Amount of Benadryl for 10Month Old

Updated on August 21, 2008
K.M. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hello - my son is 10.5months old and 30lb and I was told, by his pediatrician, to give him benadryl for his allergies. I was given a dosage of 1/2tsp. When I purchased the box I noticed that it said 1-2tsp for a 6year old. So 1/2tsp for a 10.5month old sounds like a lot. I was wondering what you were told dosagwise for your babies and if maybe it's based on weight size and not age?

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answers from San Diego on

Hi K.,

I know everyone is telling you to talk to your doctor, but I would also recommend that you should talk to the pharmacist. Explain to him/her what your doctor said and then ask what he/she would recommend.

Pharmacists are very knowledgeable about amounts of drugs, etc. Doctors are basically mechanics for the body. They don't always get "medicines" right, whereas, it is the pharmacists job to really get it right and know all about it. Doctors don't always know all about it.

Good Luck!




answers from San Diego on

It's always best to check with your doctor first for dosage on medications. When we have used medications, the doctor always goes by weight (mine are bigger than the age/weight ratios on the box, too). But 30 lbs for a 10.5 month old - I am impressed! :)

I would be sure your doctor knows which type of benadryl you have, children's or infant's (if they make both, I'm not sure). But if the box is saying 1-2tsp for a 6 year old, 1/2 tsp for a 30 lb baby sounds about right to me.

Sounds like your a little nervous about giving your baby the medication. (I'm always nervous about it even when I'm convinced it is absolutely necessary). I think I have heard of some natural remedies for allergies. Maybe some other moms will respond with info if they know about that. But if you're interested, you could try going to a natural food store that has supplements and homeopathics and talk with someone who works in that department. They may have something natural that would help your baby so you wouldn't have to go with harmful medications. Just a thought! I know you didn't ask! :)?

Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

Yes! It is based on weight NOT age! I also had a BIG boy (he is 2 now and is starting to slim down.) I also, had given him Benadryl for allergies around the same age as your son, but not regularly as my son is one of the few that get the excitability side effect. ( he looked like a crazy drunk baby/toddler) If you're not comfortable with regular dosing look into and ask about homophathic meds. Sorry, can't help you there as I'm still researching. I'm in the position now of just looking into other things, since he is over two now, I have tried Claritin and Zyrtec with absolutely NO results and recently tried Benedryl again with very little results.

I wish you luck!!

Don't worry, as long as your dr. or nurse is figuring the dosage by weight and your nor "guessing" yourself, he'll be fine. Your son weighes as much as some 2yr olds.



answers from San Diego on

I know that the doctors will calculate dosage by weight, not age. My daughter is a tiny thing (she is 32lbs and 4 1/2 yrs old) and I give her 1 tsp of Benedryl. Just ask your doctor, they should be more than happy to give you the info you need.



answers from San Diego on

It is based on weight. My sister is a neonatologist and she calculated 1/2 tsp. for my 27 lb. son. I would recommend trying Zyrtech. I have tried all 3 (Benadryl, Claritin, and Zrtyech). Benadryl has the drowsy/excitability factor(up ready to party at 2:00 AM). Claritin I had to give a full tsp. and it was difficult to get a full dose down him. I found the best routine was 1/2 tsp at bedtime every night. To really notice a difference, it took a couple of days of consistent dosing. My husband even convinced me not to give it one night and was calling me at work by 9:00 the next morning because my son was itching his nose so bad. The one downside-everyone seems to always be out of stock of the Zyrtech so it can be a challenge to find. Good luck.



answers from San Diego on

I would check with your child's pediatrician for correct dosage. They will tell you how much, if any. He seems really young to be given benadryl.

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