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Updated on June 29, 2007
N.H. asks from Rowlett, TX
4 answers

Hi Moms,
I would really like some advice on Public Schools.
I live in the GISD and my daughter will be attending a Rowlett elementary school next Fall.
How has your experience been with your child and the public school system?
I'd like to know what your likes and dislikes are of public schools.
I'm not just looking for specific info on the GISD but all schools in general.
I'm just trying to get some basic info so I know what to expect as a parent with enrolling my child in the public schools.
Thanks so much for any helpful info!

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answers from Dallas on

I'm a single mom and am moving me and my girls (5 & 9) out to Rockwall. I have done research on various school districts and especially wanted a good one for my oldest who receives special education. She's been in DISD since Kindergarten and will be starting 3rd grade this fall. I looked into GISD because of the "school choice" but we weren't going to be able to move until August and so we've missed our on "choosing our school"...which means that my kids won't get to go to a Garland school that I choose because it's most likely already full. Well, I wasn't about to put them in one school this year and then another next year. They need consistency. So, I have opted for Rockwall. So far, everyone I've asked has only had great things to say about Rockwall ISD. I could have chosen Lakewood or Lake Highlands where I grew up, but crime is getting bad. I just got an email from our neighborhood association about someone in Lakewood was held up at gun point in their front yard...which has happened in Garland as well. This is another reason I chose Rockwall. I've also heard good things about Plano ISD and Allen ISD...but that would have been too far from my job. Personally, I think the larger the school district is, the more hoops you have to jump through and the more red tape involved when dealing with the system.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I have 4 kiddos 3 of which have gone to school, also in GISD both Garland & Rowlett. I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. None of my children have been in private school, so I don't know how it's different. But, for the most part, we've had positive experiences with school. Every school is different, some more attentive to the students than others. Some schools have more activities & fund raisers than others. On that same note, every teacher is different. Some seem to care more than others, some are more fun, some "meaner" (as my kid's say). It's really hit & miss. You get what you get. The only real problem I've personally had w/school is that one of my daughters has some learning difficulties & it has been really hard to get the school to cooperate. They are supposed to test her, but we've been fighting them over that for what seems like forever. But, my other 2 have had no difficulties. If you have any more specific questions you can p.m. me. Which school is your daughter attending next year?



answers from Dallas on

I am really interested to see the answers you get to this. We are currently decided where we might want to move (Lake Highlands/Lakewood/Ft. Worth are the main areas we're looking in right now) and I have no idea where to start in researching public school systems!



answers from Dallas on

I hope to see more responses to this. My daughter is enrolled for her first year of public school at Armstrong in Sachse (we homeschooled for kindergarten). Naturally, I'm worried and would love to hear some really positive, awesome things about public school and GISD in particular. :)

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