2 Year Old with Chronic Cough Til She Vomits- Any Remedies??

Updated on December 02, 2011
T.P. asks from Salinas, CA
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I have a 2 year old baby girl with a cough that just won't go away. She doesn't have any other symptoms either. She had a cold about a week or more prior to the cough but was completely cleared up. She coughs and coughs until she throws up. She can't sleep without coughing and coughing. Is anyone else's little one experiencing this? I'm wondering if it is viral or could it be some type of allergy? Is there anything that I can give her to help her cough. There isn't really anything over the counter she can have. If anyone can help I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Thank you!!!

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answers from Atlanta on

She probably has conditional asthma. My oldest son has it. He doesn't use an inhaler often, but if his seasonal allergies flare up or he gets a sinus drainage or cold, he needs it. One of the hallmarks is coughing until throwing up. At her age they give you the albuterol in a nebulizer that you place over her nose and mouth to give a breathing treatment. My son did those until he was about three and then switched to an inhaler with a spacer attached for maximum effect. Another thing that always seems to help my children is liberally applying Vick's Vapo Rub to their pj shirts and their heels -then putting socks on. I swear to you they cough 1/2 as much! Good luck, but take her to the doctor and discuss albuterol -or she may have developed bronchitis.

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answers from Honolulu on

Did you take her to the Doctor?

Coughs, originate from:
1) the lungs/chest, or
2) the Sinus, ie: post-nasal drip.

If a person has post-nasal drip, and cannot spit it out (as in a young child), then the mucus accumulates in the throat... hence, they seemingly, vomit. Due to the mucus accumulation, which they cannot spit out nor know how to spit out.
Post-nasal drip, causes coughing... because, as it drips down the throat from the Sinuses, it triggers the gag & cough reflex... it tickles the throat and makes a person, cough.
Laying flat, also exacerbates the coughing from post-nasal drip, because, the mucus which accumulates, just gets all stuck in the throat. That is why, coughing sometimes is worse at night. When a person is sleeping/laying flat.

BUT if her cough is originating from her chest/lungs... then that is a different issue.
And coughs, can be from various things, from the sickness still being there to secondary infections or even Pneumonia.

Take her to the Doctor.

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answers from Austin on

Have you taken her to the doctor about this cough?

The reason I ask is that it is common with asthma to have a night cough... and asthma is often triggered by a virus like the cold.

Your doctor may also have other suggestions.

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answers from Pittsfield on

I think that if she's coughing that hard, and the cough is keeping her awake at night, I would take her to the doctor to rule out bronchitis or pneumonia.
Or, it could be caused by post-nasal drip, in which case, the pedi might recommend some Benedryl. They'll have to figure out the dose because the directions on the bottle are for bigger kids.
Hope she feels better soon!!! :)

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answers from Dover on

I would suggest taking her to the doctor. It is hard to medicate a child this young but she may need a breathing treatment to get it under control. I have allergy induced asthma and have done the exact same thing. In fact, I would cough non-stop with NO other symptoms.

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answers from Madison on

I used to cough a lot when I was younger and also had allergies, asthma, suffered from sinunitis/rhinitis and chest colds/bronchitis/pneumonia, etc.

When I was 40 years old, I finally, through seeing a naturopathic doctor and being tested, discovered that I have an allergy to casein (found in cow milk/cow products). Since I've stopped eating anything with cow milk/casein in it, all of those issues went away. I got off my meds for my asthma. And the CHRONIC COUGHING I would get in the winter time--to the point I would actually pee myself, the coughing got so violent and deep--have all vanished.

I would definitely consider taking her to an alternative healthcare doctor and having her evaluated/tested for an allergy to milk (I would also have her tested for other food allergies/intolerances while you're already there).

