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Updated on August 05, 2010
L.R. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I would like to surprise my husband with a gift or a special way to share that we're pregnant with our first child. Can anyone share how they've announced their pregnancy or any great ideas on what I can do to make the moment unique and memorable?

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answers from Cincinnati on

Go to a mall or shopping place that has an "expectant mothers only" spot, pull into it, and look over and smile at him :-)

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answers from Buffalo on

The way that I told my parents was I bought a baby doll and placed it in a gift bag with a bib on stating I love my Grandma/pa. So I would buy a little baby doll and a bib saying "I love my Daddy" and put it in a box or bag and leave it on the table for him. Also I told my Aunts by making chocolates shaped like storks. I could not contain myself and blerted it out to my Hubby so it was always someone else that got the creative announcement.

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answers from Washington DC on

get him a 'world's best dad' t-shirt or coffee mug and watch his face.
congratulations! what fun!
:) khairete

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answers from Dallas on

When i told my husband i was pregnant with our first child, i bought two pacifiers, one pink one blue. I held my hands behind my back and told him to pick a hand and he did and it was the pink paci! If i only had a camera to take a picture of his face and reaction.... PRICELESS! We indeed had a girl! :) With our second i wasnt creative with him, but to tell my mother in law, we put our daughter in a "Big Sis" shirt! Congrats and good luck!

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answers from Columbus on

My husband and I got a really nice gift bag and put the pregnancy test in there and gave it to my mother-in-law. It took her a minute to register the fact I was pregnant when she saw it but it was great to watch her face. She was so excited. Congratulations!

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answers from Norfolk on

On my husband's birthday, the last present I let him open was a bib that said "Daddy loves me." That worked pretty well. You could also make him a T-shirt that says "Father 2 B" or get creative. You can buy paper at Wal-Mart that you print out on your inkjet and it becomes an iron-on transfer, so the possibilities are limitless. Enjoy and congratulations!

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answers from Dallas on

Congratulations!! I feel a little guilty that we all know before your hubby;)
I gave little magnet picture frames for my kiddos that said "#1 dad" I put them on the fridge and let my husband "find" them. Of course they see it, ask "what is this all about?" and then the look/announcement and then the jumping up and down for joy!
It was fun and inexpensive and practical because we could use the frame later.
Congratulations AGAIN!!

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answers from Johnson City on

I wrote a poem from my DD to my DH to announce our 2nd pregnancy. You could write him a poem or letter from the new baby.



answers from Milwaukee on

Love the other ideas... I was not creative at all but had to mention one that my friend just did... "Calling to make reservations for the Johnson family, Party of 3, May 2011." That that was super cute way to tell friends and family (obviously insert your family name and how many is/will be in your family).



answers from Minneapolis on

I see the fun in announcing it to family & friends in a unique way but you might want to consider that your husband might not want a lot of fan fare to hear the news. Guys sometimes need time to process the news in their own way. Just a consideration.



answers from Chicago on

If you have a dog, you can tie the positive pregnancy test to your dog's collar and when her husband came home to pet the dog, he'll noticed it and be surprised.



answers from Madison on

I bought a nice "Daddy & Me" frame for my husband and gave it to him. We also bought our parents each a book about grandparents to tell them (it was my in-laws first grandchild and my parents' second). Congratulations and good luck!



answers from Denver on

I bought a cute little onesie and gave it to him as a gift. You should have seen the look on his face as he opened it!



answers from Appleton on

Someone I know bought a bun from the bakery. They put it in the oven with a pink/blue sign that said "Boy or girl?". When their hubby came home from work, she told him that she had dessert in the oven if he could get it out for her.
I thought that was kinda creative.

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