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Yeast Infection

I just got back from the pediatricians and she said my 10 month old daughter has a yeast infection. She prescribed some cream to get rid of it. Has anyone else dealt with this? I can't believe she got an infection. Does anyone have any information on this? I feel like a horrible parent and feel like this is something I caused. Any information will be very much appreciated!

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I want to thank everyone for their feedback. She had been on antibiotics for an ear infection about 3 weeks before she got the yeast infection. I'm using the cream the pediatrician prescribed and it's clearing up nicely. We all know that moms are good at beating themselves up! I'm so happy that I joined Mamasource. Thanks for making me realize I'm not the only one going through these things...

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My DD had this growing up all the time! finally we found out it was from her Bubble Baths, after the DR. told us we didnt use any bubble's and she didnt have them anymore! I hope this helps you!

My brother's daughter gets them now and then. They use the recommended cream. They felt bad at first too but the doctor told them it was not uncommon at all and not to take it personal.

First off DON'T feel like a horrible parent because she got a yeast infection. It is one of those things that just happens. My daughter gets one every time she cuts a tooth (that's miserable for all of us trust me!) and it's one of those things that as long as you treat it she'll be fine I promise!

Also I would advise using the pampers swaddlers until the infection is gone because of the way it's lined it's the only one my baby could wear with the rash so it kept the mess off her sensitive skin. if you have more questions just e-mail me I'd be happy to help where I can ____@____.com

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First of all you are not a bad parent. Growing up I was prone to yeast infections myself. Hopefully the cream they gave her is kicking in. Some natural methods you and anyone can do to prevent these infections are loosen her bottoms (make sure there not too clingy), yogurt is a great food to eat as a prevention or soother, also garlic helps a lot (i cook with it almost daily now, but she may be a little young),

Yeast infections are caused by high yeast levels, stress, sudden change in routine, irritation, and an affect when you get a cold sometimes.

I hope this information helps. I see you got many great responses as well :)

Remember, this is generally not caused by anything you did.

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By the time I am writing, it looks like you have got some very good advice already. I will second the babyophilus or any recommended form of "Acidophilus" for a baby. When you are pregnant you produce a larger amount of the yeast as well and that may even be how your baby has it. But everyone is right, you are not a horrible mother and it isn't a big deal! If you are still breast feeding, I would even suggest you taking Acidophilus as well and it will get into your baby that way through the milk. I would also agree with going to Vitamin Cottage. They usually have very helpful people there that can lead you to the right stuff. If you get it in a capsule, you can also make a paste out of it by opening the capsule and adding a little bit of water to the powder. Then you can apply it directly if it is a rash on the skin. I had to do that when I had first given birth to my oldest daughter and I ended up with a rash all over my body from the excess yeast. It helped very quickly and eventually went away. Good luck and again, don't worry! Your a great mom I'm sure, just because you are seeking advice to do what is best for your baby!

Ack! I told you the wrong thing, you should definitely not do that. Go to this website, this will have tons of information, and good luck. http://alternative-medicine-and-health.com/conditions/can...

You didn't cause it, and it's super common, so don't worry about that. Humans have bacteria in their bodies all the time, and sometimes the bacteria get a bit out of control and the result is yeast infections, etc. It's nothing you did! If you are nursing and you have a yeast infection, it can be passed, but again, they are fairly common anyway. With the right treatment, it will go away quickly. :)

You can get a prescription (usually Nystatin) which you probably got from your child's doctor, or you can get Lotrimin 1% ointment at any drug store and use that as well. ALWAYS check with the pediatrician before using ANYTHING on a child.

You can tell it's yeast because at the edges of the red areas there are small red dots that are flat - and when you use diaper cream, it doesn't go away.

Any time our little ones get sick or have a health issue, we blame ourselves and feel terrible. Know that it's not your fault, and that you did the best by your daughter by taking her to the doctor and are treating it. Yeah Mom! Hang in there!

Haven't read any of the other responses, but you are NOT a bad parent - at least not for this! There are some things you can do to help avoid, but some people are just prone to them (I get them constantly and it's nearly impossible not to share with an infant).

