Things to Do in Las Vegas with 4 Year Old??

Updated on March 23, 2012
J.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Dear MaMas,
My husband and I will be taking a road trip to Las Vegas this week with our 4 year old boy & girl twins. The last time when we went to Las Vegas was 7 years ago before the kids were born, so we only know what to do in L.V. as for adults, but this time we want to make this trip totally devoted to kids' having a good time away from home. We are going to my husband's conference, so half of the days I will have to entertain the two kids myself. What are the things that we can do so our kids can have great fun there? My husband and I are not planning to do any gambling (slot machine, etc. ) this time for our kids' sake, and we will be staying at Wynn Hotel.

Thanks very much in advance for your collective suggestions!

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answers from San Francisco on

Scroll down the page to the "things to do" section, looks like there is a lot!

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answers from Los Angeles on

The pool
drive out to red rock for a "hike"
The strip at night
Circus Circus is gross
food in Vegas is expensive-so, keep that in mind
My kids were fascinated by all the butts and boobs that are everywhere in Vegas
The Bellagio garden

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Truthfully, Vegas is not for kids.
Of course you can take them to all of the schmaltzy attractions on the strip--dancing waters, Treasure Island ship, etc.
I'd concentrate on things like the Hoover Dam, etc. AROUND Vegas.

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answers from Las Vegas on

The Lion Habitat at the MGM closed a month or two ago. There is a Children's Museum just North of downtown.
Keep the kids off the strip if you can (in terms of walking). There are so many things out there you will not want them to see. If you can make it down to Towne Square (if you have a car), they have a great playground for the kids, a movie theater, shops, restaurants and pottery studio (Color Me Mine type place). You can spend a whole day there with a little something for everyone! They also have a Whole Foods there so if you want to have a healthy lunch or grab some food for the hotel, it's a one stop shop!

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answers from Columbia on

What, they don't gamble? :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was just there this past weekend with my kids, 16 and 9 and they actually have more kid friendly things on the strip if your up for walking. They have side show proformers, M & M World (which they both loved) and inside Circus Circus they have carnival games and video games, all kinds of kid stuff!! Not to mention all the museums and gift shops inside the casinos. If you get a chance take them to the Flamino Hotel, they have a "Bird sanctuary" of sorts with birds, Koi fish, fountain, etc. My kids really enjoyed that too. I think you and your family will have loads of fun!! Enjoy!
M. A.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I'm not so sure about activities on the strip or what you are looking for - inside vs outside but here are my favs. The Bellagio water show and conservatory are always fun. The Leid Discovery Museum is a lot of fun and hands on. the springs preserve has a fantastic park and is a good place for walking off some energy. I haven't been in a while but Bonnie Springs used to have a small petting zoo and was pretty fun - this is near Red Rock (which I don't think is free).
Also - from a fellow twin mom - you DO NOT want to take your kids to the playground at Towne Square by yourself if they go two different directions you won't be able to keep track of both of them! I about had a panic attack there the other day! Of course I was chasing my 16 month old while my 4 yr old girls were playing...
Hope you have a great time!

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answers from Reno on

We are a non-gambling, non-drinking family, so we've never done "normal" Vegas stuff in Vegas. :)

I'm not a huge fan of Circus Circus, but some people love it. We did really enjoy the Stratosphere. We went up to the observation deck (there's a fee) but didn't go on the rides - they're too scary for us! We did like watching other people go.

Red Rock canyon is only about 15 minutes from the Strip, but it feels SO far away! You can climb rocks, see tortoises and go through the exhibits at the visitor's center. We love it. (It's also free.)

We love the dolphins and tigers at the Mirage (kinda pricey, but the kids LOVE it.) Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is great, but also a bit pricey. Your kids might be a bit young for the King Tut and Titanic exhibits at the Luxor, but then again, they might love it. (We do.) Just walking through the Excalibur is great for most kids: it's a castle! There's suits of armor! There's also a dinner show with jousting and such - very fun but a bit expensive.

Riding the gondolas at the Venetian (paid) and watching the (free) fountains at the Bellagio are fun.

There's a Disney outlet (discount) store in a shopping center at the south end of Las Vegas Blvd. (by the airport). We're big Disney people, so we love that.

The nature preserve at Spring Creek, several museums and Hoover Dam (worth the drive, about 1/2 an hour) usually have discount offers in the tourist literature; make sure you pick up some of those free coupon books (but also make sure they're not the strip club literature that seems to be EVERYWHERE).

The pool will also occupy them for hours.

If you're thrill ride people, there's roller coasters at New York New York.

There's Greek styled fountains in the Forum Shops at Caesar's that "come to life" every 1/2 hour or so for a short show.

You should be able to have a lot of family type fun. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son loves Vegas! We started taking him when he was 5.
1) Secret Garden at Mirage - White tigers and dolphins, the most beautiful lions you'll ever see. Plus other animals.
2) Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay - awesome
3) M&M Store - which is next to Coca Cola Store and there is an arcade underneath them
4) Circus, Circus has all sorts of circus acts plus Adventure Dome rides
5) Arcades at Exaclibur and New York, NY
6) Mac King Magic Show at Harrahs. His shows are for kids and they are during the day. He's really fun and he meets and greets everyone after the show.
7) Cirque Du Soleil Shows - My son's favorite is Mystere at Treasure Island
8) Blue Man Group - very strange show but kids like it.
9) My husband and son like to stay at Monte Carlo and use the pool - lazy river and wave pool.
10) You can drive out to Red Rocks and take a hike
11) If you got to you can get an idea of things to do for younger kids and a list of some of the museums.

