Pregnant and No Insurance - Irving,TX

Updated on July 07, 2009
J.D. asks from Keller, TX
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Hey ladies,

I am pregnant with our third child (4 weeks), and do not have insurance. My husband was in chiropractic school for the past three years and so we had our first 2 babies on medicaid. His job is a great job but unfortunately does not cover me and the kids. We will not qualify for medicaid but can i get insurance? I want to use a midwife so i know it wil be much cheaper anyway but is it even possible to get insurance with my "pre-existing" conditoin? BOth my kids were normal pregnancies and delivery. Any suggestions?

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I am an insurance broker, you can find my company listed on mamasource "Covenant Health & Life" as well as the positive reviews I have received from moms just like you.

First let me tell you we have over 50 years of experience in placing families into private healt coverage in Texas. If you want the straight answers on health care you should give us a call, we have no agenda or company to answer to thus enabling us to tell folks the truth about our lousy health care system and how to protect you and your family from it.

As far as the maternity situation, there is no carriers within Texas that offers that type of coverage with any significant benefit, your better off to work out a cash deal with your doctor and hospital. There is a company out of New York that offers what your looking for, shoot me an email and I will send you there information. My email is [email protected] this helps you out.



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Apply for medicaid! You said you were on it before, and since you're pregnant, you should be able to get it again. I don't know if midwives accept medicaid or not, though, I doubt it. It never hurts to try!!



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My husband and I are starting to ttc process and we are having similar issues. Pregnancy is not a pre-existing in the state of Texas. My doctor has a cash price for patients and I called Presby Plano and their cash price is 5800 for a c-section (I have to have one, due to my last delivery). But the woman told me cash customers get a standard 30% off if paying cash to them. Hope this helps.



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Hi J.,
I was in a very similar position as you are, no insurance, pregnant but the household income was too much to get medicaid. You may see if you are able to add to your husbands insurance, however they may call it a pre-existing condition. Another route which is what we did was get individual insurance with me, this would cover if I had to go to a hospital during pregnancy or delivery. There isn't maternity coverage, but if there is an emergency then they will cover. You can get maternity on an individual policy but it is really expensive and since you are already pregnant they may again call it pre-existing. Anyway, we got the individual policy, and paid the midwife cash. I don't know if you are wanting to use the same midwife that you did with the others, but if you talk to her she may lower her rate a little or set up a payment plan for you. Also, midwives charge different fees, you may interview muliple midwives. There was $1000 difference between mine and my sisters. Good luck to you!!



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Try chips. They have a pregnancy insurance throught the state. Checkout the website.

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