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Zyrtec While Breastfeeding

Hi moms!

My doc today prescribed Zyrtec for some allergy symptoms that I am having. I specifically asked him if it was ok to take while breastfeeding, he said yes.
Whenever I went to go pick up the perscription, it says that breastfeeding is not recommended while taking Zyrtec? Have any of you taken this drug while breastfeeding? Is is dangerous for the baby, or does it dry up your milk supply?

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You have gotten a lot of responses, but I have SEVERE allergies and in order for me to even be able to breath I had to take something. I took Zyrtec with both my pregnancies and while breast feeding both of my children. Let me say it did not dry up my milk. I could express 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours BY HAND and still nurse my children!!! Just drink LOTS of water. Water is the key to making sure you produce enough milk.

Most medications say don't take it while you're breastfeeding, or to check with your doctor.
I took it with no noticeable difference, but you'll want to be mindful if feeding problems come up. It can make you drowsy. I know it's billed as a "non-drowsy" antihistamine, but many of the people I know who take it have experienced the drowsiness. It seems like it would make the baby would a little more drowsy too. It doesn't knock you out like Benadryl though.

Breastmilk is a mucous, Zyrtec is meant to dry up mucous. Be careful, I have seen many moms use allergy meds during pregnancy and while breastfeeding and most end up having supply problems. Try the herb called Fenugreek. Fenugreek increases milk supply and helps w/ mucous health. Standard Process has a product called Allerplex w/ Fenugreek in it that's wonderful; many use this during allergy season and for sinus problems and love it. See www.standardprocess.com, best wishes!

My pediatrician told me that almost ALL prescription drug companies will include that warning on their medications whether it's safe or not, because they want to cover their tushy in the case of a lawsuit. I used to have to take Prevacid while breastfeeding my older daughter (she's now 2-1/2), and it had the same warning on the prescription, even though both my pediatrician and obstetrician confirmed it was safe. So, I would definitely trust your doctor in this case; these drug companies just put warnings on everything so that they won't get sued.

I took some samples from my mom's office while the Zyrtec rep was there - she said that Zyrtec was OK for pregnant and breastfeeding moms - I want to say a level one med. I took it while BF, and even though I've had problems with my milk supply (taking fenugreek, domperidone)I still didn't notice a significant decrease with Zyrtec. I've been in conact with a lactation consultant and she said that meds like sudafed will dry you up more because milk ducts are similar to sinus problems. Even if you look at Tylenol, it says to check with your dr. if BF or pregnant - liability reasons I'm sure.

I took it during my pregnancy with my 2nd child and while I was breastfeeding him. I had absolutely NO problems with milk production. The only time my dr. recommended that I not take it was in my 1st trimester, and you are WAY past that:) My ob/gyn, pediatrician and my allergist all said it was safe!!

It can dry up your milk, and not enough studies have been done on breastmilk.

K.@ the Nestingplace.

I doubt that the danger would be to your baby, but it definately could possibly begin to dry up your milk. Most allergy/cold medications will. If your pediatrician doesn't know, then you might try calling a lactation consultant for their advice. Good Luck!

Hi K.. I'm no doctor! But id check with your pediatrician. I do know Zyrtec is OK for babies over 6 months. My son has been on it for about a little over a month. I'd call pedi just to be sure- they're more apt to know.

well, almost all drugs taken safely during preg. are safe during nursing and I took Zyrtec during my 1st preg and while nursing my 1st baby as well as for my second preg. (preg. now)

I remember my dr. telling me when she prescribed it during my 1st preg. that it is a catagory "B" drug for preg. and nursing (which means it is very safe as virtually no drugs are given catagoy "A").

Hope this helps ease your worries!

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