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Car Seat Cover or Travel Bag?

My daughter sits in a high-back booster seat with removable arms. The back can also come off for it just to be a seat-type booster. We will be flying with her for the first time next week and have to check her booster seat (it's not FAA approved, so American won't let her sit in it for the flight or treat it as a carry-on). I thought I had seen somewhere a travel cover or bag that we could put it in....but now I can't find anything. I've looked at Target and Wal-Mart, and online at Babies-R-Us. Any ideas where I could find something suitable? I need it to stay in one piece and clean! Thank you!

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Thank you for all the responses! I actually found the red one that says Gate Check last night online with Target.

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Try One Step Ahead and/or Right Start. I am pretty sure we must have bought ours from one of those two places, maybe even both of those places as we have two. Good luck!

Did you find some? I JUST put some on Craigslist over the weekend and came across your post this morning. Let me know if you still need one. We have three that are in "like new" condition because we only flew with our 3 boys one time.

I bought one at babies r us about 2 years ago. It rolled; however, it got so beat up just after one trip that I had to throw it away. I wonder if you could try samsonite.com or something along those lines,

I have an Eddie Bauer one I bought when I travelled with my son 3 years ago - it's only been used once & is in excellent condition. I was actually going to put it in a consignment sale this fall for $10. Let me know if you're interested. We live in M., TX (north of McKinney).

I also agree with the lady who suggested renting a carseat through the rental car company...we did that when we had to travel to Ohio for an unexpected death in our family and it made it so easy - though I will say the carseat was dated so that made me nervous, but so much easier overall!

Good Luck!

Babies R Us has them in the store. I think they are about $20. We pack extra stuff because there's lots of room after the car seat is in it. Since the airlines charge for checked bags now, we can save some money because they charge for car seats and strollers.

never never never check a car seat of any kind. carry it to the gate with you and gate check it. yes, it's a pain, but there could be damage to your seat that isn't visible to the naked eye due to the rough handling, plus if your baggage doesn't make it, you're stuck at the airport... are you just bringing the seat without the back? i would be VERY leery of allowing a 4yr old to sit in any booster, but especially a backless one... good luck and have a GREAT trip!

Actually go to babies r us. They have them in the store for like $20

my kids still have a regular car seat, but i have one cover and one strap to carry the seat on my back, both of which i got from www.onestepahead.com
i don't see why a booster would not fit in it. i am even able to put a bag into the seat before i zip it up to get my money's worth of having to check it! i think they were around $25 each. Isn't it funnny that your booster seat is safe enough for your car and not the airplane?! That is so odd!

Could wrap it in a couple trash bags or an old sheet wrap tape around it lots and label it with your name etc...

I have one that I found in a consignment store and have since had a second child and have NOT been able to find another. The bags themselves are not padded at all so they aren't very protective of the seat, it just keeps them covered while in transit.

I would just find a good, thick plastic outdoor garbage bag (clear if possible) and just put it in there and tape the neck closed. You can write or tape a name tag onto the bag so it doesn't get pulled off. This will keep the seat intact and clean compared to just checking it in without a cover. The airlines used to put carseats in a plastic bag like this but I think the cost just got too much so they stopped. Its a pain since it is another piece that needs to be checked but atleast it will get to your destination clean and intact. Good luck and have fun!

go to onestepahead.com or leapsandbounds.com, they should have them there

Carry it to the gate and ask them to check it there. When you go to hand it to them, slip it into a garbage bag to keep it all together and clean. Works every time! With just a carseat (that doesn't come apart like a booster) we always used a garbage bag and checked it with our luggage. It was always fine. The only reason I wouldn't check the booster with your luggage is because it does come apart and I think it is more likely to be damaged.


We just fly last month with two car seats on American and we curb checked them with no charge in a car seat bag. I got the Eddie Bauer bag at Target two years ago maybe you can find one on-line if not in the store.

I usually just check the boster without putting it in a bag. Sometimes the airline will put it in a plastic bag if it is raining. Or you could just use a big trash bag. We fly regularly and I've never had any trouble checking a booster seat that's not in a bag.


Above is the link to the one I use now. It is padded and will fit a Recaro or Britax seat. I used to use the wheelie one but the backpack version frees up my hands.

Also - the airlines won't charge you to check a carseat like they do other luggage. I always put the seat in the bag and then pack stuff around it to reduce the number of bags I check and have to pay for.

Have fun!

i bought mine at the babies'r'us on beltline at marsh lane (addison? Carrollton?). It's pretty big - they are designed to be able to hold an infant seat, and last trip, i actually fit 2 boosters in it (one with a removable back and one that folds in half). They are a little hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for. This was about 6 months ago, but they were in the stroller section on a little island in the middle of the row, along with other stroller accesores. they are folded up, so they look really small on the rack.

Hi there. Go to onestepahead.com
We have purchased two car seat covers from them in the past for travel and they work well. They have one with wheels now, that is a little akward to pull....but still beats carrying it around at the airport!

We always gate check our careseat if we're not using it in flight. Less handling, so theoretically less damage, and less opportunity to get lost. I did find one of the cheapo bags at Right Start - it's red and says "Gate Check" on it. The fabric is pretty flimsy, so I've already patched it, but it works.

Okay, I am probably just the biggest cheapskate mother ever, but if it were me I would just wrap a couple of towels around the carseat and then use some packing tape to keep them in place, then put it in a strong garbage bag and tape that securely with packing tape or duct tape.

I know, it doesn't look so super... but really, if all you need to do is protect the seat.... it's free!

They have them at babies r us in the store. I just bought one at the one in lewisville. We just came back from a trip and I bought two of them (Ive got twins) and they worked great. Just make sure when you check the bag you tell them its a car seat (since they wont be able to see the actual seat since its in the cover) so you dont get charged the fee. Car seats are free.
Have fun on your trip!

Leave it at home! Save yourself a lot of stress and wear and tear on your mind, body and the chair. If you are renting a car, rent a seat with it. If you have someone picking you up, you can ask them to pick up a cheap one for the trip. It is well worth the small price. Traveling with small children is hard enough, don't carry unneeded baggage too! :) Safe travels.

P.S. Here's a link to a backless seat that is only $24.99. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3200282 and one with a back for $39.99. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3012742

Hi S.,

I agree with the person who said to carry it to the gate. I did get my bag at the Babies R Us in Allen not long ago. I recommend checking again and asking someone. It was only 10 bucks (if memory serves)...it works great. It was in between the aisles that display the strollers and carseats.

Good luck and have a great time!

Go oline to one step ahead. Tehy have great hard to find items.

I've checked my daughter's car seat several times in the past. I just packed it in a garbage bag, and it came out fine each time. It's nothing fancy, but it worked for us.

Have you tried ebay or craigslist. I bought mine new when my 20 year old was a baby and passed it on to many people. They are used so few times and made so well that they do not wear out. If you can not find one wrap your carseat in contractor grade trash bags because they can sit for a long time on the luggage truck at the airport and if it rains you have a wet carseat when you arrive. good luck on your trip.

Hi S.:

I have seen the covers in two catalogs. One Step Ahead and The Right Start.

Actually, when I have checked in before, the ticket agent just covered my carseat in a big black garbage bag!

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