Already Pregnant and in Need of Medical Insurance.

Updated on October 28, 2008
R.T. asks from Princeton, TX
6 answers

I just recently found out I am expecting my third child, and the company I am working for doesn't offer health insurance. I've been without any coverage for the last year and I know that my husband can add me to his policy at work because pregnancy is considered a qualifing event in Texas but his company is small so their insurance is very expensive. Do any of you have any ideas on resonable health coverage with maternity benefits?

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answers from Dallas on

I believe there is a government funded option for coverage while you are pregnant. I am sorry I don't know what it is exactly but you can do a search for government health coverage - pregnancy to find out. Also, if you can afford to pay cash for Dr appointments you can also negotiate a cash pay price for the hospital which for me was $3000 for a two night stay compared to $11000 with insurance.



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You may want to try a mid-wife. They are very inexpensive compared to doctors and hospitals. Everyone's prices are different but, I think it cost us about $3400 for the last baby. Also, having a baby in your very own home is wonderful. I have done hospital, birthing center and home birth and I will never go back to a hospital birth. My mid-wife is Kathleen Mayorga and I think her website is



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You might try for mediciad pregnancy specific coverage. i know the qualifications are more realxed since its pregnancy specific. BUT...I have to warn there are some real wack job OB's out there that accept medicaid because the reimbursememnt is so low so choose carefully.
Now....being a childbirth educator, doula and birth assistant, mom to 4 and 39 weeks pregnant :o) planning my 3rd homebirth I have to throw out the other options to you!

Have you considered a birthing center or home birth? The average homebirth midwife in the DFW area is about $3000 for complete rpenatal, labor/birth and post partum care to 6 weeks. They are mostly flexible with payment plans and working with you on the financial aspect while you recieve execptional care. Check out the Association of Texas Midwives website and you can search CPM & CNM midiwves

There are also some really great birthing centers with an average cost of $4500 in our area you can see a good listing of them with links from my webiste I have worked with alot of the are amidwives and feel you would be in fabulous hands!

The average maternity/hospital care without any complications or interventions is about $8000 in DFW.

Feel free to email me off list if you have any questions!




answers from Dallas on

I could be wrong, but we had to go on private healthcare insurance due to a layoff and it was VERY expensive and nothing was covered because it was a pre-existing condition. So even if you found affordable health ins. your pregnancy would be pre-existing. Good Luck and congratulations on your new baby.



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This happened to me once with one of my pregnancies and in my experience your not eligable for non group insurance when you are pregnant...

I think there is a plan that is like a government plan for pregnant woment with out insurance call your local medicade wic office to ask about it.

Good luck
A. J



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Individual policies no longer offer maternity coverage. Your best bet will be to have your husband add you to his coverage at work. Although it's expensive, it will be better than coming out of pocket for the whole thing. Good luck!

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