I wish my parents would have had an inkling/clue that I had this casein allergy, because I've had it from birth. I probably wouldn't have been so sickly and sickly skinny as a child. And I wouldn't be trying to get my body healthy now as an adult. I'm on my fourth year toward better health and counting.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter had a similar cough when she was 2. It started out as a cold and cough, but the cough continued for several weeks. It was worse at night and sometimes caused her to vomit. I tried all sorts of natural remedies and homeopathic options, but in the end the doctor suggested an anti-histamine which helped reduce the inflammation and the cough stopped in a couple of days. The doctor said it was just an upper respiratory infection, but her throat was very inflammed and when she had a coughing fit it would make her gag. I don't remember the product name (I am in Enlgand, so it would probably be different in CA), but I got it over the counter. Hope she is better soon.



answers from Modesto on

Please take her to the doctor. Coughing until you vomit is pretty severe. She could have anything from whooping cough to asthma. OFten doctors will tell you how to administer some over the counter benadryl to help her sleep at night or give a prescription cough syrup like cheritussin to help keep her cough under control enough to sleep. Please have your doctor investigate thoroughly. Good luck.


answers from Chicago on

my nephew had this turned out he had asthma and it was only bad when he got sick ... I would have your doc look into it.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter had that "tickle" in her throat the second she would lay down. It's that annoying nasal-drip. It would definitely keep her up at night and was relentless. To ease her symptoms, this is what I tried:

Putting a light layer of Vicks Rub on her feet and then put some socks on over that. The smell would help open her nose. Humidifier. Tablespoon of pure honey. Cup of cold, ice water. Tilt her mattress or raise her pillows so that she's NOT laying flat on her bed. That way anything that drains will go down and NOT sit in her throat, tickling it, causing her cough.



answers from Atlanta on

There's actually something going around that has a long lingering cough. If her flem is clear I would simply pick up some elderberry extract. (Maybe a teaspoon three times a day). It's simply food but builds the immune system up so the body will fight it off. Warm Melaleuca tea is also good. It will soothe the throat and can fight off viruses and bacterial issues.

Hope this helps!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi there.
I know I'm replying super late and you may have already decided on a course of treatment or even seen the pediatrician already but I want to share my story because it's slightly different from other stories here.
My daughter also started coughing at night at age 2. It started with a cold and just kept going and going until she was coughing so hard she'd vomit.
Anyhow, her diagnosis was NOT asthma (be cautious of this label. It will change the way your daughter receives care) but allergies. I had her tested for allergies and she is extremely allergic to dust mites, cats, dogs, and a little allergic to grass. I work really hard now to cut down on the allergens in our house, mainly the dust mites. It's not easy, but she is now 5 and takes no medication. Sometimes during the winter months when the grass is really lush and we're inside a lot with the dust mites I have to give her Claritin for a few weeks. She's also taken nasal steroids which have helped a lot.

If you can rule out a virus or pneumonia or bronchitis, you should seriously consider having her tested for allergies and you should also be very cautious about the asthma label.
Good luck. I hope she feels better soon and that you are all sleeping better.


answers from Rochester on

Could be asthma. Those were my oldest child's symptoms...and her only symptoms. Her only trigger for having a full blown attack was having a cold prior. She had to have nebulizer treatments for years, but has now outgrown it at age 6.



answers from Sacramento on

If the cough is this persistent, I would take her in to the doctor's.



answers from Dallas on

She may have croupe (not sure the spelling) if it is really only going on at night. You should take her to the doctor but if you need to get through the night run a humidifier in her room and before she goes to bed run the shower on hot in the bathroom with the door shut for a few minutes then go in the room with her and just sit near the shower to breath in the steam. It will help relax her airways. If she is still coughing take her out in the cool night air as that may help as well (after the steamy air). My son gets croupe once a year and he too coughs until he throws up. It is no fun for either you or kid. That is what helps him and recommended by his pediatrician. I hope she gets better soon



answers from Kansas City on

Another possibility is acid reflux, believe it or not. Try giving her a Tums to see if that makes any difference. If nothing else, the calcium will be good for her.



answers from Washington DC on

That is totally happened to my kids when they had pheumonia. Might need an antibiotic to clear it. See your ped.

Could also be something like bronchitis, but the coughing until vomiting thing and the preceding cold symptoms sound just like pneumonia to me.



answers from San Francisco on

Have you asked your pediatrician? Could be asthma, especially if there is some mucous in the cough or if it's a barky kind of cough. My son used to cough and cough and then gag and vomit. If he gets a cold, then his asthma tends to flare up. But now we know and have the asthma under control and he's so much healthier and comfortable. Good luck!

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