Advice on Family-Sized Truck or SUV

Updated on January 05, 2010
A.B. asks from El Paso, TX
7 answers

Hi, mamas!

My husband and I are hoping to purchase a new car soon, but we're having trouble settling on what we want. I'm seeking advice on what are the safest and most convenient cars for a family of four--with two boys in car seats! One thing: "I'm too young for a van!" My husband is leaning toward a truck, and I'm all for that, but I'd like to get one that is big enough for my family but still gets decent gas mileage--seems impossible.


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answers from Houston on

we went to Car-Max(LOVE THEM) and got a Buick Rendezvous for very little money. It was fully loaded and also has a extra set of seats in the back for up to 7 passengers. Now normally we leave those down and use the back for stuff. It was a fleet car and only had 20,000 miles on it. It was 40,000 new we paid with TTL 18,000. Although it was almost 3 years old. I LOVE this car. Did not think I would but I do. Did you know that buick is the most reliable american made car??? I did not, but now that I own it I believe it not a single problem yet! It has lots of room for the car seat even the large britax that is rear facing for my 19 month old. Good luck, and I too refused a mini-van ;)!



answers from Austin on

We found a used-Honda Pilot via Craig's list and it fit all 8 of us (at least until the small boys grow) nicely. With just four of you you'd have more cargo space.

But I have to tell you we decided not to let go of the mini-van that we bought new when I was 29, the leather captain seats and automatic doors,extra cargo space, good gas mileage make it our go to choice when we all don't have to fit into the car (it seats 7). We were always a 4 wheel drive family before, but it is pretty sweet to drive my van :)


answers from Killeen on

Hi A.,
well we are a family of five, hubby is in the Army here at Ft. Hood and we had a Expedition which is great BUT we just traded it in for the 2009 Nissan Titan about 6 months ago. Although I don't have two in car seats it is nice and I have never been a van person either. We love it. I have my own new car but the Truck is what we use for trips and when we all need to get somewhere as a family. OH! It gets great mileage because it uses Flex Fuel which is cheaper than Unleaded. WOOHOO!
Hope that helps.



answers from Austin on

I love my crew cab truck! We have a 3 yr. old and 1 yr. old who are both still in car seats and we have no trouble. It is a diesel and gets anywhere from 15-17 mpg. Some say that is not great but for me being in a truck, off the ground, with metal around us instead of plastic makes up for it. The only problem we have is when we want to take trips everything has to go in the bed; as long as it doesn't rain everything is ok, but we have ended up with some wet clothes. There are ways around this too though. Good luck!!



answers from El Paso on

Hi Friend!
I love my Tahoe. It has lots of safety features and I feel super safe driving in it and you get used to the bigger size. I really like the rearview camera that beeps when you are close to something and the entertainment system. It really helps when the drive gets long for Ben. It can seat 7 but when the 3rd row is up there isn't much room for luggage.
Hope this helps!



answers from Houston on

Hi A.-

I completely understand your desire to avoid a van, I was the same way when I was younger. When my second child came along we knew we needed a bigger car and we bought a Chevy Venture even though I had sworn I would never drive a minivan. I drove that van for 7 years and then last spring we traded it in for a Buick Enclave. Meanwhile, my husband has driven a Jeep Cherokee for the past 5 years. Of the 3 cars, the van was by far the most convenient for a family of 4 and now 5. Even though I do love my Enclave, I miss so many things about my van. The convenience of the kids getting in and out of the car, the trunk space, the great visibility when driving. My husband's Jeep is terrible for getting the kids in and out of. There is no leg room behind the driver seat for a child in a car seat (especially when my 6'2" husband is driving.)

Good luck with your decision but if you've never driven a minivan you owe it to yourself to try it, you might be surprised.




answers from Sherman on

I have a GMC Acadia and LOVE it!!! It gets way better gas mileage then a truck and has lots to room. We have 3 carseats and sometimes an extra booster for a friend.

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