8 Year Old with Unexplained Foot Pain?

Updated on February 18, 2008
M.M. asks from Forney, TX
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My 8 year old son suddenly was hurting on the sole of his feet. It has lasted 24 hours now. It hurts when he steps down and when he is resting them. Has anyone had this happen before? I am at a loss. He is rather uncomfortable but I don't know what it is or how to help. This stuff always happends on the weekends! :(

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If he did not do anything physically to hurt it (and at 8 I would assume he would remember something like that), then you should take him in to the docs. I don't know if he has ever been tested for diabetes or anything,,,but many things can manifest in foot pain. Neuropathies, etc...and most are associated with diabetes, although the liklihood of that being his issue is very slim (it could be growing pains too), it is still worth letting a doc check him out. Hope that helps!

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The foot has lots of little bones and tendons and other stuff that can go wrong.

An adult friend of ours stepped on pebble while jogging and it threw his foot off center just a little.... he didn't think it was anything... but it kept hurting after a few days rest. Went to the doc and found out he had torn a tendon and chipped some bone.

I was playing with my kids years ago, and gently fell down in the grass... on my foot. Which I broke without knowing it at the time. It hurt but not like you'd think a broken bone should hurt.

The only thing that you can do is wait till Monday and take him to the doctor or go to the ER this weekend. You could wrap it like a sprained foot, and see if that gives him some relief, but I'd keep him off it till you find out what is wrong.



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About 2months ago, my 7yr-old had a terrible pain in her left heal. It hurt when she walked and even when she rested. I took her to a chiropractor and he said that she must have bruised it. We have no idea how she bruised her heal. Their little feet are very sensitive. He excused her from all activities for 4 weeks and she was fine.



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It could also be growing pains...I had them between the ages of 8-10 and I will never forget the pains I had in the soles of my feet. My mom would have to come in every night and rub the bottom of my feet until I would fall asleep. It sounds crazy, but I did grow out of it. But, my feet ached and ached. It was awful!
It could be that he is growing and he just feels it in his feet, like I did as a child.
Or, maybe it is just a stone bruise or something...those hurt too, but should go away in a week or so.



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Was he running or playing recently that he might have stepped awkwardly on his foot or did he fall on his foot? I fell a few weeks ago and while I never got a bruise on my foot I had difficulty walking and putting any weight on it for a few days. All I did to help alleviate pain was an ice pack for awhile followed by heat. If he's still having problems by Monday though I'd go it checked.

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