9 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas?

Updated on May 16, 2013
S.H. asks from Middleton, WI
11 answers

What would you suggest getting a 9 year old boy who has pretty much everything due to having an older brother?

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answers from Dallas on

LEGO. Since they have new sets coming out all the time, it would be really easy to avoid duplicates.

Or, you could just give a giftcard.

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answers from Omaha on

What is he in to? For example, I have a friend who's little girl is having a birthday, but she pretty much has everything she NEEDS from her older sister. But she really loves to dance, so I'm getting her music-related stuff. Or another friend who's little girl is really into paleontology, so I got her a make your own fossils kit. It depends on the kid, honestly.

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answers from Washington DC on

an experience. trip to a zoo or aquarium or theme park.

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answers from Sacramento on

Target gift card. That way, he can get whatever he's into. It can vary a lot at this age, but boys tend to be moving away from toys and more into video games and sports.

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answers from Miami on

Get him tickets to go do something!

Is there a show or event coming to town around the time of his birthday? My parents and younger sister do this with our son every year- they each take him to "do something" b/c we are overflowing with toys. He LOVES it!

This year, my parents are taking him out for a day of fishing and lunch with them and my sister got tickets for the two of them to go see Scooby Do!

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answers from Los Angeles on

A gift card, they really like to go shopping for their own stuff.



answers from Kansas City on

My son (10) lives gift cards. To Target, sporting goods stores, Game Stop, etc.

And boys can usually like a new basketball, football (cool Nerf O.?), over the door mini hoop & ball set, hockey stick & ball, sports bag, sports team jersey/t shirt...

Mine HATES Legos!


answers from Jacksonville on

What about something like a slip n slide that he can use to play, but isn't really a "toy" per se.
Or if they have a pool, a nice new plush beach towel, and pool toys (dive toys,squirting toys, goggles, water guns, etc).

Legos are usually good, too.
My kids actually really liked erector type sets like the original Tinker Toys at age 9.

Do you know this boy well, or is it just a friend of one of your kids from school and you don't really know him? It would help if you knew what he likes to spend his time doing, even if as a family. Are they outdoors types? Into sports? Is he a bookworm and indoorsy? Geeky/techy and into electronics/computers?

Giving a gift card can go over well, or not, depending. My daughter would have been thrilled with a gift card to the book store any day, starting from about age 4 on up.. she turns 12 in a few weeks, and still is constantly asking for books. Now she is really set on getting a Nook, so she can "borrow" books with/from her friends.



answers from Orlando on

Lego, Pokemon, Beyblades, Minecraft. Giftcards to Gamestop or bookstore. Anything Star Wars.


answers from Washington DC on

Totally depends on the kid. I'm sure he has a LOT, but he doesn't have everything. Does he like sports? Maybe he would like a REAL jersey of one of his favorite players? Maybe he'd like a day trip to a local amusement park with a friend. What about a day full of fun family stuff? Is he into history, science, technology, outdoors, etc? Does he need any technology items - ipod, ipad, phone, etc? (Yes, some people may say he's too young for those, but not all kids don't have technology, so...)

My boys both just had their birthdays (turned 6 and 8) and here is what they got. My 6 year old got two real jerseys (Brady and Manning) and he got some wrestlers (a new hobby for my boys in the last year, so they are still collecting). My 8 year old got a really good bad (he is into baseball now) and some GI Joe toys.

Ask him what he wants, or take him shopping and have him show you his interests. Even when I think my kids have everything, they tell me something else they need. My kids also LOVE experiences...like I mentioned above.


answers from Milwaukee on

Nerf blaster type water gun - even if they have one you ca n always use more as sometimes there are more kids over or they get broken or lost.


Gift Card to Game Stop

A wallet (I just picked up my 9 year old one from Target in their skater area. He was stoked as he can now more easily carry some money to school if he needs it.

Anything minecraft (Kohls has minecraft tshirts)

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