Adult Acne - OMG Am I a Teenager Again???? TMI?

Updated on February 01, 2011
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
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OK, so I'm a 30-something mom that's always struggled with occasional bouts of acne.

Well this week I get my period and I'm getting these horribly painful pimples that are under the skin and making obvious red bumps all over! I don't know if this is the result of a hormone change or what. But I'm wearing make up to cover up the pimples. (And I hardly wear make up!) This is so embarrassing and painful.

I think I own every scrub, and have tried all the OTC meds there are. I can't believe I still have to deal with this.

Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your advice and supportive words.

Maybe it's time, after 30+ years, that I actually do need a daily skin care regimen? I will look into your suggestions also on dietary links. I've never had food allergies or noticed changes in my skin or body due to my diet, but I've also rarely tried.

Thanks Mamas. Its wonderful to know there are such knowledgeable people that have been here too.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm peri-menopausal (49), and breaking out (and craving salt) are the only ways I know a period is coming. I imagine my skin will clear up and stay clear once my period stops for good. If it means no more hot sweats, I'm looking forward to it!

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answers from Provo on

Okay! best best thing in the world!
you will not be disappointed! The main part of the regimen that is most important, is the benzoleperoxide.
What I liked about this site is that Daniel Kerns, has products he sells, only because all the people that use his web site asked him to. But he tells you what store products he has used that have worked and are similar to his products. The information is all there, it is a wonderful, and informative site. He simply supplies knowledge and gives the options to buy better priced products. But it is the Regimen he urges not the buying of his products.
Great resource.
I only get the Benzoleperoxide from him, cause it is the least expensive out there and comes in a huge bottle. I use Neutrogena acne face wash and Eucerin calming cream daily moisturizer.
Just check the site out and follow his directions exactly, you will see improvement and love it!
Good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Try cleaning your face in the shower with Baking Soda (it clears the face and blackheads, like you cannot believe!) and then Medicated Witch Hazel before moisturizing (which I use pure grapeseed oil).

I also took 1 Bio-DHEA 25mg by BioSpec and 1 Milk Thistle - both in the am and drank PLENTY of water (4 liters/day) to flush out my liver. If the body is not processing things through the liver properly, then it comes out the skin.

Maybe give this a try for 2 weeks and see?

I am estrogen dominant depsite what my labs say (my labs say my hormones are perfect - but I didn't feel perfect), so I got rid of ALL parabens, phenoxyethanols, etc that stimulate estrogen receptors in the body. I did the above and my acne completely went away. Mine wasn't bad, but even people who didn't know me when I'd have an outbreak and here and there constantly comment on how great my skin is....and I don't even wear make-up, except for mascara and lip gloss.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm 46 and my skin on my face is acting like I'm 15! It's so unfair!
I would really suggest being gentle on your face when it's broken out and stay away from harsh scrubs until it heals up. I suggest using a mild soap and applying a 10% benzole peroxide cream on your trouble areas every night. Do not rub but glide on after washing and putting on a moisturizer. Found it on site. It's really all you need and you can even use the off brand stuff.
The key is to do this all the time and not just when you are having an outbreak.
Best Regards,

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answers from Chicago on

A good all over skin regimine on a daily basis and really the make up unless it is a mineral make up is just going to make your acne worse right now.
Daily, wash your face with a gentle exfoliator (i use aveeno products)
Every other day I use a "Clean & Clear" cream clenser/mask face mask in the tub while I relax
After washing I use a toner (neutrogena) then ONE layer of ONE good moisturizer with sunblock (too many layers of face cream/lotions cause acne and other issues). For make up I use Aveeno tinted moisturizer for light/med coverage an for strong coverage I use bare minerals. I have break outs now and again but very few and very controlled. It is all about good skin care and keeping a daily routine about your face. Plus it may take some time to find the products that WORK for you ... arbonne is a good choice as well.

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answers from Redding on

Be careful over-drying your skin. That just makes matters worse.
Use witch hazel as an astringent. It's soothing and not harsh.
Talk to your doctor. Your hormones could have a lot to do with this.
My skin changed drastically, for the better, after my hysterectomy, so I know my hormones were a factor.
A co-worker of mine got acne cysts and her dermatologist injected them with something that dried them up from under the skin.
Sounds horrible, I know, but the needle was so small it left no marks.

Best wishes.

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answers from Chicago on

I would see your dermatologist and yes this is probably hormone related.

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answers from Atlanta on

You should probably see a dermatologist. Luckily for me, I never had acne, but I thought I had developed that or something close to it on my body a few years ago. I went to a dermatologist and found out I had extremely dry skin (even though I was moisturizing twice a day) and a low-grade staph infection (NOT the crazy, need to be hospitalized kind). He said the staph was very common when people scratched break outs or dry skin and you needed an antibiotic to truly get rid of it. So I did the cream and the pills -and it was fine. Since you have a history of acne, that's probably what it is due to some type of hormonal flare-up, but check to be sure.

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answers from Chicago on

Think a little deeper than your skin. ;)

I would not put ANY chemical on your skin- you are absorbing it and if it is a hormone problem, you are only making it worse with the toxicity of makeup and cleansers that contain petroleum and all kinds of hormone disrupters.

Try changing your diet. After I was gluten-free for one month, I was amazed that my period was less painful and lighter, with NO acne. After two months, I had a 5 day period versus a 8-10 day period with severe cramping like I had had before- I had ZERO cramps as long as I did not eat any gluten, and my skin looks AMAZING now.

I have a friend who said the exact same thing, and now that I have mentioned my story to others, I get lots of nods of agreement. This can't be a fluke.

Here is my story after one year gluten-free, white-sugar free and on raw dairy, if you would like to read it. It has totally changed my life:

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answers from Indianapolis on

This is totally a hormonal issue at this age. I too had the same prob a few years ago and went to a dermatologist and she told me she sees more women this age than teenagers. I was surprised, I had no idea. She gave me a body wash that can be used all over including face. Also she gave me those round pads, like Noxema has I think, but there Clindamyacin 1% pads and they work great too. My face looks great now and every once in a while it will break out with my period.

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answers from Dallas on

it's mid-life acne. Sorry to tell you but I still get one on occasion and I'm quite a bit older than you are.

If very painful but you can see your dermatologist who can inject the under the skin ones. They can last awhile. Try not to fool with will end up looking like you've been wounded in action.

GLA may help even out those hormonal processes to minimize them. There are other vitamins and protein that may help. Email me if you would like a list. De-tox may help too.

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answers from Chicago on

For cystic acne (which is what you're describing), Buffering Lotion from Mario Badescu is the ONLY thing I've ever found that actually works. Will get rid of in about 2 days.

When I have breakouts, those are the kind that I get. As you know, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc... don't do anything. The buffering lotion has sulfur, and the liquid allows it to get beneath the surface to where the actual infection is.

Give it a try.

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answers from Modesto on

I quit smoking for new years and now I'm getting zits too! Good grief!
I'd say hitting the dermatologist would be worth it, I bet it's something that can be controlled....since you are uh, choke, 30 something :)

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answers from Chicago on

I'm also in my early 30's and going through the same thing!! I have an appointment in 1 week actually for it. I've also tried the over the counter stuff and nothing has worked.



answers from Harrisburg on

After my second baby i started breaking out (prob due to hormonal changes) Proactiv cleared it up

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