2 1/2 Yr Old Boy - Christmas

Updated on November 08, 2011
A.H. asks from Seattle, WA
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What type of gifts are best for a 2 1/2 yr old boy for Christmas? We live in a small space and he doesn't have too many toys (intentionally) so all of his toys are very carefully chosen. Anyway he is WAY into trucks and bugs right now. Anyone have a great gift idea for him?
What did your 2 1/2 yr old love?

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answers from Seattle on

A big book about bugs, an age appropriate magnifying glass that he can so look at bugs, a tonka truck he can ride on, a Richard Scary book about trucks, or puzzles about either.

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answers from Dallas on

I have seen small rugs - 4x4 or so - that are like little neighborhoods - they have houses, roads, etc. on them. Your son might get a kick out of riding his trucks around on it :)

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answers from Seattle on

I think puzzles are great - big floor puzzles have always been a hit with my kids. You could get things that allow him to sort and count (manipulatives of some sort), a bug vacuum, scooter (or other outside toy), books, magnetic dress up (Joey) doll by Melissa and Doug, stickers or other art items (water colors and paper, foam stickers, regular stickers, etc.), a game (i.e. memory), plastic play bugs...


answers from Los Angeles on

My guy is a little over 2.5 and loves Thomas the Train, so he's getting a set that folds up after use. He's into cars and trucks so I'm looking for a set with 5 or so cars or trucks, he prefers the smaller ones to the big ones since he has a big one he already loves. And more blocks : )



answers from Kansas City on

My son is just over 2 and he loves the Little People garage as well. He also likes Matchbox cars, you just have to be careful that he doesn't chew on the wheels, other than that they are safe. My son also LOVES those over the door basketball hoops. Seemingly they would be too hard for a 2 y/o but honestly he loves tossing to ball towards it and makes more than I thought he would. We are also considering getting my son a starter Thomas track for Christmas. I saw it in a Constructive Playthings catalog and it's only $50 (which compared to the bigger ones is a steal!). Anyway, it has a mat with a small circular track and two cars. Then the mat folds up with everything inside and it's a carrying case. This would be good if you're short on space, although I'm not sure if he's into trains.

Finally, at Costco right now they have big Tonka firetrucks, ambulances and construction trucks. My mom bought one for my son for Christmas and I think it was $15-20.



answers from Portland on

Tinker toys are great and they will last for many years. My 3.5 year old has had them for a year and with my help we build rockets, leaf blowers (like his dad uses), cars, vacuum cleaners, ect. Easy and fun



answers from Los Angeles on

If he likes trains the Thomas take and play sets are really fun and fold up.


answers from Eugene on

We bought Brios and Thomas the train. The tracks match. Everything fit into one of those plastic see through boxes. Two engines a set of tracks and a few cars are good starters. One bridge might make it even more interesting.
If money is an issue IKEA sells a train set that matches up with the Brios and Thomas for a very low price. You can see if they have it by going online.



answers from Detroit on

At that age my daughter loved building blocks, Duplo blocks (toddler-size Legos), and her Magnadoodle drawing board (actually, she still loves all these things!). We also got her the Fisher Price garage with Little People and their toy cars, as well as a wooden play tool set and "work bench". You could also look into Thomas the Train toys if he's into Thomas.

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