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I am pissed at the school

K. D. asks from Washington

This is mainly a vent post but I am also seeking advice. My daughter is finishing 4th grade and has been teased by nearly every kid at her school. Kids will point to someone else and tell my daughter "he likes you" and the kid pointed at will run away or say "no" or "...


My daughter is turning 13 in a couple weeks !!

P. S. asks from Ossining

She wants to go to a fun/happening restaurant in the northern NJ or Manhattan area with 6 friends. Without breaking the bank I'm looking for recommendations. I am holding a table at the Sugar Factory but seems like it will cost a fortune. Any other fun places for 12-13 y...


30th birthday gift ideas?

D. B. asks from Westborough

Our son is turning 30 (gulp!) at the end of June. He's been nagging us to come visit him and his girlfriend in their new-ish apartment (since last fall), so we're ready to make the drive. His girlfriend says that weekend is actually good for them (I was surprised), and I...


Is it too harsh to make 9 year old stepdaughter buy her own clothes?

j. k. asks from Trimble

She is a tomboy and is rough on her stuff and outgrows her clothes too fast.I am sick of yelling about how dirty her clothes and shoes get after being at school or playing outside.So I made a long list of chores she has to do to get clothes.She can take out the trash loa...


For dads summer do I supply OTC medications?

D. W. asks from Fort Wayne

Children’s father has verbally admitted to having his own supply of over the counter medication for our son and has a huge supply of clothing for both our son and daughter and just because the guidelines state I have to supply these things—I don’t always get everyt...


DD got shafted in counsin's wedding after her fiance left DH's business

s. L. asks from Arvada

If you want some background on this whole work's in a previous question see here But basically my DH hired his niece's fiance "Tom" in his small business. "Tom" begged for the job and my husband g...


Son was jumped....but he "won"

L. U. asks from Kirkland

Long post! Yesterday my middle school son got in a fight. He was at a friends house, knocking on the door, and some high school boys were vaping nearby. My son and his friends glared at them, and that set off the whole thing. One young man pushed his way through my so...


Why, When & How to Toilet Train a Toddler

by Joan Lowell

Is toilet training in your near future?

You’ve survived your baby’s infancy. Congratulations! Let’s get onto those exciting toddler years, when kids are so easy to please. (Trust me!). Now let’s talk about toilet training. Spring and summer are a great time to start…. More


Is Disney Educational? Of Course It Is!

A couple years ago, there was a discussion about taking your child out of school for a trip to a
Disney theme park. Many people—mainly teachers—were complaining that parents take their children out of school as a learning experience, and that it didn’t seem like a valid excuse. Then one mom actually said that Disney was not a learning experience. I have to 110 percent disagree with Disney World not being a learning environment…. More


Libraries Need Love, Too!

In this day and age of computers, electronic teaching toys, and educational DVDs, public libraries may seem too old-fashioned to be of use to parents of younger children. (Or even older children, as they no longer have to go to the library to do research.) I think that is far from the truth!… More


Have you ever had warts?

T. K. asks from Seattle

My daughter has had warts on the bottom of her feet for about a year. She really wants to get rid of them. We've tried home remedies like freezing them off, used duct tape, used acid on them and they always come back. I'm taking her to the podiatrist to hopefully get rid...


Is this endometriosis and what would you do?

A. B. asks from Maple Valley

My periods have always been pretty crappy before and after children, but now it's unbearable. My youngest son out of 4 is almost 7 and I'm starting to think that I don't really need my reproductive organs any longer... I am 32 years old. About 2 years ago I started n...


Would you ever have this person over again?

b. F. asks from Seattle

Some background: about 3 years ago my husband, my daughter and I moved across the country. We were already living a 5-hour drive away from my mother and we just didn't like where we were living so we moved. I'll be the first to admit it but maybe I should not be surp...


My son wants to play football...I do not want him to. SWH Added

L. U. asks from Kirkland

I have a son who is 13. He is 5'7" and 173lbs. He has broad shoulders, he is STRONG, and he has been asking to play football since he was 5. I have held strong to my belief that football is dangerous and the amount of brain damage that happens to players freaks me out...


How to handle SIL's friend?

b. F. asks from Seattle

My SIL’s friend works at the local taxi office. I don’t really know her very well and she seems nice but she has this really grating habit. Every time I need to get a taxi and I have my daughter with me she gawks at my daughter and comments on how much she doesn...

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