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Seeking Help Planning a First Time Disney Trip Family of 6 4Kids and 2 Adults

L.M. asks from Washington DC

I need help planning this trip. I have no clue on what resorts, best way to travel, hotels, should we stay on or off the resort. How much is this going to costs us? ...


First Flight Vacation with Kids

T.F. asks from Dayton

We are preparing for our first family vacation (grandparents/ aunts and uncles too)with our two kids. I'm a little nervous about their behavior on the plane. My daug...


Best Hotel Deals

D.B. asks from Tampa

Hi Ladies. My family is traveling up North in a few weeks. We were going to rent a travel trailor, but we are finding they are very expensive. Where do you all go f...


Body Scans at Airport and Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Portland

I've been reading on the news about the TSA and travel procedures. Now, we are trying to get pregnant so there's this uncertainty of whether I will indeed be pregnant ...


Unaccompanied Minor

D.K. asks from Washington DC

Hello Mama's! I asked this question once before when the site was Mamasource and can't seem to find the original thread, so here's goes again. My son is 8yo. We liv...


Stroller for Older Child

N.G. asks from New York

Hi everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions for a good stroller for an older child (6-7 yrs old)? I travel often with my son and found that using a stroller helps ...


Mount Rushmore Vacation

M.W. asks from Great Falls

My family is planning to vacation to South Dakota and see Mount Rushmore this summer. Can anyone recommend good hotels and/or campgrounds for a family of 5? Our kids...


Traveling on Business and Need to Ship or Fly with Breastmilk

M.R. asks from Kansas City

I have to travel on business next month and will be away from my infant for 5 1/2 days. I was wondering if anyone has advice/experience with shipping breast milk or t...


First Airplane Trip

J.W. asks from Cleveland

I'm taking my 5 1/2 mon baby on her first airplane ride and just looking for any advice, on packing/traveling with a baby. Can you take powder formula in through secu...


Ideas for Christmas Goodies

E.M. asks from Louisville

This year we are only buying gifts for the kids in each family. so im wanting to take a tasty treat to each house we go to. i had thought about fudge and decorating co...