Am I Too Old to Wear Aeropostale Clothing?

Updated on December 31, 2008
J.T. asks from Mansfield, TX
4 answers

So, I've lost weight and look good in younger-looking clothes again. But, now that I'm a mom and almost 33, I figure I need to be mindful of the style and brands I wear. Can I wear stuff like Aeropostale t-shirts? They fit so cute and are cheap!! Thanks in advance for your honest 2 cents!!

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answers from Austin on

Yes, you can wear clothing from stores like aeropostale, but only if it's appropriate for someone of your age and mothering status. I'd skip the graphic tees and anything that advertises the store - those are just goofy on anyone over the age of 20. Yes, their shirts are cheap, but is that the look you're going for... cheap? And if they can afford to sell them for that low a price, do they really last that long? I stopped buying Old Navy clothes years ago because they would fall apart. For a little more money, you can get something that looks nicer and will last longer.

I love watching "What Not to Wear" on TLC and you are just the type of person I've seen on that show - a young 30-something mom that just lost weight and has a nice body to show off. If you've never watched that show, give it a try.

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answers from Dallas on

I wear Aero and I do have some of the shirts with their logo on them, I usually wear those with jeans or just some comfy pants, and I'm almost 30. I agree they are cheap and I usually hang dry my stuff from there it tends to make them last longer.

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answers from Dallas on

I wouldnt personally wear anything with the Aeropostale logo (Im 29) because I teach 5th graders who DO. I like to seperate myself from them. I say go ahead and wear whatever you like but I wouldnt wear anything that blasts the logo across your chest. Good for you momma for being a hottie! Congratulations on losing weight.



answers from Dallas on

You are not to old. Go for it.

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