5 Days on Zithromax and My Grandson Is Worse

Updated on January 18, 2012
L._. asks from Lakeside, CA
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My grandson has had a pretty typical head/chest cold. But my daughter took him to urgent care because he coughs very bad at night. They put him on 5 days of the zithromax. Today was the last dose and nothing has changed. He isn't getting fevers anymore. But his nose has turned bright green and he still coughs a lot. He also gave this to me and it's been HORRIBLE.

I know that antibiotics do not help run of the mill viruses. Do you think the misdiagnosed and we should ride it out? Or should we take him back? I can't hold him down and I can't afford to shut down the daycare and the daycare parents frankly, don't care that much that I'm sick. We all are in the same boat. We need to work.

How do you tell when they need a breathing treatment?

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So What Happened?

Denise, I've been having the other grandmother do the vicks on his feet thing. Even with socks though, I'm allergic. Having the vicks in the house has me suffering from my sinuses being totally shut. I'm so miserable. But I've been desperate enough to want him well that I've just tried not to get close to him when the vicks is at it's strongest.

He said it was an upper respiratory infection. I'm calling it a run of the mill cold because I have the same symptoms and haven't had a fever. I could be wrong here, but most infections stem from a run of the mill virus, no?

Doctors just guess. It's not like they put the phlem under a microscope.

I'm ready for this to pass. I've pulled out all the stops to treat myself naturally via .... liquids, vitamin c, rest, prayer, bible reading, and eating soups with lots of garlic. I might need to break down and go in. Grrr... We have like 35 dollars for a co-pay and that's before buying drugs.

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Did they say what he has? A doctor would not prescribe antibiotics for a common cold/virus because antibiotics simply do not work on the common cold/virus. However if he has bronchitis or pneumonia or a sinus infection, he would need the antiobiotics because that is a bacterial infection which needs antibiotics to clear up. Another person wrote that zithromax is taken for 5 days but continues to work for 10, and that is correct. If the fever has stopped it suggests that the infection for which the antiobiotics were prescribed is getting better. I would definatley suggest a follow up with his regular pediatrician in the next couple of days though so they can confirm that everything is clearing up properly.

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I would take him back to urgent care and see if they can put him on something else. Not all meds work on everyone the same way. I have been fighting a sinus infection I get every year. They put me on the same meds I got last year that worked, this year they didn't so I went back and yesterday was the last day of the Z pack I took. It helped but it still isn't 100% cleared up. So I would take him back and see if he can get something else. Good luck!

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I would call the doctor and ask him about this. It may be a virus that has to run it's course. In the meantime there are home treatments, such as using a vaporizer which can lesson the discomfort. I would also be giving him Vit. C and probiotics to strengthen his immune system.

As to when they need a breathing treatment. Whey they're unable to breathe easily. Would it be because of congestion or because the tubes in his lungs are irritated and swollen? You need to know the cause of difficulty breathing in order to know what kind of breathing treatment he needs.

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Antibiotics don't treat viral infections. They treat bacterial infections. That's one reason a cold can't be treated with antibiotics.

Call the doctor and explain the situation. Bright green is a sign of a sinus infection and he should be seen.

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Take him back.
If one family of antibiotics does not work, then another family of antibiotics will usually be used.
The z-pack, is usually effective.
And will still be in his system after it is completed.

Since he has a bad cough, I would take him back to rule out or consider.... lung issues. Or secondary infection.

I had a head cold once. It sort of lingered. Then I got coughing. I went to the Doctor... I had gotten a lung infection/Pneumonia... DUE to the post-nasal drip of my nose.
Which the Doctor says, yes, even head colds can infect, the lungs too.

So, this is something to consider and can happen.

Or, maybe he is coughing due to post-nasal drip.
Post nasal drip or lung colds, cause coughing. Or it can be both, at the same time.

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do a nasal rinse on you and him. then suction his nose out. it helps!!! get a neil med squeeze bottle and the saline mix. put warm (not hot) water in the bottle and flush your nasal passages out.

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Zithromax is taken for 5 days, but continues to work for 10 days. If his symptoms have changed, he needs to be rechecked by the Urgent Care. At the very least seen by his regular pediatrician.

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If you have a nebulizer, give him treatments. However if the green discharge from his nose continues, or symptoms get worse, take him back. Sometimes antibiotics don't work. And urgent cares seem to get you "through" until you can see the regular Dr. It may not have been the right antibiotic. I'm not sure how old your grandson is, but at any age PUSH fluids. No milk, but gatorade, powerade, watered down juice etc. Cool mist vaporizer etc

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Antibiotics are for the secondary infections caused by the cold virus-that said-a Z pak should continue to work for 10 additional days when you finish the medication. Are you using a humidifier? Do you have a pediatric ENT in your area? I don't know your Grandson's age-but his coughing should be addressed. If he has labored breathing or runs a fever while on the antibiotic-he should be seen right away. I hope you all feel better soon! Also, for anyone, not just children, the pickier you are about giving the doses at the same time everyday-the greater the chance that the antibiotic will work.

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answers from San Antonio on

I hate that doctors give kids so much antibiotics. It does not cure everything. I am so lucky my kids were generally healthy.
I like to try more homeopathic ways for colds and sore throats.
I love this website. It gives oridinary and common remedies from stuff you have at home. Like the honey and lemon tea. Make it hot and have him sit above it and breath in the steam. Then when it is cool enough, he can drink it. At night cover his feet with vicks and put socks on. Not sure why this one works but it stops the cough. REALLY! In 3 days it will be so much better.
Hope y'all get better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

I think that the antibiotics did not work for your grandson. If he completed the course but still has green discharge from his nose and coughs - he is still sick. I do not think it is viral because if it was he would be feeling better by now. I'd say take him back, ask the doctor for a nose, throat and blood cultures to isolate the bacteria that is making him sick and then the doc can prescribe a targeted antibiotic that will help the little guy and you. If you cannot shut down your daycare, please wear mask at all times (same goes for a child if he attends) and wash your hands frequently. Good luck.



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I do not get better when I take Zithromax. It is like I took nothing at all. For most people it is like a miracle drug, within hours they are feeling better. Not me, I feel worse and then I have to go get another prescription and start all over. I usually respond to a different family of antibiotic. Sounds like he is like me.

Ask the doc to do a nebulizer treatment on his to see if it helps him cough up the goo. If he does then it needs to be repeated every 4-6 hours. I use Albuterol but for the kids I use Xophonex. It has less side effects than the other meds. They usually cause shaking and twitching. It is scary for a parent to watch but the Xophenox does not do that. It is a much better drug for the kiddo's. If the pediatrician does not do a breathing treatment then go to the ER and ask them to do one. If it helps they will write the prescription and you'll need to go to an oxygen/medical supply business to get the nebulizer then the med will come from the pharmacy.

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