2Cm Dialated and 50% Effaced (Sp?) How Much Longer Do You Think?

Updated on December 04, 2010
K.V. asks from Peoria, AZ
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I know its all a guessing game but just curious how much longer you moms thought it might be before this baby decides to join the world :) At my appt yesterday I was 2cm dialated and 50% effaced, Sat I will be 37 weeks along. She is head down and the OB said her head was right there :) I am getting really excited and really hope she is here and we are home before Christmas (which was her expected due date). Her big 4 year old sister says she is going to come next Friday, after school is over hehe. Just for fun I wanted to know what you ladies thought.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I was like that for over a month with my second child. I had to be induced because a week after my due date, he still wasn't budging! You'll have a holiday baby anyway, even if she doesn't come on Christmas! Good luck to you and Merry Christmas!

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answers from Dallas on

You could go today or in 3 wks. Hard to tell. My oldest was born at 38 wks and 3 days after be dilated for 4 wks, and my youngest was born at 40 wks and 1 day after being dilated for 4 wks. Just sit back and enjoy your last few days/weeks of sleep.

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answers from Chicago on

I hope you get your wish and your baby comes sooner than later, I'm sure you're ready! With my son, at my 39 week appointment there was absolutely nothing going on. Four days later, I started having contractions and my water broke, so I went to the hospital because I was GBS+, but I was only 2 cm at that point. Long story, but they almost didn't admit me because they couldn't "prove" that my water had actually broken. Luckily, they didn't send me home, because it was only about an hour and I was having really strong and fast contractions, and I went from 2 to 5 cm. It took all of 10 min to get me from triage to my delivery room, and 5 minutes later they checked and I was 9 cm!! It can happen fast, but it doesn't always. I also had a friend that was walking around for weeks at 4 cm, and she didn't even feel a thing. Also, I've heard that labor progresses faster with the 2nd baby. How was it with your 1st pregnancy? I think that is a better guide than all the stories you will get from us, but it's fun to hear about everyone's experiences (and if the other mamas are like me, we love to talk about it :). Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

Hi K. :-0

I vote for the intuition of the four year old!

A. R.N., Energy Medicine Practitioner

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was far more progressed than that at 30-32 weeks and my baby STILL came 11 days late. I think it was due to his big head.

It is almost 10 years later and that boy is still running on his own schedule no matter what we do to hurry him along.

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answers from Chicago on

I was dilated to 3 and 90% effaced for 2 weeks with my second...and I never went into labor naturally.
I chose to induce at 39 weeks, 4 days.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

sorry, but I wa like tha tfor 3 weeks with my first.

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answers from Dallas on

i guess yu are all excited to see the new baby ....i think about 2 days :) let us know

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answers from Phoenix on

They say that walking stairs is a big help on progression.

I can vouch for that too.

I was at 36 weeks and went to the hospital with my second thinking this is it. They told me not yet... luckily I had baby's grandma with me... she told them your not sending her home yet. She lives too far away from the hospital. So she said your hitting the stairs... we walked the stairs for about an hour or so and then walked back in for the check. I told them I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. Next thing I know I felt really strange. They put me on the exam table and checked me and said your are going straight to labor and delivery. Needless to say I had my redheaded daughter come into this world.

Good luck on having your hopefully soon to be Christmas present. ;)

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