14 Year Old Son Looking for Summer Work

Updated on May 09, 2009
A.M. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Help!!! My son has wanted a job since he was able to walk. I told him he could get a job when he turns fourteen. He gets excellent grades and does yard work in our neighborhood for our neighbors. He is mature for his age and is a very responsible person. The problem is, he is now fourteen and because the economy is so bad all the places he has called that hire fourteen year olds are not hiring. We live in Gilbert(east valley). If anyone knows of a public place that will hire a fourteen year old and is taking applications please let us know. I am willing to drive him. Thank you moms:0)

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I know there are some government funded summer youth employment programs, let me see...
here is some more info - it looks like it might be too late to apply:

The Safeway on Val Vista & Southern employees a couple 14-year olds, you might want to check there.

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Sorry, I don't know of anyone hiring but will keep him in mind! I just wanted to give Kudos to you, Mom, for raising such a mature and responsible boy in this day and age!

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HI, have you tried calling the city of gilbert or Chandler for their summer job listings for kids? That is definetly a great place to start and if they don't then try the local newspaper to see if there is a rout near your home that he can take for the summer. Just a few ideas to try. Hope they help you :)

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