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Baby Food???

I say go for it My daughter's pedi says it's ok to start rice cereal and baby food at four months As long as you introduce only one food at a time waiting a ...

How Much Cereal Should My 4 Month Old Eat

Rice cereal however can be constipating so oats or mixed grains (the baby stuff) can be better to try. Also Earth's Best baby food has premixed fruit and ...

Starting Rice Cereal

However at 4 months our ped. said he was showing many signs of "I'm ready for real food" so we started him at night with 1 Tbl of rice cereal. ...

Rice Cereal Question

gave her rice cereal in 2 answers will be 3 this month but I think with my first I gave her rice cereal; each new food in 2 answers reactions you may want ...

What Do You Introduce After Rice Cereal?

I'm curious what food people introduced to their babies after rice cereal? I have severe allergies, so my daughter was exclusively breastfed for the..."

3 Month Old and Eating Rice Ceral Already?!?

15th he is 14 weeks and today I feed him rice ceral from a bowl and spoon ... Actually, she is a GREAT eater, will try any table food I give her and didn't ...

When to Start Rice Cereal and Solids?

I started both my boys on just plain rice cereal at close to 6 months, then once every three days or so i would try a new food starting with prunes and ...

Seeking Solid Food Stories

He'll eat rice cereal all the time, oatmeal pretty consistently and barley not often at all. Sometimes he likes to eat the cereal seperately from the food, ...

Skip or Not to Skip Rice Cereal

We did not do rice cereal because it is a processed food, can cause build up in the bowel, and generally is not that nutritious. We started our little girl ...
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  • going through a growth spurt in 2 answers "It is normal for babies to eat more when they are going through a growth spurt."
  • cook it until its super in 2 answers "but dont bother to puree it. just cook it until its super super soft."
  • american academy of pediatrics in 2 answers "... may have trouble introducing new textures. The American Academy of Pediatrics ..."
  • gave her rice cereal in 2 answers "... will be 3 this month!), but I think with my first, I gave her rice cereal ..."