Cut out white foods - white bread, sugar, starches like rice and potatoes. If you're breastfeeding, cut them out of your own diet. If your daughter is on solids, keep those foods and types of foods away from her.

Also, make sure to get some good acidopholus in both of your diets. Yogurt has it naturally, or you can get it in powder form for babies from the health food store. You just mix a tiny bit in her bottles or baby food every day. It helps keep the good bacteria going in her intestines. Not a bad thing for you too though.

Good luck!

Do you use bubble bath when she takes a bath? Most baby products and bubble bath contain ingredients that are really very harmful to children. Yeast infections are a common problem from using bubble bath. Check the labels for ingredients such as propylene glycol and sodium laurel sulfate -- just two of MANY harmful ingredients in personal care products.
S. Robinson


There is nothing "dirty" about a yeast infection. Every girl naturally has a balance of yeast and good bacteria in her vagina. They compete for nutrients, and occasionally the yeast gets out of control. It is not a sexual disease, and it doesn't mean that you did anything wrong. It just happens. In babies, it can also occur in the mouth, and then doctors call it Thrush.

I would recommend using the cream to get rid of the current infection. In the future, there are things you can do to help reduce the chances of infection. Wiping front to back is important. You might also look at the sugar in her diet (if any). Yeast feeds on sugar, and a high-sugar or high-refined-carb diet is known to increase yeast infections. You could also start her on a probiotic supplement. The probiotics not only help her digestions work better, they also help keep the yeast under control. We use Jarro brand Jarro-dophilus. They come in a capsule that you can break apart and sprinkle the powder on baby's food. We started our girls on one capsule a day when they started solid foods. My toddler has really noticed a difference in her bowel movements when she doesn't have her "tummy vitamin."

Best of luck,

my oldest dd had this right after she was born, it was caused by antibiotics. If your dd has had antibiotics lately, that's the culprit. Just keep an eye on her everytime she has them so you can catch it early.
S. mom 2 4; 1yr, 8 yr, 13 yr & 16 yr

Was she on antibiotics prior to the yeast infection? My daughter was on amoxicillin for an ear infection and one of the side affects is yeast infections and sure enough, she was one of the lucky ones:(

I have yet to be there with my DD, but when I'm pregnant, I have them non-stop. I've had very good success treating them with vinegar baths. 1 cup to a bath. Doesn't need to be a long bath. Also, treating the outer area with yogurt. I have yet to have a Rx work better than this.

Amen. to all your advice. lol. My dd had to be on antibiotics a few times as well as me when she was a baby--we went on yogurt and used the cream. did wonders for us. she had thrush as well as a bottom infection and my breasts had it--OUCH! our doc actually told us she we were being too careful with germs and needed to relax it up so she could be exposed to more dirt--her environment was too clean. AND I BEAT MYSELF UP FOR THAT!! Why do we do that? lol. You are a great mom, you took her to the doctor, you are looking for info--go you!

This is something that's going around. My nephew and my niece (from different sides of the family) both had it this week. They also both have some sort of gastro-intestinal virus that's going around as well. Both docs say it's irritating, uncomfortable but extremely common. My little niece's yeast infection went away in three days after using the topical cream but developed a very bad diaper rash. If this happens, Triple Paste is supposed to be the most amazing thing to cure a terrible diaper rash.

Good luck and know that this has nothing to do with you as a mother!!

Hi G.,
This is super common and is NOT your fault, yeast can be a bugger...don't beat yourself up about it.
If you are looking for a long term deterrent, the best thing I have found is Reliv nutrition. A close friend of mine was dealing with this with her daughter internally as well as externally and has had fabulous results keeping both away. You would benefit using her as a resource, mom to mom. Let me know!

My DD had this growing up all the time! finally we found out it was from her Bubble Baths, after the DR. told us we didnt use any bubble's and she didnt have them anymore! I hope this helps you!

