9 Month Old Boy Refusing Solids (Baby Jar Food)

Updated on October 04, 2010
R.F. asks from Colleyville, TX
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My 9 month old son has never been a great eater. He'd eat alot, but he was always slow and messy. In the last two weeks, though, he basically is refusing all solids (oatmeal, jar food, etc). There was never a food he didn't like, but now he won't eat any of it. He'll still drink his formula for the most part, but he gets tight-lipped or sticks out his tongue with solids. He does have two teeth coming in and maybe some others, too, so I don't know if his gums are sore and that's why he won't eat. His dr's nurse suggested giving him teething tablets 30 minutes before mealtime, but that didn't work. We tried some table food (mashed potatoes), but that didn't work either. He's not fussy, and he has still gained some weight, but I'm just concerned that he won't eat his solids. Has anyone else been through this or have any suggestions on how to overcome? I know you can't force a baby to eat, so I may just have to deal with it until he gets through this phase. Any thoughts?

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answers from Dallas on

A couple of things I can think of

1) Maybe he wants to do it himself. Try some canned or frozen carrots, the kind that are in tiny cubes or other finger foods like cherrios.

2) Maybe it is just his way of asserting his own individual wants as babies start to do at this age.

Either way the American Academy of Pediatrics says that most of a baby's nutrition should be coming from breast milk or formula until at least 12 months. So it may not be worth the battle now. He will can still get all his nutritional needs met through his milk/formula. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

My little man didn't eat solids at nine months. We would feed him off our plates, but we never did baby food. I did try introducing it at one point, but he was never interested! They will be just fine on formula (or breastmilk in our case) until they want to eat. By 13 months our son is almost all table food eating. He has always refused baby food...or anything like it. He won't eat oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc. I have no idea why! But he's a chunk and now he eats great. So my advice is to keep trying food, maybe switch to table foods, but if he won't eat anything other than formula, don't worry about it. He will soon enough.



answers from Houston on

My daughter decided at 9 months that she wasn't eating baby food anymore. I had to start feeding her table foods and she did great. She wanted to feed herself, so I would just cut up some things she could eat with her hands. Cheese, bananas, avacado, cheerios, etc. It was hard at first because I wasn't prepared for her to stop eating the baby food so suddenly and so early, but she really liked the real deal and tried lots of new things. She's a great eater now, so I say just try giving him some things he can explore by himself and see how he does. Best of luck!



answers from Houston on

Hi R.,
One of 2 things may be the issue. 1 he could just not be quite ready for solids. My son didn't start solids until almost 10 months. His pediatrician said as long as he is drinking enough formula and not losing weight it's nothing to worry about.

2 could be that he does not want you to feed him. Maybe he wants to feed himself. You may want to try some Gerber graduates the kind he can pick up and eat.

I know once my son was on solids it was not long before he was eating table food and he would refuse to eat unless he could feed himself.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My son stopped eating baby food at 9 months. It took me a little while to realize that when the food jar lids would pop he would start crying. He went to table food and did great, but he also had a lot of teeth by then. He is seven now and still doesn't like mashed potatoes. Try giving lots of finger foods that he can eat. It is probably the teeth, and he won't starve. We as adults eat because the clock says so, kids eat when they are hungry.



answers from Dallas on

What another poster said about as long as he's drinking his formula and not losing weight, he's fine is true. My kids were over baby food by 9 months. I personally started rice cereal at 2-3 months in the bottle so they'd sleep better through the night, then started mixing it with formula or juice and spoon feeding the oatmeal and mixed, and babyfood starting with fruits and on to veggies at about 4 months. Then, regular oatmeal, and the flavored instant pack kind, smashed banana's, cheerios, etc. at 6-7 months, and a couple months later the little finger veggies and raviolies and stuff from the baby food aisle along with softer, more easily digestible table food. When they are teething I used the teething tablets, and the biscuits or zwieback toast(sp?) and that was at around 5 months more or less. I think they go through phases. I also am a firm believer that if they are hungary, they sure will let you know, and they will take the offering! (I still believe that with my older kids)! ;-)



answers from Dallas on

Maybe you should try table food. Just let him eat anything that you are cooking. My son loved to feed himself around that age. I stopped buying baby food and would just make him finger foods.



answers from Albuquerque on

yes my daughter is 9 months also and she loved the jar foods but lately she has'nt been wanting to eat she just been drinking apple juice and formula i tryed her favorite bananas but she dosen't want that either anymore. thanks for letting me comment.

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