3 Year Old Tripped and Bashed His Mouth into a Table!

Updated on November 10, 2012
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My 3 year old son was at preschool and tripped while running. He fell mouth first into a table and now has a fat lip, a tooth with blood around the border on the gum (and the gum looks kind of bruised around that tooth) and a bloody nose. He seems OK but I feel terrible for him. I'm thinking cold pack and a trip to the doctor tomorrow. Any other suggestions?? Thanks,

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So What Happened?

His lip looks horrible but he is back to his happy self. Just made an appt to make sure things are OK. Thanks all!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yes! Ice!
Do you have Boo Boo Bunny or O. of those seed bags you can freeze/microwave? (You will NEED O.!)
A bag of frozen peas will work in a punch.
Popsicles, ice cream, freezer pops, etc.
Hope he's better soon!

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answers from Dallas on

Take a picture of him in boxing gloves and a caption saying, You should see the other guy!

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answers from Portland on

Cold pack is a definite need. You don't need to take him to the doctor. He's bruised. Nothing you can do for a bruise. His tooth was loosened and probably will tighten up again on it's own. If I were to take him anywhere it would be to the dentist. But first I'd call their office and ask for advice.

And if you still think you should take him to the doctor, call the advice nurse first. I suggest that there is nothing the doctor can do for him and you'll have wasted your time and money.

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answers from Denver on

dentist not doctor....
this is about the age when permanent teeth are forming. you want to make sure nothing happened to the one you can't see!
everything's probably fine....I mostly knocked out my front teeth at that age (the dentist pushed them back in) and have had tons of problems as an adult with those teeth.
my daughter fell on her front teeth at almost 3 - one even turned grey for a little while, but then it turned white again. and the dentist said the xray on the permanent tooth looked fine when she did it. It came in all right. hope it still is in 20 years!

oh, and he'll want soft foods for a couple days. that bruise around the tooth will make it hard to bite down.

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answers from Syracuse on

This happened to my two year old. Was it one of his front teeth? I was told that the front four top teeth are the best ones to hit. My son's tooth is just yellow now, and I was told it may fall out but isn't going to cause any damage to the other teeth. The dentist did tell me to watch for any swelling around the gum, like a pimple, because it could become infected an an abscess could form, in which case they would have to quickly remove the tooth. Definitely bring him to the dentist over the doctor. I'm sure he'll be fine.

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answers from Kansas City on

My kids usually don't like ice packs on their face, but they sure do like popsicles! That works too! You may try that. Poor guy! I agree that a trip to the dentist might not be a bad idea, at least a call into them to see what they think.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Tylenol and popsicles/ice pops is about all you can do. No need for the doctor, and probably not the dentist either. Unless the tooth was damaged (broken/cracked/chipped or knocked out) there is nothing a dentist can do either. They really can't even tell you if there is any damage beyond what you can see.

There is a chance that this may have caused some trauma to the root and or the permanent tooth beneath it and its root. But if so, there is nothing you can do about it. The baby tooth may turn grey if there is root damage. But nothing you can do.

My daughter fell off a scooter when she was in 3rd grade and broke her permanent front tooth in half. The dentist did a big "filling" to rebuild what was broken off. Luckily, it doesn't seem to have done anything to damage the root of her tooth and it hasn't turned color of any kind. The dentist DID share an interesting fact with me though... you know when you see people who have one tooth that is slightly a different color than all the others, or is faintly grey? It usually indicates that they had some sort of trauma to their mouth (that tooth) when they were a child. And the color can turn YEARS later. So you really can't know if it could have any permanent effect, even if it doesn't turn grey right now and even if it didn't get loose.
Probably, it isn't a big deal. And he won't have a discolored tooth years down the road. If anything, I'd guess the baby tooth might be sore and possible loosened a tiny bit, but will heal up in a few days and that will be the end of it. Or, it might in a week or two, turn grey, at which point you could ask the dentist for a recommendation about pulling it or leaving it to fall out on its own. But really, I don't think there is anything to be done right now, except wasting your time and money, besides letting him have a popsicle to bring down the swelling of his lip, and limiting his food choices to soft foods for a day or so.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Emergency trip to the dentist!!!!! Take action so he doesn't loose that tooth and have major damage to this mouth.

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answers from New York on

Ice. No need to go to doc. Nothing he can do. He will look like Ro ky for a couple of days but should be fine. The first of many falls.

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answers from Charlotte on

Dentist, like Ellen said. I'm so sorry - I know you must have cried like he did!

His tooth may turn black - ask the dentist about that when you see him or her. And I would go to a pediatric dentist if I were you.

Hugs to your little guy!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Yes ice and anything cold that could go on the lip. I would also take him to the doctor to make sure his mouth is doing alright after the fall. Give him Tylenol. Hope he gets feeling better soon.



answers from Sacramento on

A trip to the dentist. Just as a precaution because more than likely the damage will not show up for a while. This happended with my son.



answers from Sacramento on

Ughh... this happened to my son at about a year and a half. Yes, the dentist. They'll need to do an x-ray to see if there was any damage to the roots or any other problems. Poor guy :(

If it's any consolation I remember that my son was quick to recover... he didn't look so pretty for a little while, but was back to his normal self in a day. Keep him on soft foods for a few days~

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