An Inexpensive Way to Celebrate a Five Year Olds Birthday?

Updated on July 29, 2008
T.E. asks from Seattle, WA
11 answers

I have a four year old who will be turning five in February. She has had a birthday party every year of her life and i am beginning to run out of party ideas. She is very intelligent and she loves cartoons, singing, dancing and arts and crafts.What can i do that will keep ten kids under ten entertained without spending a lot of money.

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answers from Portland on

I planned a princess party for my five year old niece.. I don't think I spent a thing... I just used stuff we already had...
I found the invitation wording online by searching for princess birthday invitation I think. and printed it up like an inviatation to a royal ball or soemthing.. and put it in pink envelopes leftover from something else.

I made hats out of paper and set them up on the table for all the girls to glue their own sequins glitter etc. on them... (first activity)

I made her a Hot Air Balloon Pinata out of a baloon and paper mache... and then attached a yogurt cup to the bottom for the basket...filled with candy..(second activity)

Then I sent them on a scavenger hunt for the Royal Nail polish... once they found it we painted their nails and you could get those toe seperators from the dollar tree (third activity)

I'm trying to think of the others.. but I do promise no money spent!! I had everything on hand in our craft box... was lucky..

If she is into this you could do a search..

Oh yeah.. we had left over beads.. so they all made their own bracelet..

then we didn't have to give favors because they all made their own for all the activities...

Oh I know.. another one we did... I had leftover soap that we bought at a craft store.. you melt it down and put it into a mold...
so I made them and then wraped them in pink celophane... and made stickers on the computer with the girl's names on them like princess Alexa.. and closed the celophane with the sticker..(one of their favors)

this was a few years ago... but it was so fun ... the girls had a blast....

good luck.. send me a message if you would like some more ideas

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answers from Portland on

How about a movie party. You show cartoon videos and serve popcorn.

My grandaughter who is now six did crafts at one party. I don't remember what she made but she was proud of her art work. I've seen craft books for kids using everyday things. The library would probably have some.

I do wonder why you are having 10 children under 5. Things I've read recommend having no more children than the age of the child.

The city's Parks and Recreation Bureau may have facilities that you could reserve at minimal cost.
Perhaps a room with tumbling equipment. There may be a liability issue that prevents that but I do know that Portland's Parks and Recreation do have some services available for parties. One party was at a swimming pool. Some indoor pools have a childrens pool.

Party stores have inexpensive toys and other things to use as prizes in games or for the "goodie bag." They also have ideas for parties. The Internet is also a good place to look.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I would say, get old news papers and have a paper party. You said she likes crafts right, then make everything you do games stories etc. have to do with paper. They can all make their own [party hats out of the old news papers, place mats, etc. Then have them all wrap their gifts to her in newspapers to keep with the theme. I am not shy about saying mothers bring this or that to get your child involved with the crafts. Ask them to bring tape and scissors(sp?) glue newspaper magazines if they want pictures on the hats and placemats. THen those become the party favors. Cool huh! if you want anymore sugguestions I gotta run right now but here is my cell ###-###-####


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answers from Portland on

I have 6 children and I NEVER had that many parties for them before the age of 5. We had family parties only until they started regular school. Wow! No wonder you are running out of ideas...ha ha.

For my last couple of children's birthdays, I just did some games at home such as: Mummy's Wrap. We just took one roll of CHEAP toilet paper and gave it to two groups of kids. You have the birthday girl to be wrapped up and then she can pick one other friend. They compete to see who can wrap their mummy up the fastest by passing the roll onto each friend. They could not roll it completely around the person themselves. If it ripped, which it will, they just hold the ripped end up and start to wrap over it. Nobody even cares who won. By the time the mummy's are wrapped up, they have had a blast! Then the mummy's get to burst out of their wrappings...if they can. If not, the party girls get to rip all the toilet paper off of them. I usually have them all pick it up and throw it away in a paper sack as part of the mummy ritual. :)

For handouts, I just bought 2 liter bottles of pop...on sale! Then I tied on a bag of popcorn with a note that said "Thank you for coming." Everyone loved that they didn't have a bag of candy and cheap toys to take home for once.

I hope this helps a little. Have fun!

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answers from Portland on

hi T.
I have a little girl that is turning 5 in march and i have been a nanny for 13yrs so i have done a few partys i have made my own pinyadas out of a balloon flour water and newspaper they work real well just make sure the balloon you get is strong the sell them at flower shops or party stores there not much and get some streamer in the color they like they are not much and go a long way and i have bought baloons at walmart and then have the flower shop blow them up for 25cents each it all depends on your buget but mine has always been small you can play musical chairs and a game called freeze where you play music and they all dance around when the music stops you say freeze little kids like that game most of the time you can also make your own pin the nose on the clown the kind could draw and cut out the noses or what ever it is they like the derections for the pinyada is a balloon blow it up and mix flour and water till it makes a paste then cut newpaper into strips and just dip the paper not to thick cover th hole balloon and you can put a paper clip streched uot on the top make sure you leave a hole to put the candy in do at least 3 layers of paper when it dryes pop the baloon and you have it. well i hope this helps you oh you said you stay at home i have a job that i work from home because i only work part time and needed more money if your intrested let me know email me at [email protected] S.

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answers from Phoenix on

I second the bowling Idea but you'll have to plan ahead for that. call around and see what places have the most spare time for free lanes on what days. bowling leagues take over the whole place. also i'd try off the strip. places like suncoast or goald coast are the best but orleans is ALWAYS PACKED. I don't know what area of vegas you live in but make sure you plan ahead well ahead of time and for 10 kids your gonna need 2 lanes. they only let 6 per lane.



answers from Seattle on

I totaly understand. My son is turning 5 January and I ran out of birthday idea's until three days ago. We are taking his friends bowling. They have bumper gaurds that they can put up. All the kids are excited. There is also the zoo, park, mini golf. My cousin just had her daughters b-day at a kids gym. ALl the kids enjoyed that and they were tired afterwards. Just some ideas. Good luck.



answers from Reno on

Hi There! I do traveling stuff-n-fluff animal workshop were I come to your party and have the kids stuff their on cuddly animal, wish on a rainbow star, name it with a custom birth certificate and offer addorable clothing and accessories to dress it if you like. This runs between 10.00 to 31.00 dollars a child depending on what you choose and I last about an hour. I do have a special coming up for Feb. it is a White Teddy Bear with a pink heart nose and a red heart embroidered on her paw. The birthday girl gets a free birthday outfit. It is alot of fun and the children get to take home a collectable stuffed animal they buildt all themselves.



answers from Medford on




answers from Seattle on

my favorite website to get a ton of ideas, most of them are cheap creative things you can do on your own or easy game ideas just takes a bit of work to search on the themes.

have fun & good luck!!! :)

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