Hi G.,
Some girls seem more susceptible to yeast infections. The one thing I would do is make sure when she poops you wipe front to back, away from the vagina. As girls get older and start wiping on their own it is good to teach them this same process, wipe from front to back and keep the vaginal area clean from #2. It is so painful to have a yeast infection, I hope this helps.
Good luck,

Dear G.,

There is no reason for you to beat yourself up! Just worry about getting her healthy again.

Sugar, sometimes dairy, yeast, and even corn can irritate the bad yeast in our bodies. If she has been or ever is on antibiotics make sure she is eating good yogurt. READ THE LABLES on stuff there is way to much sugar in our foods. Also, there are some good probotics for kids to take. You and the rest of your family should take them on a daily bases also.

I have struggled with yeast most of my life and now I am dealing with full blown Candidas. One of the ladies mentioned the book The Complete Guide to Yeast. Please read it not only for your daughter but for yourself. It is very eye opening.

Be glad that you have a doctor who will regonize yeast. I have come across many through the years who tell me I don't have a clue what is wrong with my body. I have even had a doctor tell me the discharge from a yeast infection was nothing to worry about because at my age (30 at the time) it helped the sperm get to my egg better. Needless to say I told him what an idiot he was.

Your daughter is young enough you can help her make good eating choices now to help her in the future.

Best wishes,


You are not a horrible parent and this is not your fault. Yeast is in our bodies all the time. It is something that can just happen to any of us. My little girl, now 3, had a yeast infection when she was about 8 months and I could not beleive it. I used the cream as instructed by the doctor and it went away. I understand how you feel, but this has nothing to do with you being an ill fit parent. Thrush is actually a type of yeast infection as well. Use the cream as your doctor instructed and it will go away. It is not harmful.

First of all, don't beat yourself up. If you did that everytime your child was sick or hurt, you'd do nothing else. My daughter has had a couple of yeast infections. The lotrimin cream cleared it up pretty fast. She usually got one after being on antibiotics for something else. And some women are just prone to having them. My mom is one of them. She had recurring yeast infections since she was very small. It's about the chemical make up of her body, usually. So use the cream, it will clear up, and give your baby a hug and yourself a pat on the back. You're a good mom and don't tell yourself you're doing something wrong! :)

Was she on antibiotics for something? Yeast infection can come from an imbalance of "good" bacteria in the vagina. Ask your doctor about a children's probiotic supplement, or try some yogurt with live cultures (L. acidophilus, etc. ). Yogurt tends to have less active live cultures, but it can help with yeast infections and help prevent them, and most babies like it. The yo-baby yogurt has less sugar than regular yogurt if she doesn't like the plain kind (which all the books say babies like, but my daughter would never touch it).

Good luck!

Hi G. - please don't beat yourself up over this! It's not because you are a bad mom, I promise! Every single human being has yeast in the digestive tract. When a baby goes #2, the yeast is right there with it and it can easily grow where it doesnt belong.

Continue using the cream your doc prescribed and call them if it doesnt clear up in the appropriate time frame.

You're doing great!!!

Ooooh, I'm sorry on behalf of the both of you! Definitely not your fault! I didn't read all the responses so someone may have suggested this already, but it may help prevent future episodes if you start giving her high quality yogurt on a regular basis. Although they can't have regular cows milk at her age, yogurt is fine for babies at 10 months. All of my kids ate Mountain High plain, full fat yogurt starting around 6-7 months and loved it. I usually mixed iy with whatever fruit they were having. I'm guessing she's been on antibiotics at some point? They are so necessary sometims for bacterial infections, but do mess up the digestive (and consequently some other) systems. The live cultures can help set things right. I started giving my kids acidophillus when they were toddlers, as well. It can take some time to get things back on track. Good luck to you!

You are not a horrible parent!! Have you when pregnant or your daughter ever been on an antibiotic? If so, and I don't know why doctors don't automatically do this, but they should tell you to get some pro-biotic to get the bateria back in balance in the body.

Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods will carry these products.

I had a cat bit and hav IV antibiotics and 10 day of anti biotics, it wiped ot my good bacteria! It can take up to 18 months to get the flora back into balance after a round of antibiotic!



