Adult Sore Throat

Updated on August 20, 2008
K.T. asks from Folsom, CA
4 answers

HI All, I have a very bad sore throat. I always get them, usually they last 3-6 days. I've been to the Doctor and it's not strep. It's just something I have to wait out. In the meantime its very painful and hard to talk and play with my kids. Can anyone recommend anything for the pain or a more speed ful recovery. I was also wondering if taking my tonsills(are larger than most people but some people have larger tonsills so it's not abnormal) out at this age would help me since I seem to get them a lot. Anyone had this experience or do you still get them the same. Thank You

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answers from Sacramento on

I get sore throats often and will take ibuprofen to help with the pain. I also will use a warm salt water gargle frequently throughout the day. Mine are usually allergy related, have you been checked for any allergies? I just started doing a sinus rinse when I feel like I am coming down with a sore throat and that seems to help too. I wasn't too sure about doing the rinse at first, but it wasn't bad at all and I could breath so clearly afterwards. You should try to get more vitamin c (I use a supplement to be consistent). It will help with you immune system. Also, my sister had her tonsils out as an adult with great results, so if it is an ongoing problem I would discuss with your doctor.



answers from San Francisco on

TONS of HOT water... sraiht from the tea kettle. I used this when I was pregnant and started to get sick. Got over it faster because I flushed my system out. I'd be concerned if you are always getting these. Sounds like you need supplements to build your immune system.


answers from Fresno on

My mother suffered from recurring sore throats all her life. Finally she had her tonsils taken out as an adult and the sore throats stopped. The doctor explained to her that her tonsils had become pitted over time, and these pits provided a place for bacteria to grow. Removing the tonsils got rid of the bacteria's hiding place.

I hope you find something that helps!!



answers from Sacramento on

I agree with the salt water gargle.

There is also a sore throat medicine-looks like cough syryp/Nyquil-but is specifically for sore throats.

And hot herbal tea with fresh lemon and honey (or just hot water with honey).

Sorry-no experience with adult tonsil removal.

Hope you feel better soon.

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