Allergy Problem for 4 Yr Old

Updated on February 15, 2011
H.J. asks from Carrollton, TX
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My 4 yr old son has been tested for food allergies (IGE and IGG allergy testing.) Then, we removed 15 food sensitivities from his diet. This has helped my son to not have recurrent ear infections and fever (previously every 4-6 weeks). However, we are still having a constant runny nose (yellow) and cough that occurs every time we go outside (even for just 15-20 minutes outside.) He has been on Zytrec daily for the last 2 years, which helps some. However, when he starts coughing I have to give him Benadryl daily on top of the Zyrtec and then cough medicine (I do honey as much as possible but sometimes I have to do cough medicine because he literally coughs every 5 minutes in his bed otherwise.)

I am at a loss as what to do next. I would like to get him off Zyrtec (we tried Clartin with no success). I considered having his adnoids and tonsils removed but I am not sure that would fix our problem. I am looking into an allergist appointment now for him. But they are asking him to be off allergy medicine for 5 days before they will do a prick test on him. I just don't think taking him off Zyrtec for 5 days is an option right now.

I want my son to be a normal child that can go outside without getting sick. I am willing to try some more natural options before doing the surgery to remove his adnoids and tonsils. I recently heard about taking bee pollen to help treat outdoor allergies. Has anyone had any success with this? Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with taking their child to an allergist? Would should I expect? What should I stay away from? I am willing to try almost anything to make my son feel better. I am exhausted and at my wits end to know what I should do next.

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answers from Honolulu on

Sinus Infection. (his nose mucus is yellow, not clear). If it was just per allergies, his nose mucus would be 'clear' not yellow.

Post-nasal drip... which causes coughing... as it drips down the throat. Especially when sleeping.

Coughs... arise from:
1) post-nasal drip, or
2) the chest
Your son, it seems his cough originates from his nose. Hence post-nasal drip. Do not give him 'cough medicine' for this. It will not help... because it is not his 'chest' that the cough is originating from.

If his chest is 'clear.' Then his cough is NOT from his chest. It is from his Nose/post-nasal drip.

Try a Neti-Pot to rinse his nose. To alleviate his Sinus issues.
This helps a lot.
Even my Huband's Doctor uses one.
Can be found at drugstores or Whole Foods.
My Husband uses one too. He is prone to Sinus Infections.

Sinus Infections... are hard to get rid of.

Try Allegra.
It is a prescription Allergy med. Maybe they have kids' versions.

The outdoors, probably has airborne things that irk his system. Hence, allergies/runny nose.

Instead of 'guessing' which natural things will help him. See a Naturopath or Holistic Doctor. That way, you will get help/info per HIS condition. Not hearsay.

*Did he get Antibiotics for his ear infection?
If Sinus Infection, an Antibiotic will help.
The sinus cavity... is like a dark dank 'cave.' It nurtures bacteria. And it is close to the ear canal... hence, infections. Back and forth.

Also, try getting an air filter/purifier for your home, or especially his room.

all the best,

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answers from Phoenix on

Have they ever confirmed an allergy is causing this?
I only ask because other medical issues can cause the constant runny nose, coughing etc adn since he doesn't seem to be getting good relief from allergy medications/treatments maybe it's time to look at other causes.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Has he been tested for all possible allergens?
You may need to try another medicine-they can stop working after some time-we had to do that w/both our kids.What does the pediatrician say?
Also it may be more than just allergies-when my kids start wit that horrible cough we have to use the nebulizer-my son was really bad this year we changed meds, but he also had a double ear inf and a sinus infection.
You may want to make sure nothing else is going on or check with the pediatrician or allergist. Good Luck! L. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Hmmm with so many allergies or sensitivities and possibly asthma (it sounds like) I would stay away from bee pollen or anything else odd that he might have a reaction to. My daughter has peanut, milk, egg, fish, dogs and cats at 3.5 years old. They are BAD. She takes Zyrtec daily but the allergist wants her on some other med that has to be given like 4 times daily (which just cannot be done because of PreK -- they do not administer meds other than emergency epi-pen or benadryl).

I say make the appt - try to take him off the Zyrtec for the minimum amount of days they say is OK (I think my pediatric allergist said 48 hours or 3 days or something -- NOT 5). If he develops incessent coughing and it doesn't sound congestion related in the meantime, take him to see his regular ped or to a care center or ER to see if his O2 saturation is down (asthma issues).

Poor kiddo! I was similar to him as a child and didn't feel better till I had my tonsils/adenoids out at age 7 -- have you seen an ENT? If they are abnormally large, they could be bothering him when sleeping, causing the incessent coughing too. My daughter had tubes at 10 mos but doc mentioned she might need her tonsils out in the future....they are huge like mine were. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a tea recipe that was given to me for my very allergic sister. As soon as I find it I will send it to you.



answers from Honolulu on

Is he getting allergy shots? I would start with that, they are expensive, but work.



answers from San Francisco on

It sounds to me like his allergies have lead to him having asthma. The allergist can most likely do a lung function test . If it is asthma the proper medication will give him his life back.

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