Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Party

Updated on August 23, 2010
S.H. asks from Long Beach, CA
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Just wondering if anyone can share some fun activities to in Las Vegas (on the strip) besides party? What shopping do you recommend? What site seeing do you suggest? Any great restaurants? Shows?


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answers from San Francisco on

It has some years since I have been t Vegas,but I saw a great art exhibit at the Bellagio, there is a great aquarium and water park at one of the big hotels, cannot remember which one though, and Cirq de Soiel is in town and is always a great show

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answers from Las Vegas on

I'm a local so I really don't do the strip that often but you definitely should check out the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace and the shops at the Venetian. My children love it when we take them to the Shark Reef Aquariaum at Mandalay Bay. Definitely check out the atrium, the water show and the handblown glass flowers (in the lobby area) at the Belagio. They have a nice cafe there also for lunch and a patisserie with a chocolate fountain that is quite nice. Off the strip, if the weather is right and you don't mind a little bit of a drive, there's also the Springs Preserve and Red Rock Canyon, and Mt. Charleston is only a 45 minute drive away also.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I liked the titanic exhibit. When my boyfriend and I go we tend to go to the old part of vegas which is less crowded. Laurie D would probably know more about it and how to get there though (I can't remember street names, just how to drive there lol). Also we like the Neon Graveyard. Its the old signs and stuff, im weird though I like that sort of thing. Have fun!

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answers from San Francisco on

We went to Vegas in April for a week, our kids(8&6) picked it over Disneyland. I never pulled one slot or even had one drink the whole time. We stayed at Circus Circus , they have an amusement park complete with roller coasters, they also have a wonderful buffet, great food, it's $20 each or $25 for an all day wrist band to go whenever you want and the line is shorter. Not to mention of course there circus show. Also in town are lots of big shows that I recommend you buying in advance to insure they are not sold out. We went up the Eiffel Tower, and watched the pirate show, saw the Lions at the MGM and went through a pyramid, we went to the M&M store and museum there is also a Titanic museum and Dolphins at one hotel, New York, New York has rides and so does the Stratosphere and the Sahara and I think a few others. After a week we did not see all there was to see and it wasn't til the last day we wised up and bought the day pass for the bus and saved our feet. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I also really loved "LOVE", it was an amazing show and no seat is a bad one. Shopping at Planet Holloywood is nice, they have an H&M store (one of my favorites). Also walking around Cesars and the Aquarium at Mandalay are fun. I just like eating at all the places ad hanging out by the pools :) If its still warm wet and Wild (across from Circus Circus) is nice and there are tins of rollercoasters. Check out some of the spas and get pampered. New York has a nice spa.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Not sure if they still have it there but the Cirque Du Soleil show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It was at the Bellagio hotel.. It's in water~

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answers from San Diego on

Laurie gave you some good suggestions and I wanted to add a couple more.

We really enjoyed the "Love" show. Its about the Beatles with a cirque du soliel twist and it has parts that are interactive. Not sure how old your kids are but I did see some older kids at the show. Also, my son who is currently 5 1/2 enjoyed Rainforest Cafe at MGM. We went there for him because it was child/adult themed and it has cool animatronics with jungle animals. Also visit the lion exhibit close by the restaurant.

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answers from Cleveland on

Just going to see all the hotels & casinos was super fun. Each big casino has a different theme, and they are decked out like crazy. Also Freemont street at night is amazing. You will have the leave the strip and go downtown for that, but definately worth it. Have fun!



answers from Kansas City on

We did Tournament of Kings at Excalibur, and it was awesome, if you like that sort of thing.

It's been a few years, and unfortunately, my fav part of Vegas, Star Trek the Experience, is gone. But Caesar's was fun, walking around their mall area, they also had a free anamatronic show, The Fall of Atlantis, that was cool.

The Luxor had a neat King Tut exhibit, it was a reproduction of Tut's tomb from when they discovered it. It was much larger than I had imagined it would have been.



answers from Las Vegas on

There are several malls on the strip inside the casinos. There are two discount malls, one at the far south end of the strip and one at 600 Grand Central Parkway. There is the strip and there there is downtown LV (fremont experience). You should be able to take the monorail to many of the strip locations. There is a roller coaster on the top of New York New York. If you like vintage clothing, there is a place called the Attic in the downtown area. There is the pawn shop on LV Blvd at Charleston which is on a reality show. There is usually a line to get in there. Many of the clubs will be on the strip and the pubs where you can talk and hear each other will be downtown. If you enjoy art and are here on the First Friday of the month, there are many exhibits and happenings down town. The shows will all be on the strip and the local entertainment will be in various places. Send me a message if you would like and I can email you some of the emails of the local stuff going on, as I get it by email.

Oh, no more Wet n Wild. That has been gone several years. If you have the kiddos, they will enjoy the adventure dome at Circus Circus. Our very small indoor theme park. You can leave them in there and go enjoy the casino if they are old enough. And there is even a Ross on the strip too.



answers from San Francisco on

You didn't mention if you were bringing your kids, but I'm assuming you are. The shops at Caesars are really cool and they have some great stores. The ceiling is painted like a real sky and it changes from day to night, from sunny to stormy. They also have small "shows" at each end, like statues that come to life and put on a short little performance. There is a Cheesecake Factory in there as well.

As others have mentioned, just walking the strip is great. The Bellagio has a cool water show at their outdoor fountains that is put on to music (and lights at night) and Treasure Island has a cool outdoor pirate show. I think it's New York New York that has an arcade and roller coaster. Each hotel has a theme and something cool, like the Eiffel Tower or the canals at the Venician. Just remember to bring comfortable walking shoes.

Mandalay Bay has a great pool area, with a beach, tide pool and river. They also have a small aquarium. We love the Montecarlo also because it's more low key, has a cool pool area with a river and a FOOD COURT, which is great for inexpensive meals with the kids. Food will cost you an arm and a leg at most places.

Hope that helped. Have a great time!



answers from San Francisco on

I would recommend seeing LOVE. It's an incredible experience. It's at the Mirage. If you sign up for their emails you probably can find a way to see it at a discounted price. Also, when we go to Las Vegas we go for long walks on the strip, check out the hotels, watch the Bellagio fountains, etc... At night you can watch the volcano at the Mirage erupt, and see the free outdoor show at Treasure Island. Try doing a search of free things to do at Las Vegas. Also, all pools are not created equal. Both the MGM and Monte Carlo have river pools. Mandalay Bay has a beach. Some hotels have water slides. See what kind of pool experience would be the most fun for your family. Some have "older" type experiences. I'd steer away from those if you don't want to be in too much of a party scene.



answers from San Francisco on

My kids always love Circus Circus. The water shows at Bellagio are great for everyone.
If you have a car and are able to drive, we all really enjoyed the tour of Hoover Dam at Lake Mead.



answers from San Francisco on

Any of the Emeril restaurants are to die for (can't remember which ones adn where at but there are like 3 or more) MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE< always full, but oh so worth it!!! Water show in front of Bellagio of course, but also the Bellagio has a solarium/indoor garden that is always changing to the seasons and georgous/spectacular!!! There is an outlet mall down from the strip a little bit, also shopping underground Aladin (haven't been there in 5 years) that's a little different than the high end fashion ot Ceasars. And there are 7 or 8 rollar coasters in Vegas - New York, Stratosphere just to name a couple.

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