Advice for Severe Pain in 3Rd Trimester!

Updated on January 19, 2006
F.J. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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Ok ladies I have a request... I am in my 6th month and having bad pain in my sacrum/low back/hips... I can barely walk. Lying down, standing up it all hurts... oh and did I mention I have 2 kids 3 and 4 that are in activities.. preschool etc... any advice on organizing time AND caring for yourself AND managing the house... cook, clean etc?

I started seeing a chiropractor and it helps. He says come more often which is impossible because my 2 kids are sometimes a bit overly active in the office and he doesn't approve of that AND he freaked when I told him I took a tylenol for pain... the OB says it will not harm the baby he seems to feel it may... any suggestions?

I feel like everything is Kaos and I am getting to my wits end!! Any advice would be helpful.. Thanks !!

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answers from Chicago on

It sounds like your sciatic nerve is being happened to me after I had my son. I did see the chiro and he was doing ultrasound on my back. I'm not sure if they can do that while your pregnant? I would ask the chiro how long before it starts to help. I only went 3-4 times and it helped.



answers from Chicago on

I had that pain where I could not walk (or sleep, or sit, or anything) for all of my second and third trimester. Walking aggravated it. I took Tylenol every 4 hrs when it would act up, counting down the minutes until I coudl take my next dose. My chiropractor said he couldn't do anything to adjust me/alleviate the problem after about 20 weeks. He recommended Tylenol. The only thing I found to help it was to find a semi-comfortable position on my soft couch or piles of pillows and then not move until it would subside. I know that isn't really realistic with 2 young boys. Do you sleep with lots of pillows? That also helped me. One under my back on the sore side, one between my legs, one under my upper back. Put my whole body in a neutral position adn it helped to alleviate the strain.

My OB suggested seeing an orthopaedist. She also said, though, that it was most likely just my tipped uterus and I had to deal with it.

Sorry I'm not more help! I hope it gets better for you.



answers from Chicago on

I used Absorben Jr (roll on) on my back during my pregnancy. My Doctor said it was ok. I had a 2 year old who was in gymnastics that I helped out with. It was the only thing that saved me.



answers from Chicago on

Having a similar chronic pain in my low back, I know how you feel. I work in athletic training and work with many physicians and here's what they would tell you.

First, your OB/GYN controls what medication you take and when. Occasional use of tylenol vs. regular use of tylenol may make a difference. Unfortunately, you don't have any other pain med choice. While I'm sure your chiropractor is looking out for you, one only physician should guide your care at this time.

Second, I found relief with prenatal water aerobics through my hospital, Good Sam. I could stretch my hamstrings and quads and exercise but without the loading.

Third, I had a prenatal massage that focused on my low back/SI/spine and found relief that has lasted 5 weeks (I'm being induced tomorrow).

While these things may not work for you, I think it's important to follow the advice of your OB/GYN for treatment. If the pain doesn't resolve after delivery, see your PCP/orthopedic/chiropractor for care. Like I mentioned earlier, I work with many physicians in the western suburbs and could give you a referral if needed.

Best of luck! S.



answers from Raleigh on

*all links will direct you to unless otherwise noted and are for representative purposes only. Consult your doctor before using any of the products while pregnant.

In my experience, Chiropractors never want you to use anything but them for your pain relief needs. As long as your OB says that the tylenol is safe to take during this particular pregnancy and it gives you relief, then continue doing so (in moderation, obviously!). Ask your OB if you can use the self-sticking heat pain relief patches (like Thermacare Lower Back Pain

You may also want to try changing the way you sleep. If you aren't already, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your thighs, it will help align your hips/spine and might help relieve some pain.

Also consider having your partner massage your lower back, hips, and legs when possible.

Ask your OB if it's safe to use pain relieving creams/rubs, such as Mentholatum Deep Heating Extra Strength Pain Relieving Rub (

Exercise as much as your pregnancy/doctor allow. Stretching exercises that stretch your sides, back, and legs may help prevent some pain. For more info on exercise while pregnancy, visit Sutter Health: or Pregnancy Check:

I hope you find some relief!



answers from Chicago on

Hi F.,

I saw a chiropractor during both my pregnancys and it was a godsend! I agree with your chiro that coming in more often would help.

I however think you need to find a NEW chiropractor. I have never had a reaction like he did when taking my kids to the office, in fact my chiro bent over backwards to help me out, LOL! Her staff would help entertain the kids or the Dr. would talk to the kids the whole time she was adjusting me.

My Dr. retired, but her partner is still in practice. Her name is Dr. Beth, I don't know her last name but she practices in Lisle at Doctor's Center for Intergrative Wellness
1045 Burlington Avenue, Lisle, IL 60532

Good luck and I hope you feel better!




answers from Chicago on

Hi F.-
I'm not much help but I wanted to sympathize! I'm also in Bolingbrook and almost 6 months pg as well. I have a 3 year old and 15 month old. I'm a SAHM/WAHM/(and teach one night downtown) person as well. I say give up on the cooking and cleaning. Can you get your husband to do it? Can you throw easy meals together or put them in the freezer so he can cook them? Sorry I'm not much help-- I don't want to cook and clean right now either. I keep setting nap time as the time to do it but then I end up taking a nap too!


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