Yeast infections on babies is actually pretty common - don't beat yourself up about it! Just use the cream and it will get better. Both of my kids have had yeast infections, and they're not that huge of a deal.

You are not a horrible parent. Yeast is so common. There is a book called The Yeast Connection and describes how this happens. It is basically from sugar and too much processed foods (possibly, I am not a DR and I do not know your daughter). We all have yeast in the body, but an infection indicates an unbalance. Try a probiotic for kids from Vitamin Cottage (best prices). Good Luck!

PS OOPS I read this quickly and thought she was 10 years old....They do have babydophilous (sp) for babies.

I can't offer a cure or prevention. But I can say not to feel like you caused it. My niece had a string of infections for several months when she was a baby. My sister said they seemed to come out of nowhere, and then disappear with seemingly no cause. I suppose it's little different from when get one ourselves -- not really sure why. Best of luck!

My brother's daughter gets them now and then. They use the recommended cream. They felt bad at first too but the doctor told them it was not uncommon at all and not to take it personal.

It's nothing you caused...my oldest daughter got one. She always had such sensitive skin (eczema, etc). I tried the Walmart brand diapers to see if they would work for her and she got a really bad diaper rash; I switched back diaper brands because I figured they were bothering her or she was allergic to them somehow. A few days later, it got worse and she was diagnosed with a yeast infection. They had me put on (I believe it was) "Butter Balm" and Lanisol when I changed her diaper and less than a week later, it had all cleared up. With my daughter, it was just caused by extreme irritation from the diaper, but I was told some just in case common sense advice: when you change her diaper, to make sure you wipe really well from front to back. It also helped my daughter to have some "naked time" where she could run around without her diaper for a little bit to let her little bottom air out.

I hope this helps :) Good luck.

You have plenty of good information already but I just had to add my two cents because I have the SAME PROBLEM!! I'm prone to yeast infections and it appears that I've passed that on to my tiny one. YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT, don't even let yourself think that! I just use topical vagisil (NEVER the insert of course) and it really works well. I've found that if it works with me and it's okay with her dr it is great for her too. I'm so sorry, and good luck!

First off DON'T feel like a horrible parent because she got a yeast infection. It is one of those things that just happens. My daughter gets one every time she cuts a tooth (that's miserable for all of us trust me!) and it's one of those things that as long as you treat it she'll be fine I promise!

Also I would advise using the pampers swaddlers until the infection is gone because of the way it's lined it's the only one my baby could wear with the rash so it kept the mess off her sensitive skin. if you have more questions just e-mail me I'd be happy to help where I can ____@____.com

Both of my girls suffered from severe diaper rash and infections, especially when they were teething. We used a generic anti-fungal cream and avoided bubble baths. Additionally, even though they're in diapers, we dressed them in dresses without tights so they got more air circulation. It works!

Don't feel bad, this is totally normal. Both my daughters had yeast infections. It's because everything stays so moist down there. I would suggest just keeping it as dry as possible. But infections happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Don't feel like it's your fault! I'm sure your a great mom!

Doing this right now with my 11 month old. But I have done it before with 2 of the other DD. I was told with the first 2 to keep the area as dry as possible. Change the diapers often and when you are doing that dry out the area as much as possible---even getting a blow dryer and making sure that it is super dry before putting the diaper back on. Use the cream that they give you. The other post suggested yougert and that is great too. Don't beat yourself up over this, it can happen to anyone and any baby. Good luck.

You are in NO way a horrible parent. My daughter had strep infection down there and I had NO IDEA! I just mentioned during a visit she had discharge and low and behold it was strep down there! Due to her not having tonsils any more it went there instead! I had no idea.
Yeast infections occur in little girls like women. Too much build up or even bubble baths can cause it. Don't use anything but really mild soaps on her in the bath and don't let her sit in dirty water. I finally got to draining the tub after bathing and if my daughter wanted to play in the tub filling it back up with fresh water. Waste of water really but it worked. Now at 7 she takes only showers.
You in no way caused this! :)
Give her yogurt and even the drinkable probiotics. That will help keep them at bay too. Some little girls are just more prone then others.

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