super cute" but they were serviceable and cozy, which is what matters. I did buy a special outfit for each of my little ones to go home in, though. :) I had also brought my own cloth dipes, even with my girls when I had to stay extra days because of the section. I didn't see the point in dressing them up, but I did want them comfortable.


answers from Modesto on

mine stayed in hospital attire till we left... I had to put him in a special outfit grandma bought and use her receiving blanket.... for the kodak moment :)


answers from Bloomington on

Mine wore the hospital tshirt and gown. I put them in an outfit for the hospital photographer and when we went home.


answers from San Francisco on

Hospital garb until we were getting ready to leave, then a romper. It didn't occur to me to bring outfits for while we were there!



answers from Dallas on

The hospital issue tee and diaper and blankets. Our hospital didn't allow outfits until going home and the Dr. issued release papers - liability/newborn safety issues. Plus with the little digital key tag (sorta like an ankle monitor for lack of better explanation LOL) it would have been very difficult to put anything else on them other than a shirt. For going home - I had one born in Dec so a long sleeved romper then a Bundleme Lite car seat blanket and one in July a lap tee and pants. I also pretty much stayed in the hospital gowns with a sleep nursing bra and my own robe - they were so much easier to nurse in and I didn't want to ruin my cute jammies with potential leaks.


answers from Richmond on

In the hospital, baby was in a long sleeved shirt, blanket, hat... I always packed 2 outfits as well, one preemie and one newborn (even though I had big fat babies, my first 2 fit into the preemie to go home in)... thinking my 3rd would be the same way, I brought the same- preemie and a newborn outfit. His fat @ss fit into neither, and it was DECEMBER!! So, the poor child went home in 2 pairs of socks, a hat, his hospital shirt, and a pram, LOL!!



answers from Lakeland on

Both my sons were the hospital garb! I learned with my first son that he spit up too much for me to keep changing any elaborate/cute outfits. It was easier for all to keep them in the hospital shirts and diapers.



answers from New York on

I bought two different outfits to dress my baby in while in the hospital, but wound up just leaving him in the shirt they dressed him in, a diaper, and a swaddled blanket. When we were discharged, the nurse told me to leave the clothes the hopsital the put on him, but I forgot, and took him out of the hospital with what he had on at the time. The only thing I left was the hat they had on him.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm glad so many people just kept their babies in the hospital clothes. We were an emergency c-section (transferring from a homebirth) and we had nothing with us at all! Looking back, I have felt kind of lame for not having anything for the little guy to wear! Although it was nice having all that skin-to-skin time with him in nothing but a diaper. After three days my husband bought our son a little outfit in the gift shop, it was so cute. I'm glad we didn't spring for newborn sized clothes at all because he was in a 0-3 month size from birth.



answers from Spokane on

my daughter was in the nicu for a week so she stayed in the hopital shirt for their convienance. when i brought her home she worn tiny pink scrubs. all the nurses were loving it they were a hit. i will always bring all my babies home in little scrubs :)


answers from Boca Raton on

The first night he wore the hospital outfit but after that he was in the cute clothes I brought for him.. :0)



answers from Los Angeles on

In our "class" for my first they said using the hospital clothing saved you time and effort on laundry. I was all for making my experience as smooth as possible so my sone wore hospital clothes but had a special outfit to come home in. With my daughter she wore comfy things I brought with me. I guess I was feeling confident that I could handle the "extra" laundry!


answers from Portland on

new babies are too hard to dress to bother with it because they are so floppy and they sleep so much...this changes in even 1 weeks time tho...I guess if you wanted a bounch of photos or something, but otherweise I just let them sleep :)


answers from Iowa City on

Well with my first I went into premature labor (I didn't have my bag packed) and my daughter wore nothing but a diaper because she was hooked up to so many devices. My husband went shopping and bought preemie pjs that she wore once she had improved enough to be unhooked from most of the devices. With my second daughter I brought along fleece pjs for her to wear home. She wore the t-shirt during her stay. We had a freak 80 degree day when she went home (beginning of April) plus the pjs were too big for her (we though she would be bigger but she was so short...18 inches) so she wore a preemie onesie that my husband dug out of storage.



answers from Johnson City on

I think since the baby is yours you should be able to let it wear what you want. Our hospital wouldn't let me put "our clothes" on my dd for fear of germs. I thought that was odd since we kept her in my room most of the time.



answers from Miami on

All of my babies (3 and expecting another one in 10 weeks) wore those little sleep sacks....those sleep shirts that have a draw string at the bottom. Nothing fancy at all. Newborns sleep. I cannot imagine "dressing" an infant up in anything but a sleeper.



answers from Daytona Beach on

I bought my son a cute outfit with a hat.. He wore that i wanted to dress him in something nice for the 1st time. To have special memories they don't stay tiny forever i still have the outfit he 1st wore.. He's now 6 years old :) I miss the baby stay



answers from Dallas on

Our son was born in August - so he wore a diaper and hospital t-shirt, until he had to be in the Billi lights suit. He wore a onsie home and no pricey hospital pics.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hospital t-shirts, and beenie hats. I only brought the going home layette. Did your cousin wash the clothes first? I have to wash everything before she wears them.



answers from San Diego on

My son also wore hospital garb during our stay (4 days) and we only changed him to one of our outfits that we brought when we left. In retrospect, we should have put some of our own baby outfits on while he was there. Why not?



answers from Lexington on

I used nightgowns with hand covers with all three of mine. Easy access for diaper changes and oh so cute.


answers from Lafayette on

my daughter was born 10 weeks early, so we were in the hospital for 39 days. so for hte first few weeks of her life she only wore a diaper because she was in an incubator. then once she got to a certain weight (which happened to be on christmas) she got to get dressed. her very first outfit was the hospitals. but after that it was the clothes that my parents bought her for christmas. i loved changing her clothes every day. it was very special time for me, since i got very little time to hold her and bond with her like most parents get.


answers from Rochester on

Hospital garb. With my first I actually forgot in one of my moments of unpacking and repacking my hospital bag to put any clothes in for him (other than a bodysuit) and he was born in December. He came home in a bodysuit with my mother-in-law's fleece vest tucked around him in the carseat. (Rather embarrassing, actually, but funny looking back!)

I also never bought anything for me for the hospital, just wore the gown the first time, but did bring a nursing cami and yoga pants for my second, but still nothing special there. I figured it was less laundry and less staining the less I brought from home. =)


answers from Pocatello on

I changed my daughter into a little gown once I got her in my room with me. I have c-sections so I knew I would be there for a couple days so I wanted her to be in a nice, soft warm gown with the mittens to cover her hands. She looked super cute and comfy the whole time we were there and even the nurses said her gown was super cute :)



answers from Chicago on

We left our twins in the little shirts the hospital had. We had the going home outfits, but we didn't even think to bring clothes for pictures. Well, now we know for our next little baby due this summer.



answers from Redding on

I didn't get my baby dressed until it was time to take her pictures and leave. I brought the tiniest outfit I had and cried when it was too big for her. She only weighed 5 pounds.
I just put a cute little outfit on my son when it was time to check out.
I figured there was plenty of time to play dress up when I got them home.

That was just me, though. Lots of people put cute little jammies and things on the babies in the hospital. It's a personal decision.


answers from Columbus on

With my oldest, it never occurred to me to bring clothes for him except the going-home outfit. So with my 2nd baby, I packed a cute outfit for each day, but they wouldn't let me change her. I was told that for liability reasons, all the babies have to be in the hospital issued shirts until the day they go home. Then I couldn't even change her clothes the day we left until after the pediatrician had signed her release forms! I was so disappointed!

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