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Back Hurts, What Kind of Matress??

Still, a new mattress won't make back problems go away. Low back pain is the result of tight and weak core muscles. By tight, I mean your husband needs to ...

Pubic Bone Pain or "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction"

When I was pregnant, the only thing that helped me with my low back and pubic bone pain was those heat up things that smell that you can get at the mall. ...

Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Massaging it a little bit helps, but it comes back. Could it be the baby kicking ? I did research on the web about "lower left abdominal pain pregnant" and a ...

6 Months Pregnant-pain in Pelvis Area

She also said see if your husband can massage that area and low back to help ease pain, other than that...wait it out! It is probably ligaments that are ...

Pubic Bone Pain and Pain in Inner Thigh

nerve pain? Mine is about in my rear end/LOW back, sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. I am 34+ weeks and have been having this for quite awhile. ...

Hip Pain After Childbirth?

I had horrible pain in my right hip and I pulled my back out 3 times after ... This puts alot of strain on your low back. As does carrying around a baby in ...

Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Back/sciatic Nerve Pain

I have been dealing w/ lower back pain for sometime and I have tried almost everything. I have lower back pain w/ shooting leg pain and I know painful it ...

Pain in Right Lower Abdomen

Since last night I have had a sharp pain in my right lower abdomen, .... wrong then the endo may be back or you can even have pain from the scar tissue from ...

A Backpain After Situps

It would be very easy to connect you by phone with others who have had great results with back pain, for example. Reliv's relative low profile is going to ...


Getting consistent treatments can also make your labor and delivery much more bearable, can eliminate low back pain as well...I delivered both my boys in ...
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  • sounds like round ligament pain in 3 answers "Sounds like round ligament pain. Lots going on in your abdomen these days."
  • memory foam mattress in 2 answers "We just bought a 2" memory foam mattress topper at Costo - the only one they offer ..."
  • round ligment pain in 2 answers "Hello, It could be what they call round ligment pain."
  • your ligaments stretching in 2 answers "I think that your pain is most likely your ligaments stretching to make room."
  • your sciatic nerve in 2 answers "... been 1 1/2 out of place for over 9 months now, which effects your sciatic nerve ..."