Best OTC Medicine for Post Nasal Drip?

Updated on June 27, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
9 answers

I don't know if I'm sick or if I have allergies but I am having intense post nasal drip that's translating to coughing fits and severe chest congestion. Help! Any OTC meds that work???

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answers from New York on

Walmart makes an allergy relief medicine that comes in a bottle (cherry flavored). I think it's suppose to be a generic of benedryl. It's inexpensive and it works.

You could also try Clariton.

At night when I have those symptoms, I take NyQuil (generic works well also).

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answers from Los Angeles on

i am having the same thing right now what i use is this- the generic kind of tylenol multi-system the cool burst, and i use affrin with menthol in it. that has been working well for me :)



answers from Denver on

I thought I had a cold but learned it's allergies. Zyrtec is great - takes a few days to kick in... Benedryl at night will help dry it up in the meantime. Also, do a saline nasal rinse a day - to get rid of extra mucus AND more importantly flush the allergens. Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

I use "Under the Weather" by Source Naturals when I am symptomatic and "Wellness formula" to boost the immune system. I get them at Mother's Market, but I am sure other stores like Sprouts or Henry's might have them.



answers from San Francisco on

I know that Triaminic Nighttime Cough and Cold strips for kids works wonders for night time post-nasal drip coughs ( I use them too). Not sure what would be good during the day that won't make you sleepy though.



answers from Honolulu on

You need an Antihistamine.
ie: Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec.
This dries up, secretions.

Then, post-nasal drip, triggers the cough reflex as it drips down the throat.
Hence, coughing.

Then, sometimes, post-nasal drip, can also infect the chest. Then a chest illness can occur.
I know, I had a common head cold. Post-nasal drip etc. Then, my chest got affected and I had by then, chest congestion (not nasal) and then, I got Pneumonia.
The Doc said, post-nasal drip, can affect the chest, too.

There is also Mucinex. Which thins the mucus. So that it can be expelled and reduce congestion.

Then, you can also with nasal issues, have a Sinus Infection. For that. Sudafed with "Pseudoephedrine" is good. But, you have to ask for it behind the pharmacy counter. It is 12 hour, non-drowsy. It will help. My Husband uses that, for his sinus problems. He uses that, and Claritin.
And he also, uses a Neti-pot to flush out the sinus.

If you present worsening symptoms or other symptoms or your chest gets worse, you best go to a Doctor.



answers from Portland on

I have allergies with a post nasal drip the most difficult symptom. I've taken antihistamines and decongestants most of my life and had to deal with their side effects. drowsiness, agitation, My doctor prescribed a nasal spray which I've been using for several years now and it reduces the post nasal drip and has only a dry nose as a side affect. I take care of that with vaseline.

Why use a medication that treats various symptoms when you have just one symptom that you want to stop, is the way I look at it.

The nasal spray is generic Fluticascone propionate. Flutiscone is one brand name. There are several different brands.

Do not try the OTC nasal sprays if you're going to use them for more than a couple of days. The rebound affect is a very plugged up nose. Miserable.



answers from Appleton on

Day Quil and Alka Seltzer cold help. For me the Clairton real or generic don't do anything.



answers from Phoenix on

I recommend Advil Cold and Sinus, but just for a few days to get things under control.

Then start trying the myriad of OTC allergy meds....Claritin, Reactin, Zyrtec, etc. Each one is slightly different and each person responds individually to these. I find Claritin to be the mildest of them, Reactin is too drying of my nasal cavities, etc.


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