Advice for Activities in Vegas for a Week with a 2 Yr Old & a 5 Yr Old???

Updated on May 14, 2009
P.L. asks from Portland, OR
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We are staying at a wonderful timeshare for a week with another family in Vegas and wondered if any of you seasoned Vegas travelers out there have any suggestions for fun activities with small children?? The timeshare we're at has a lazy river pool and some fun activities but know there is much to do in Vegas with children but have not really experienced Vegas with children yet and would love some suggestions? THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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So What Happened?

We had a wonderful week in Vegas... Surprisingly enough Vegas can be a GREAT family vacation. We stayed off the strip at a Great resort called Tahiti Village in a large 2 bedroom with 2 living rooms and full size kitchen, 1500sq ft.. It had 2 Awesome pools, one with a sand bottom beach entry pool.. perfect for my 2 year old and they provided toys and buckets, etc.. the other was a large lazy river with water falls which the 5 year old loved.. We did the Tournament of Knights, the kids loved.. Red Rock Canyon and the kids did a workbook and got their Ranger Badge, went to a petting zoo.. also did the shark aquarium at the Mandalay bay and the kids got to touch the sting rays.. We did a lot of BBQing and pooltime. It was a perfect fun relaxing vacation.. So, all you people who doubt Vegas can be a fun family get away, I would think again.. it's afforadable too. We got our timeshare condo for a week for $400.00 and our airfare was all done on miles.. A minivan for the week was $250.00.. very affordable, very fun!!! Thanks for the suggestions!! Oh, also bought the Frommers Book of What to do with Kids in Vegas, very helpful.

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My in-laws used to live in Las Vegas, so we've done a couple of trips with the kids in tow. We've enjoyed dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. The Bellagio fountains are fun to watch. There are also several animal exhibits (lion habitat, white tiger habitat, etc.) We also really liked the Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I will say that The Strip is not very stroller-friendly, so we pretty much just decide what we wanted to see and parked nearby. There are some fun things to see, but it does take a little more planning when traveling with kids.

There is also a small children's museum...

We also enjoyed exploring Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead. Hoover Dam could also be a good excursion.

We found some great parks in the Henderson area (which is where Grandma & Grandpa lived.)

Hope you have a great trip!



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We're definitely not seasoned travelers to Vegas but the last time we were there, my then-2.5-year-old had a lot of fun for the 3 days that we were there. We took him to a variety of places starting from the M&M world to Circus Circus (he was tall enough for the young children rides there just at 36 inches) to the Tiger habitat at MGM. We did walk around quite a bit and looked at all of the different attractions at each of the hotels on the strip and pointed things out to him. Off the strip, we found a couple of neighborhood playgrounds, which he loved because they were a new adventure for him. Having the other kids, you may find that they may entertain themselves as well.

Hope that helps...



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I used to live in Las Vegas and while living there my daughter was 1-3 years old. There are a ton of things to do with small children.

The Rainforest Cafe in MGM is an amazing place to eat with small children. It's totally kid friendly, and there are tons of animals (fake) that move around, and thunder and lightening storms happen during your meal. It's really cool, but the line to get in is usually crazy, so make reservations or get there early! There's a real lion at the MGM as well.

The gardens in the Bellagio are beautiful and my daughter used to love looking at all the flowers. I believe this is where the bird exhibit is too (you walk through and there are all kinds of different birds flying around, swimming)

The fashion show mall has live fashion shows (they have a website that you can find the times of the shows), with loud music and flashing strobe lights that kids usually like looking at. And the mall is super nice anyway.

There are free shows everywhere on the strip that just happen out in the open for all people to see. There's a show about the roman gods in Caesars Palace at the end of their shopping center that has lots of fire (might be a little bit scary though).

There are shows in the Venetian's shopping area in St. Marks Square with live singers, people walking on stilts, jugglers, dancers (I used to perform in this show playing flute :-). There are also "statues" in the Venetian shopping center - real people that just stand there for about 4-5 hours straight looking like statues...

Several of the hotels also have drop-in child care centers (many 24 hours) if you want a little adult time. :-)

There's also the Treasure Island Pirate show, and the Bellagio water show (both outside).

If you want to go off the strip, there's the Freemont Street Experience which is really cool... they also have live music downtown all the time. There are also bowling alleys in a few of the casinos (Green Valley Casino in Henderson and the casino in Summerlin)... but these ones are off the strip. I'm not sure where you're staying...

In New York New York there's a HUGE arcade.

The Knights of Excalibur show is awesome for kids... knights on horses in a jousting show and a really good meal is included in the price of your ticket. This is at the Excalibur.

Let me know if you need more suggestions!



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We make an annual trip to vegas but do it without the kids. I have talked to other parents that go with kids, and other than the pools there really is not much for kids to do, especially at that age. You could always check out Circus Circus and Excalibur Hotels, but even those "family areas" are made for kids at least as old as your 5 year old.

Honestly, it saddens me to see kids in Vegas. Other than playing at the pool, I have never seen a little kid there with a smile on his/her face. Because of the age restrictions, there are not a lot of places the kids can just run free. Please reconsider taking a family vacation to Vegas. You would do much better if you trade the time share for a location that is more family friendly.

I am sure there are people out there that disagree.

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