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Updated on May 27, 2011
J.D. asks from The Colony, TX
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We were in the process of finding the perfect insurance for our little family (my husband is an independent contractor) and well, wouldn't you know? We got a little surprise blessing. We're super excited about our new addition, but I just wish I knew how we were going to pay for it.

I called the hospital and they said they did have a cash price ($10K including my OB/GYN), but what if something else goes wrong with me and the baby? I'm so nervous about that.

I've had C-sections with my other pregnancies so I'm assuming I would go that route this time too so I'm not sure a birthing center would be an option for me. :(

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we should do? How do people have babies without insurance? Go to Parkland?? I don't know that I could do that. I'm so scared.

I live in The Colony/Frisco/Plano area. I have had my two other babies at Plano Presby.



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I know SEVERAL people that have done home births or midwives. My SIL delivered all 5 via midwife for like 2000, which included all prenatal and postnatal caree...iti s a bit against the grain, but VERY popular. I know for sure of a birthing center in Allen if you want to GO somewhere...
May not be your first choice, but i have heard great things from folks that do it!

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In the state of Texas, pregnancy is not considered a "pre-existing condition" with health insurance. You can still purchase insurance with maternity coverage.
If you are looking for an alternative for a hospital, a birthing center is a great option for uncomplicated pregnancies. From beginning to end, with some labs extra, a birthing center cost under $5000 including the birth. Midwives have shown to be safer for uncomplicated pregnancies and result in less chance of a c-section due to less interference (ie pitocin and epidurals that cause baby stress) and less episiotomies.
I had both my kiddos at The Birth and Women's Center in Dallas, right next to Baylor Dallas. I loved the undivided attention the midwife and the birth assistant gave me and the environment was so calming.
I know that there is a birth center in Allen that is closer and I've had several patients use them, but I cannot speak of my personal experience there.
The website to the Birth and Women's Center is:
Hope this helps!

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If your pregnancies were low risk or vaginal, consider a birth center. I know Allen has one with an excellent reputation. I had my baby at the Dallas birth Center near Baylor. I felt safer knowing the hospital was close in an emergency, buy the care was awesome. $3000 to $5000 for appointments that start on time, birth assistants the whole time you are in labor, allowed to eat if desired. It was so much better than my other two labors and cost less.



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Just as little side note, I am a nurse at Parkland and I have had both my babies there. No better place to have your baby, in my opinion. One of the biggest and best NNICU's around (heaven forbid you should need it!) Good luck to you and your family!!



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My friend paid cash for both babies and paid less than I did with insurance, around $3500. She delivered at an HCA facility. Check where else your OB has privileges. Pray!!! Also, continue to get insurance.

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