1 Year Old Sudden Intolerance for Different Types of Milk and Formula

Updated on November 12, 2012
C.M. asks from Coram, NY
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We have a one year old that we transitioned from breast feeding to Similac sensitive at around 7 mos. with no issues. Then we transitioned to organic whole milk at 1 year old. This went fine for two weeks then a few white colored stools, then diarhea, which led to yeast infection. At the same time she caught a cold so was swallowing mucus which did not help. Now we had two factors contributing to diarrhea. Doctors told us to completely cut out milk for a bit. During this time she developed a fever for a couple of days as well. We tried going back to Similac sensitive after a week and diarrhea continued. We switched to Soy formula and that went fine for a week. Fever went away, diarrhea subsided and all was good. Then this morning I gave her soy and she immediately threw up. Then it happened two other times during the day. We took her to the hospital and they gaver her an IV and said she was slightly dehydrated. While we were there she drank unflavored pedialite so at least now we know she like that as she would not drink the flavored one. Sorry this post is so long. Does anyone have any idea why my one year old would suddenly reject whole milk, her old formula, and soy milk? We cannot figure this one out. Doctors seemed stumped as well. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

First off I want to thank everyone for the fast and thorough responses. We really appreciate it. We stuck to the unflavored pedialite and some toast, plain pasta, and crackers for today. We will talk to our pediatrician tomorrow about the probiotics. Our baby is in very good spirits today and appears to be well hydrated. I'll post another update as time goes on and we get to the bottom of this in case it can help someone else. Thanks again for all your help to all those who replied.

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My guess is that perhaps the flora in her intestines was wiped out by the virus and now her body isn't processing it like it used to. I would stick with the pedialyte and give her probiotics for a few weeks before trying something very gentle on her stomach, like some yogurt (because the milk proteins are partially processed) or maybe the similac sensitive since she tolerated that before, or even something completely non-dairy like rice milk.

My ped always told us to give the kids a probiotic after diarrhea, and also every time they took an antibiotic. He recommended Culturelle, and we would open an adult capsule and some of sprinkle the powder on food. One capsule would last 2-3 days.

Also, for what it's worth, my cow's milk sensitive child likes rice milk.

Good luck, and hope she feels better soon.

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answers from Erie on

Diane C.'s advice is spot on, it's what I was about to post myself :) It does sound like a virus that affected her gut flora. Diarrhea is like a roto-rooter to the good bacteria in the gut. Give her some time, stick with clear liquids for a while then start on the brat diet. Stay away from dairy for a couple of months too, except yoghurt.

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answers from Dallas on

It's the white stools that really bother me. Track down the answer there. Go get her into a pediatric gastroenterologist, ASAP.


answers from Chicago on

I agree with what the other ladies said. Pedialyte by itself for about 24 hrs, then organic yogurt, then BRAT diet, and after her system has returned to normal you should be able to reintroduce dairy. I am actually a bit shocked that the doctor wouldn't have recommended a probiotic of some sort--our ped was the one who first told me that when you see white stool, that means that there's no good bacteria in the system and you need a probiotic.



answers from Chicago on

Yogurt to replenish the good bacteria. I agree with the crowd thinking her gut flora is lacking. I get that way after being sick(and I'm flirting with 40!). Yogurt and clear fluids for me(I'd say Yo Baby from Stonyfield Organic for her, as it's made for little tummies) and unflavoured pedialyte.

Hope she feels better.


answers from Hartford on

The body having diarrhea and vomiting is its way of telling you that it's not ready for the dairy. It's either (hopefully) temporarily intolerant or allergic. The body can become temporarily lactose (and other dairy) intolerant when it goes through an intestinal infection (such as diarrhea and/or vomiting). If you keep on pushing milk, even when it's soy based, it can extend the life of the intestinal upset. It contributes to the imbalance of gut flora as well.

I would avoid all dairy foods and drinks for a month, minimum. Get the dairy out of her system. No milk, cream, soy-based formula, cheese, yogurt, butter, whey, casein... seriously check all ingredient labels for anything that's milk or cream derivatives. Give her system some time to heal and bounce back. All of that dairy is contributing to producing mucus too.

I would keep her on a low residue and binding diet. Let her have some carbs like rice, pasta, potatoes, Cream of Wheat (no actual cream, and you can make it with water). Nothing sugary like juice. Nothing that typically gives her loose stools, like prunes. She needs a Bland Diet for a while. Soups with clear broth and some pasta are good. Chicken and stars or chicken and rice.

She can get enough nutrients from other sources without having formula, milk, Boost, or other milk based items right now. It'll be more important to get her digestive system healed and calmed down. Give her gut flora time to bounce back.



answers from New York on

I highly reccomend going to a gastrointestinal specialist. My son has a dairy and soy allergy andor can appear 'suddenly' and definitely takes a few days of being in system to show intolerece or allergy.

First thing would be to have ped check for blood in stools (not necessarily visible to naked eye).

Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

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