Benadryl Dosage for 9 Month Old

Updated on September 10, 2014
J.A. asks from Seattle, WA
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OK so confused.... Son 9 mo 21lbs..has allergies and Dr. Said 4 ml OK for him...husband took son to Dr today due to stuffy nose, runny at times, wheezing, and coughing..wanted to make sure not that virus going around....another Dr saw him and said to only take 1ml twice a day....totally different from other Dr...anyone had anything similar

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So What Happened?

OK..1st time user and trying to figure out how to respond back...1st don't want to report Dr due to honestly have to say they are awesome this is first time with having any concerns.. 2nd I've talked to pharmacy and 1st is correct but said to do what Dr states...son never been sick only sneezing during pollen and now this..Dr know that we want to build up his immune system and not dope him up if not needed...this is first time hubby took to Dr ..I'm always the one but had to be at work. Wondering if confusion also coming from there..will do the 1 ml until I can call tomorrow to get a better understanding.. Just didn't know if anyone had Dr switch up on you like that..will keep you posted,,
Update...sorry for delay for some reason website giving me hard time trying to respond back to have had some problems with my second pregnancy (contractions at 18 weeks and now on bed rest).OK..son doing much him 1ml every 12 hrs and it is to say I'm extremely lucky because I misread dosage 1st Dr gave me and instead of giving him 4 ml I was giving him originally .4 ml...Thank God I was..1 ml makes him a little drowsy I can't imagine what 4 ml would have done..I could have killed my child with a overdose even though if you go his weight it states that dosage is safe

I beg anyone to really look at your dosages and if your child isn't used to the meds to start out low

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I'm a grown woman and all I need is 1/2 teaspoon. Any more would knock me out! Start with a tiny dose and see what that does.

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Never guess or assume dosages. Infant medicines are WAY more concentrated and it's easy to admin an overdosage.
Please double check with the doctor or call the nurse line on your health care card to be 100% SURE.
Describe exactly the medicine you have in hand: name, % of med per ml, etc.
Good luck!

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My answer was going to be talk to a pharmacist…so now that you've done that, and s/he agreed to go with what the first doctor said, I'd do that. Benadryl is okay for a 9month old and will help the coughing more than any other product you can give him. (my husband is a pharmacist by the way, so I know my stuff! ;)) If you want to double check again then I would call a different pharmacist or I would call a local ask-a-nurse line, most hospitals have them for free and they are answered by registered nurses.

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When "I" take liquid children's Benadryl for an allergy attack, when my throat is swelling and all that I only take 1 teaspoon. I do NOT take a full dose. I take the minimal amount to help me.

If "I" give Benadryl to my granddaughter I give her half a teaspoon and that's almost always enough to stop the allergy. Her full dose is more. She's 10 years old.

So for anyone below to say they gave their infant a whole teaspoon of Benadryl for simple sinus allergies...well that just sounds like way way way too much for an infant. I'd give the baby a few drops and see if their nose stopped running and their eyes were less red and stuff. The rest of the symptoms are made worse by taking Benadryl.


Benadryl dries up his mucus. In his lungs and throat and sinuses. So it's what is making him wheeze and cough. It's drying the gunk up so it's not draining out like it should.

I wouldn't give an infant Benadryl in any manner even if the doc said to give it. Benadryl is serious allergy medications, it is used when a person is having a severe reaction to something and they could die. It's not an every day allergy med.

ALWAYS give the lesser dosage. It is very very painful to be completely dried out inside and it hurt when you breath in through your nose and for your lungs to expand. It's very very drying and painful. So give that baby the least possible amount that is effective. If a few drops work there is no reason to give him more.

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Are you sure you didn't misunderstand the 2nd doctor?

At that weight, the chart my ped gave me says 4-5 ml (3/4-1 tsp) of benedryl.

So, if the 1st doc said 4 ml, and the second doc said 1 teaspoon, then the docs are actually pretty well in line with each other.

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Who is his usual pediatrician? We were told to use Claratin and Benadryl was not recommended til she was older.

ETA: Please do not hesitate to double check anything you feel is out of place with your doctor! Even awesome doctors are human and you need to be able to communicate with them.

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I would call your regular pediatrician and ask again. tell them what you heard from two different docs. Confirm your son's weight with them.

I gave my son benadryl at 9 months for food allergies, so I don't think you need to avoid it at a young age as a previous poster mentioned. Seems like every doc gives different advice - so hard to know what's right!


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He's only 9 months old? That's awfully young for Benedryl. If you go to their web site they give dosage information based on weight and while they say "for children under 2 years of age) it's still somewhat vague in the dosing, in my opinion. Even two different pediatricians can't agree on a dose. Frankly I wouldn't give it to him. If it's allergies or a mild cold he can handle it for a couple of days. When my girls were that tiny, as soon as they hit 9 mos old they were old enough for infant cold meds (dye free) so I used Motrin with cold meds for them.

Children under 2 years of age (weight: under 24 lb or 11 kg):
½ tsp. (2.5 mL) every 4 to 6 hours
Maximum 2 tsp. (10 mL) per day


answers from Columbia on

The answer to your question depends upon the dosed measurement.

You need to look at the bottle and compare it to this chart.

I would go with what the most recent doctor stated, since he's seen the most current condition of your child.


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I'd ask a pharmacist.

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