Appendix or Stomach Flu?

Updated on November 26, 2011
M.M. asks from Elcho, WI
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This morning I wake up with very sharp pains in my stomach and hurts the most on my right side. Last Friday night my little guy was sick with puking and fever, then my husband got the diareah but didn't puke he did say his stomch hurt very bad tho. How bad does it hurt if it is the appendix? I looked online and vomiting is one of the symptoms along with many others but it also said not everyone gets all the symptoms. I don't have the fever. This has been going on for about two hours now. BTW, I told my husband to take the kids and go on with our original plans his parents for Thanks-giving :(

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answers from Washington DC on

Sounds like flu especially since others around you have had it. If you get a fever give the doctor a call.

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answers from Beaumont on

Since your husband had the stomach pains as well, I would assume it is just part of the "bug" that's got your family. So sorry.

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answers from New York on

No way to know for sure yet, but with appendicitis, you usually have attacks before the appendix is ready to rupture, and you may have fever, swelling and external tenderness. With a stomach virus, though (which is not influenza), you should have vomiting and/or diarrhea, not just pain. Likely only a doctor can tell you for sure

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answers from Seattle on

Appendix pain feels a LOT like going into labor.

There's a good 'home test'.

It's called rebound pain.

You find your navel move right abotu 4" and down about 4" usinging your fingers press in deep (as you can, a couple inches) and HOLD it for a second or two (shouldn't really hurt). Then ALL OF A SUDDEN release your hand. Yank it away. If you suddenly are in ginormous pain it's time to get someone to drive you to the ER.

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answers from Norfolk on

Pains in stomach (upper abdomen closer to ribs) or lower (lower abdomen closer to hips)?
If it's upper and on right it might be gall bladder trouble.
Appendix is lower and pain eventually shifts from lower center to the lower right side.
It might be worth dropping in to an emergency room or urgent care to have them check it out.
I know a 16 yr old who had an emergency appendectomy after being sick a few days and they got it out just in time before it ruptured.
A ruptured appendix means peritonitis and that can be very difficult to get over.

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answers from Washington DC on

Mom Of 4, please update us. I just now saw this.

Appendicitis can behave very differently in each person so please do not assume this is "just" stomach flu! I hope you have already been checked out and that it is indeed just a bug but if it isn't (or wasn't)--it's vital to be safe rather than sorry!

My daughter had appendicitis but never had the high fever until JUST before her surgery to yank it out, and never had intense pain until just before the surgery too. They even did an MRI and still weren't sure it was the appendix because it wasn't really swollen etc. But the surgeon was very convinced that it was the appendix -- and he was right. Showed us the photos of it after the surgery and it was definitely very infected. She just did not "present" the symptoms of intense pain and high fever until the last minute. So being told "You'll have a lot of pain, a high fever" or anything else isn't necessarily the way appendicities goes every time.

Let us know what happened!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Well, because it's ~Thanksgiving~ it's probably your appendix. My 13 year old nephew had his out on his birthday a few weeks ago, thank goodness his mom is an ER physician. He didn't have any fever, just the pain.

Good luck!!

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answers from Portland on

I nearlly died from a burst appendix when I was 12. Symptoms were only severe nausea for 4 days, then a day of relief (when appendix burst), then fever and collapse on 6th day. My mom would ask everyone half worried, half joking, "What if we found out this was appendicitis?"

It was, but it looked a great deal more like classic "stomach flu" for almost a week. No classic pain symptoms.

Whatever your symptoms, if they persist, be alert, and check with a doctor if in doubt. Please keep us posted.

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answers from Boston on

I did not have classic symptoms of appendicitis. The doctor finally figured it out when he did a Rebound Tenderness test. Do what Riley said, if you haven't already. After my doctor did that to me and saw my reaction (pain) he wheeled me immediately to the OR. I did not have a fever or vomiting, just diffuse abdominal pain. update us so we know you're ok!

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, this is going around. I haven't caught it but all 3 of my kids did & several friends kids too.

With appendicitis you would also have constipation. Sounds like the bug is going thru your family. Sorry

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answers from Sacramento on

It's likely the flu since you've had a bug in your house and people present with different symptoms. But I don't mess around with anything that feel like appendicitis. I've known 3 people that have had it mistaken for the flu and have had very bad consequences. I'd head to the Dr if you're concerned.

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answers from Charlotte on

Years ago I was having abdominal pain and a fever, and I called the ER and talked to an ER nurse, asking her if I should come to the ER to see if Inhad appendicitis. She asked me to try something- she said to jump up and down on one foot. She told me that ifit hurt me to do that, to come to the ER. If not, I could go to the acute care center (which was a lot cheaper). It turned out that I didn't have appendicitis, but what I DID have was an ovarian cyst that had to be removed.

It does sound like you have a bug going around in the family, but don't take chances. Peg is telling you straight about the symptoms.

Good luck,


answers from Los Angeles on

I would almost guarantee it's the stomach sounds like it's making the rounds in your house. Symptoms are not always the same from family member to family member. Bummer it has to be on Thanksgiving! I hope your husband and kids don't pass it on to your mom if their going there.
It will go through it's course quickly, ugh...feel better!



answers from Rapid City on

I felt stomach cramps in the middle of my belly to begin with when I had my appendix taken out. Slowly during the day it moved to the right side and got worse, but it was the throwing up that I knew wasn't right. I couldn't turn my head without vomiting and it was different then the flu. When a friends twin son showed symptons they told him to jump up and down, with appenticitice you wouldn't be able to jump, it would be too painful. They also said to watch his twin since they were identical and if one had it the other will too shortly after. Sure enough he followed shortly after.

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