Anyone Have Info on the Arc Minisling for Urinary Incontinence?

Updated on October 31, 2008
J.M. asks from Newport News, VA
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Hello fellow moms. I have a 2 month old and had the test done that shows I have bladder incontinence. My ob is recommending the m ini-arc sling but it's only been on the market a couple of years. Although it is outpatient surgery, there is anasthesia involved so no nursing for 24 hours, out of wrk for a few days, no heavy lifting etc. But then no more leaking! I am wondering if anyone has had a sling put in and how did the recovery go? My life would be a whole lot better with this surgery, but it is surgery and I don't know if I should wait till my youngest is older and not nursing, but then she'll be heavier and I won't be able to lift her for 2 weeks.

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answers from Washington DC on

.... have you tried prescription medication? You're right, the mini sling is new but studies involving these types of procedures tend to be exhaustive prior to approval and release into the market. Also, it is not very complicated in terms of function since it is simply an anatomical support, rather than something that affects your body's chemical composition, like hormones, for example.

You sound really informed but try this anyway from

The mini-sling procedure was released in the United States in late 2006 by Gynecare/Johnson and Johnson under the name of TVT-Secure. The initial results of this method were presented in the beginning of 2007 at the International Urogynecology Meeting and were not as promising as hoped. The reported short term cure rates of the TVT-Secure ranged from 67% to 83%, much lower than the existing TVT and TOT slings. In March 2007, AMS released the most recent mini-sling to the market called the Mini-Arc which has several improvements over the Secure sling. The Mini Arc sling procedure is latest and least invasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence. The 5-10-minute procedure utilizes the same concepts of the tension-free tape mid-urethral slings, but involves a single incision [16].

The mini arc sling procedure has displayed a 92.3% cure rate and reduces the risk of bowel injury, bladder injury, and major bleeding because it bypasses retropubic needle passage altogether[17]. In the most recent trial headed by Dr. Robert D. Moore, no complications were noted and no patients reported any pain at the site of the sling at follow-up[18].

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I was also incontinent with urine. After seeing three doctors who recommended surgery or the ring, I went to a specialist. He told me I could get better with physical therapy. It worked! No surgery. The therapist used a bio-feedback machine whch helped me learn how to increase my muscle strength to hold my urine. I had heard of pelvic muscle exercises before but I did not have the strength to do them. In Pt I learned exactly what to do and how to use other muscles to help me where I was weak. I'm so happy I am not wetting my pants everyday now. Ask your doctor about PT.



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Have you tried doing Kegel exercises to see if that will strengthen your bodies own muscle? It might be worth asking your dr. about.



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I have been diagnosed with the same problem and offered the same solution. I am curious to see what kind of responses you'll get.

Good luck to you.



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I just wanted to correct the information on no nursing when you have anesthesia. That is not true. Women have babies by cesarean both with epidurals and with general and are able to breastfeed. Two of my babies were born while I was under general anesthesia and there were no breastfeeding issues at all. The only issue is that you might need help holding the baby if you are feeling woozy.

I have had bladder surgery, but not the type you mention, so don't know about that.

I highly recommend Dr Nicolette Horbach. She is a urogynecologist and is an expect in this field. She is also a mother who has has this same issue. Her number is ###-###-####

Good luck to you.

N. Sherwood



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I LOVE IT! I had one put in last fall and it is wonderful. I no longer have to cross my legs and bend over when sneezing or coughing or laughing. The recovery did take about six weeks before I was completely back up to snuff. I had five babies at 9 lbs or more so I have had many things repaired and I dealt with a bad bladder for years, so this was truly a blessing.

About me: SAHM mom of 4 boys, 21-14 and one girl 14! Remarried now for five very happy years.

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