37 Weeks Pregnant with Second Baby

Updated on June 14, 2011
H.S. asks from Johnson City, TN
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Hi! I am 37 weeks, 2 days pregnant with my second baby. My due date is June 29th. I went in for my prenatal checkup yesterday and found out that I am 70% effaced, and 2.5 cm dilated. My blood pressure and vitals are perfect and I have no known pregnancy related complications. I have been having frequent, yet irregular Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks now. They aren't painful, but definitely uncomfortable since my baby has dropped. He is head down, and everything seems to be progressing well.

I know that every woman is different, but I was hoping that some of you (who were in a similar situation) would share how long it took you to go into labor. I gave birth to my first child at 39 weeks, 4 days spontaneously (no induction) and had a vaginal delivery. Naturally, I am becoming very tired, especially since I am a SAHM to a 2-year-old and in the last few weeks of pregnancy. My doctor says I am "progressing" faster with my second child than I did with my first. Do you ladies think I will make it to my due date based on the above information? I'm wondering if I should go ahead and pack my hospital bag...

UPDATE: I just went to the bathroom, and realized - I lost my mucus plug. Thanks ladies for sharing your stories!

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answers from Chicago on

Only one person knows that, and they'll let you know when they're ready to come out and make an appearance in this world :)

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answers from Nashville on

When I was 37 weeks, 4 days I was 1.5-2 cm dilated and about 75% effaced. My water broke 3 days later. If you're like me, that baby will come within the week! :)

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answers from Austin on

Probably not...... better have everything in place.....

I had Braxton-Hicks with mine, and had a hard time trying to figure out if the contractions were "real" ... so frustrating sometimes!

With you being dilated and 70% effaced, sounds like things are progressing quickly.

I think with the last 2 I may have been a week or so early, but all came out just fine in the end.

See if you can arrange some time for your 2 yr old to spend time (even an hour a day would help) with a friend so you can get more rest, and stay off your feet. Being tired at this stage is very normal.... don't try to think you have to keep everything "just so" ..... take care of yourself!

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answers from Memphis on

It's best to have a bag packed for at least the last month, so, yes, I think you should (even before reading your "what happened" update). Does that mean that you will be having the baby within the next week? No. I've read stories of women who were dilated to 4 or even 5 for a few weeks before having their babies, and others who were not dilated nor effaced at all, who went into labor that night and had their babies in a few hours. I lost my mucus plug a few weeks before I had my first baby; don't remember seeing it w/my second.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, but don't get too anxious to meet your little one: not only is it easier to take care of your baby now in utero (no crying, no diapers, no burping, no dressing), but your baby is still growing and developing, and needs these last few weeks of womb-time for optimum health [http://givingbirthwithconfidence.org/2011/06/healthy-babi....

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answers from Seattle on

Definitely pack that hospital bag, like yesterday. I delivered my daughter at 37 weeks and a couple of days... and she hadn't even dropped yet when I went into labor. All I had noticed were increased BH contractions.
There is always a chance that you will go until your due date, some women walk around dilated to 4 cm for 3 weeks... but if I were you, I'f rather be prepared than surprised...

Good luck!



answers from Albuquerque on

You're right, every woman is different. With my last one I was like 3cm dialated for around 3 weeks, very similar to your situation along with the braxton hicks and 2 year old. She ended up coming at 37 weeks (but then again, all mine came early). Pack your bag just in case, it could be any day now or 2 weeks from now!



answers from Parkersburg on

Definitely pack your bag :) I doubt you'll make it to your due date. With my first, I delivered at 39 weeks. And with my second, 37 1/2 weeks. I went to the dr. on a Monday & I was only 1 cm. I went home & started having small, irregular contractions. I woke up at 2:00 am on Wednesday with strong, regular contractions & delivered later that morning :)



answers from St. Louis on

I would pack your bag. Just to be on the safe side. I had my first son at 37 weeks. I was 1 cm, 70% at my appt and then 5 days later, was in labor.
With son #2, I had braxton hicks for a couple of months pretty regularly. Was told that I was 2 cm, 80% at my 36 week appt. A week later, I was at 4 cms, 80% still having VERY painful contractions. I didn't go into full on labor until 4 days later. I had a co-worker a few years back though that was 4 cms dilated for 4 weeks! Sorry my response is of absolutely no help. Good luck mama!!!



answers from Memphis on

You never know. With my second, I was about 2.5 cm dilated at 37 weeks. I was induced at at 40 weeks 6 days, because I still hadn't gone into labor. I was 4 cm dilated the day before my induction. I didn't start having Braxton Hicks contractions until about 39 weeks though. I think I would have gone into labor in the next few days but I was 39 at the time and my doctor didn't think I should go past 41 weeks.


answers from Raleigh on

You can pack your bag (and probably should to be safe rather than sorry), but I wouldn't count on anything yet. Even with my first I was 3 cm dilated from 37 weeks on and almost 100% effaced that entire time. I ended up needing to be induced 3 days before my due date because of high blood pressure. While every pregnancy is different, my doctors swore up and down I would "never make it to full term". My son had a different plan... :) Try and relax as much as you can these next few weeks, since we both know that will end as soon as your new little one gets here!



answers from Charlotte on




answers from Chicago on

I had a similar experience last month, along with two year old at home :)

I went 7 days past my due date, the morning before I was going to be induced. I hope you go sooner!



answers from Boston on

How exciting! Definitely get that bag packed I bet you'll be meeting your 2nd baby this weekend or early next week! Woo hoo!

FWIW, I was induced at 42 weeks with my first (despite being partially dilated and effaced starting at 36 weeks). Went into labor one day shy of my due date with the 2nd, at 39 weeks with the 3rd, and was induced at 37 with my last delivery because it was twins, but I was technically in early labor already and would have delivered within a day or two anyway without induction. I think it's common to have earlier, faster labors with each pregnancy but I do have friends who have gone longer with later kids.

Best of luck for a smooth and healthy delivery - you must be so excited!


answers from Kalamazoo on

You should probably go ahead and pack your bag just so you're not worried about it. I had TONS of braxton hicks (some painful towards the end) with both pregnancy for about the last 4wks. My son was a week late and labor was 2.5 hrs from first real contraction til he was born. My daughter (#2) was 2 days early and labor was only 1.5 hours. I mean I go from 0-60mph when I'm in labor, it's nothing, then it's full blown! I don't know if has anything to do with all the braxton hicks that I had or not????


answers from Chicago on

Dawn B - if she had bloody show already, based on my experience last month with the birth of my 3rd child (2nd vaginal delivery)- I will say tomorrow, Saturday June 11th! Best wishes to you on your upcoming labor & delivery mama!



answers from Dallas on

With my first I was 38 wks 5 day with my second I was 40 wks 1 day. I really could be any time. My advice, walk, walk, walk.

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