Have fun!

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answers from Las Vegas on

We live two hours North of Las Vegas and go there about every other month with our three year old. There is a great children's museum, and the Spring's Preserve (part museum, animals, outside play area) is also fun for little ones. If you want to get out and hike a little, Red Rock Canyon is close by and is beautiful and has a bunch of real trails, and one for the younger kids. There is a train in Boulder (right outside of Vegas) you can ride on, it is kind of fun to be on a real train. It is a 45 minute ride, but it goes out and back really slow only a few miles. If they love trains, it is still fun for them.

At the casinos, Circus Circus has carnival games, rides, a clown show every hour or so, and the acrobat/circus performers about every 45 minutes. We also like the free mermaid show in a huge aquarium at the Silverton Casino and the Bellagio fountain show.

There is a lot to keep you all entertained, have fun :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I grew up going to circus circus upstairs where the circus acts and carnival games are and took my kids when they were younger and it was great haven't gone for a long time but it's worth just checking it out. They have an adventure dome with rides and games which is where we go when we are with all our extended family (mines are high school on up and 1 year old grand baby) and all ages have a good time. I would recommend going early in the day and not on the weekend. Also the New Orleans has a bowling alley, movie theater and adcade. It's an older hotel so not fancy at all. Even a fun movie day in the room buy a bunch of goodies and popcorn and purchase a kid movie in room when tired or have done it all and not pool time.



answers from Minneapolis on

The hotel pool is where I would spend most of my time with kids in Vegas. They may enjoy the boat ride at the Venetian, which is pretty close to the Wynn. Lion Habitat at the MGM is very cool, but certainly not a lengthy diversion. Fountains show at Bellagio. M&M store. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. I think one of the other hotels in the middle of the strip, Mirage maybe? has a Secret Garden or Animal area or something you can tour for an admission fee. I'm not sure if the Lion King is still playing, that is the only small kid friendly show I can think of. I would definitely skip Circus Circus, it is really junky! You will love the Wynn, don't miss the buffet!



answers from Las Vegas on

Check out the Springs Preserve. It's awesome! Also, the Lied Discovery Children's Museum, which has a Curious George exhibit now, and the Natural History Museum. Both of them are on Las Vegas Blvd. North, right across the street from each other. And Town Square, on Las Vegas Blvd. South, south of the Mandalay Bay. It's a small town like shopping center, but there's a shady park right in middle of the square and a cute playground that my kids love. Hope your family has fun!



answers from San Francisco on

Okay, for some reason my kids have always loved Vegas. We do take them to the Lion habitat at MGM, there is a show in the mall at Ceasars called Talking Gods that is really cool but a little intense so if your guy is frightened easily I would steer clear of that one (my kids loved it however.) I know some don't like Circus Circus but they do have a really cool trapeze act and such that is fun. Yes, we hit the M&M store because it is fun! The fountain show is great. Mandalay Bay has the Shark Reef aquarium but it costs to get in. Walking the strip in the evening is risky with kids because you have all those people passing out cards with nude girls on them. Pretty nasty.



answers from Los Angeles on

Indoor skydiving, if your twins meets the weight requirement. There's no age limit, but they must be 40 pounds. It's a little pricey but a ton of fun for everyone. If you are able, ask if you can have Justin for an instructor.

Have a great trip,



answers from Washington DC on

I don't know if it's still there but there was a kid friendly casino called Circus Circus, it had puppet shows, etc.

Also, one of the casinos used to have an amusement park, but it's been so long since I was there I can't remember the name or even if it's still there.



answers from Omaha on

There is a White Tiger habitate at the Mirage casino. It's amazing. You get to see this wonderful, beautiful animals in a very good envirnment. There are also dolphines that they bring up to the sides of pools and you can pet.

I would look to see what shows are playing. Last time I went, we saw Lion King.

If you're wanting to enjoy Las Vegas like an adult as well, there are a lot of kids play centers within the casinos, or movie theaters, arcades. The play centers are the "drop off" kind. I've never liked Circus Circus.

I grew up in Las Vegas from birth to age 12 and have gone back to visit many times. It used to be much more kid-friendly, but there is still a lot of wonderful things to do there with kids, you just have to look hard for it. :) I highly suggest the tiger habitat!

ETA: The amusement park used to be at MGM and is no longer there anymore. Sad! MGM has a Lion habitat, I believe - I would check on this, I don't think it's open all seasons. They often have baby Lions.

The Pirate Ship Show at Treasure Island (now TI) is no longer kid friendly. I was there last spring. It used to be a ship show with water - there are now scantily clad "harpies".

Do take them to the water show at the Bellagio though!



answers from Las Vegas on

check out the website it has a tab for attractions and also free things to do.



answers from Los Angeles on

How about staying at a place w/a n indoor pool?

Also, you could take the kids to see a children's movie while your hubby is
at his conference.

Take a DVD player & some of their favorite DVD's. Even buy a few new ones.

I, also, always buy a few new toys for the drive and/or when stuck inside the hotel.

Google to see if there is a nearby zoo or kid-friendly area.

You could take them to a Chuck E. Cheese for lunch & indoor play. Google it to see how close they are to where you are staying. I found 3 of
them in the Las Vegas area.



answers from Los Angeles on

Mandalay bay - Reef aquarium. Last time we went there, my 4 year old love that!

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