3 Year Old Daughter Complains of Being Cold

Updated on August 28, 2012
D.K. asks from Fairborn, OH
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My 3 year old daughter has recently been complaining of being cold. It's summer and its been hot outside, and our air conditioning is usually set at 74 degrees. She has large tonsils and is going to be having surgery to remove her tonsils and adanoids. I'm wondering if her "cold" complaint will end after surgery when she's feeling better, or if I need to contact her doctor. Should I mention it when we go to the hospital for surgery? Just wondering since she will experience some bleeding during the procedure. Could it be something more serious, like anemia? My husband has thyaroid disease...could my daughter have it too?

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answers from Springfield on

What does she usually wear? I mean is she wearing tops with spaghetti straps or jeans and a t-shirt? Also, people are different. My husband and my boys never get hot, so I'm the one who's always cold. I just put on a sweatshirt and go on with my life. Why be uncomfortable?

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answers from Austin on

Frankly, at 74 degrees, I tend to be cold, also.... our house is usually warmer than that during the summer, although it is hard to tell.. we use window AC units, but the ones that can be set to a temperature are usually at 76 or so..... (It is usually high 90's to 100's here during the summer, so I understand about it being hot out.)

Also, if the air is blowing directly on me, that makes me colder, also.

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answers from Minneapolis on

AC at 74 would have me complaining of freezing. I wouldn't put mine below 78 or even 80 at times. Especially when it is hot outside, my body adjusts to the warmer weather and being cold inside is no fun. I also don't see the need to wear a sweatshirt and socks (as some people have advised me) in the summertime!

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answers from Portland on

I would start out by assuming that she's cold and not try to attach a health issue to it. Put more clothes on her and see if she's warm enough.

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answers from Charlotte on

I would check her circulation. Are her hands and feet cold to the touch? Are they blue tinted? You could talk to the doctor about it. Ask for pre-surgical blood work to make sure that there are no problems.

Low thyroid runs in my family - I ALWAYS have my thyroid checked when they do bloodwork. Always.

Good luck to you and your daughter for the surgery!



answers from Phoenix on

I think you need telling ur doctor.
My son has cleft lip and palate and dr warned us to be careful not catching cold before mouth surgery.
Btw, I heard that removing tonsils is not always good.
I used to have big tonsils, and got sick a lot, went to two drs and they told me to have surgery.

However, it just suddenly ok. I never have it again since 7 years ago. It might be my diet changing. I drink herbal stuffs. Echinacea, Turmeric, Fenugreek. I also eat more veggies and fruits. Try these things first before opt to surgery. Without tonsil, it would b3 more difficult for her body to fight illnesses.



answers from San Francisco on

Are you sure she really means that she's cold? Does she want a sweater or blanket?

I ask because sometimes kids just don't know the right word for things. I remember my GS telling me he had a head ache and when I asked him to show me where it hurt, he pointed to his stomach.



answers from Dallas on

Not to discount what your daughter is telling you, but there is also the thought that maybe she doesn't really know what she is talking about. My daughter is JUST NOW realizing temperature differences and she is 5. For some reason that one thing was difficult for her to grasp. I remember a 3 year old I used to babysit told me she was "freezing" and we were outside and it wasn't cold at all. Just throwing that out there.



answers from Indianapolis on

I am an individual who is always colder than others. I have always been this way, even as a small child. I have had my thyroid checked many times. Nothing wrong, just the way my body is. I would be somewhat chilly wearing summer clothing in the house with the AC set at 74. Having said that I would have your daughter checked by a dr, just in case. I also agree taht sometimes a 3 yr old may not understand the meaning and usage of some words used to describe body feelings.



answers from Indianapolis on

Definitely have her tsh level checked. My husband and I both have thyroid disease and 2 of our 4 kids do as well. Being cold is one of the 1st noticeable symptoms. Younger daughter lived Ion the heat vents with a blanket! It's genetic and can start young. One daughter's started at 3. good news is its treatable. Good luck!

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