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Updated on April 30, 2010
H.K. asks from Chiefland, FL
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last sunday I had a gush of blood, right.? well, I was in pain for about 2 days and then the pain stopped. I never rushed to the ER because it is SOOOOO far away. I did call the doctor that delivered my last baby and she told me to wait a week and then take another pregnancy test to see if it is positive. She is going to check me out next week.
I have so many questions about signs and symptoms and have went to hundreds of websites, but can't find enough to satisfy my mind..........
If I am miscarrying, wouldn't I continue to hurt and eventually see clots or something. Or does the tissue stay in your body sometimes (I was 10 weeks along) . I still get tired in the evenings like I did before, I still eat more often than normal. Everything seems the same, I just feel like something could be wrong because with my other two babies, I never saw a trace of blood the whole time.....

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answers from Orlando on

Its possible you miscarried because It happen to me where I feel contraction and then the next day bleed so i know it was a miscarriage.

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answers from Detroit on

I was 9 weeks along with my 2nd when I woke up one morning COVERED in blood... Went to the hospital and found that baby was FINE! It was a blood clot/ blood that had "gotten trapped" between the uterus and the sac and worked its way out... He is now almost 6...

I was due yesterday with my 4th... Around week 6 or 7 there was also enough blood to call for a pad and a drs visit. Same situation... Blood clot/ blood... Apparently more than 50 percent of pregnancys have bleeding (Not just based on me...) and are fine... She's kicking me right now as I wait for labor to start.......

If your really worried about it call the dr and move up the appt. They can do an internal ultrasound and check on the baby to give you a more definitive answer...

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answers from Cleveland on

I had a miscarriage. I had no cramping or bleeding until the tissue decided to pass. I went in for a regular secheduled sono, and there was no heartbeat. So that is how I knew I had miscarried, I was shocked because I had no symptoms (no blood, no cramping, no bleeding) I thought everything was fine. My doctor told me to wait and see if the tissue would pass on its own, and it did but it took about a week. So yes the tissue can stay in your body sometimes. I had a friend who had the same thing happen and it took 2 weeks for the tissue to pass finally. I don't understand why you won't go to the ER? How far away can it possibly be? Are you afraid of the cost? Just go! They can work with you if you can't pay the bill. They will take payments or sometimes forgive the bill if you are below a certain income level. I think your health and you babies health is worth the trip no matter how far away it is. I would cross an ocean if I had to if I thought there was something wrong. The only thing that is going to ease your mind is to have an untrasound done. So either go to the ER, or call your doctor back and request an ultrasound today. The dr will usually agree. I really H. you have not miscarried because I know the pain you will be in store for (physically and emotionally) so please just go already! Good luck and let us know what happens :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

I lost my 1st preg at 18 weeks and I was a freak during my 3 girls. I went to the ER for labor and delivery I forget what they call it every time I felt something was wrong. So call your dr I don't know why they wouldn't tell you to go to the ER.



answers from Miami on

This happened to two or three of my friends and they all were diagnosed with placenta previa. I would recommend you being seen sooner than next week though to ease your mind.



answers from Tampa on

Don't panic. Just follow up with your doctor. My Sister In Law bled the entire pregnancy...Wait and see what the doctor says...



answers from Savannah on

Usually a gush of blood isn't a good sign. :( I had a miscarriage and I started having the bleeding and some cramping. I did pass little clots (but nothing big) and I was 8 weeks along. The cramping only lasted about a day and then I continued to bleed a few more days (like a normal period) but I wasn't in pain at all. I was extremely tired...but I don't know if that was I was so sad I miscarried and was worn out from it or what. I didn't have cravings or a big appetite yet at that point...but it does sound like you miscarried.

That said...unfortunately there is no clear answer and you do just have to wait on the pregnancy test. I've heard of women having their period through out their whole pregnancy and going on to have normal births. Good luck!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

You definitely need to get checked. I would think you would continue to see something though so you might be OK. If it was a miscarriage you will still test positive until everything was out of your system so that surprises me that a doctor would say that. I had 2 miscarriages and both times had to have blood drawn once a week until they could make sure the entire pregnancy had passed. The first one at 8 weeks but we caught it before I bled. The second one passed on it's own but I continued to bleed, which is why you might be fine. I had an early ultrasound with my current pregnancy and they saw soemthing and were able to warn be that I might see some bleeding. While it doesn't make it better, know that miscarriages are very common. You are probably OK though if it has stopped.

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