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Young Girl with "Yeast" Infections???

My daughter is almost 4 years old. She is no longer in any diapers or pull-ups, but is still always getting irritated in "that area". Kind of like a yeast infection. I do have a cream that I got from her doctor a while back that I have to keep using on occasion. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this. I keep her dry after bath and I wipe her myself after she uses the bathroom. I don't get it????

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I have a little girl also that has the same problem. I would love to know some answers also.
Good Luck

Hi K.,

I still go threw this with my almost 7 year old. I myself don't understand it. Some say its there diet. That they should have yogart at least once a day to help pervent this. It was bad around that age for my daughter and I kepted her clean as much as possible but she is more prone to it. I would try looking into foods that can help. Yogart seems the easiest for me. Good Luck! :)

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I have a little girl also that has the same problem. I would love to know some answers also.
Good Luck

Yeast infections don't generally happen to little girls. It sounds more like vaginitis. Red, swollen, itchy skin from irritation caused by bubble baths or not wiping well enough or running around in a wet bathing suit, etc. Then when she pees, it stings the irritated skin. I would go to the doctor again just to make sure it's not a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection.
I would not use bubble bath or pour any kind of soap in the bath tub because it is irritating to the skin- just put a little bath soap on a wash cloth when you bathe her and clean very gently and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Use something gentle like California Baby Super Sensitive and then let her air dry after the bath. Let her go to bed without panties so her skin can "breathe. " You can also use Tucks pads or put some witch hazel on a cotton pad and wipe her with those a few times a day. It will be soothing and help the irritation to go away.

Probiotics for children at least 1 billion count strands. Switch from sugar to Agave.
Eliminate all forms of Diary i.e cheese, milk.
My daughter went through the same problem briefly.
I also have had plenty of children in the office that have had this problem. This can be easily resolved without the use of drugs and especially steroids.
Yours in health,
Dr. V. LaRocco, Health Development strategist
Any questions contact me at ###-###-####


I think you already have gotten great advice from all the other moms who replied. One added thing: To get good probiotics into her body, order one that is called "ThreeLac" thru the internet (www.kirkmanlabs.com). It is specifically designed to help with yeast overgrowth.
Also, once you start giving the probiotic, don't be surprised if the problem gets worse for a few days before it gets better.

Hi K.,
Is she using any kind of scented bubble bath, moist wipes, lotions, etc? Those types of perfumed products have been known to cause genital irritation so if you are using any of those, I would stop. If the infection or irritation is recurring, I would ask the doctor to look into why. If it is just irritation, that's one thing, if it is a recurring yeast infection, I'd be concerned about that. Good luck

I had the same issue. The Dr blamed it on using bubble bath in the bath tub.

Try just having her wear white cotton undies - My daughter had a similar thing and that has helped. Good luck!

My daughter used to have yeast rashes all the time, and I kept treating it as such but they never went away. Turns out, it was ECZEMA...which yeast treatments will do nothing for. I finally brought her to the doctor when she scratched herself bloody, and he prescribed a steroid cream, which clears it right up when the rash flares up.

is it cotage cheesy looking with a smell? if so, that is yeast. lay off sugars and high carbs.

What great information the other poster provided on how this could happen?

Make sure to stay away from scented bubble baths etc, which can be irritating.

You need to balance her system with good supplements and good bacteria. Keep her immune system in good order - . Remove toxic skincare products.

Watch her diet - stay away from simple carbs and sugars with contribute to the yeast overload in her system.

While the cream may be soothing to her - it is treating the symptom - not the issue causing the symptoms.

An annoying as it is - I always consider it a blessing when our body gives us a symptom to direct us to make changes that will help overall.

You can get more information of the products we used in our family at www.nosickvisits.com. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss.


"Yeast infections don't generally happen to little girls." This is not true. Yeast infections can happen to anyone with an overgrowth of yeast. Yeast thrives in warm damp areas, but occurs more often with people who have their bacterial balance out of whack. If your daughter has taken antibiotics recently, that could be what started the infection. High carbohydrate diets are another cause.

Have you had your doctor confirm that this is yeast? If not, have a culture done. Increase your daughter's probiotic intake (OTC probiotics or freshly cultured unpasteurized yoghurt, fermented pickles, sauerkraut, etc) Lower the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that your daughter is eating as well as eliminating consumption of foods with yeast until the infection has cleared up. (For more information google SCD: specific carbohydrate diet or candida diet).

to soft toilet paper or with fragrance can cause this.. try wet wipes.. and don't wipe.. kind of pat.. after each pee.. use a little balmex... this will help. make sure she is drinking enough during the day.. and not so much sugary drinks.. don't add bubbles to the tub either.. maybe even try showers.. make sure you use soft undies.. this helps too.. only all cotton.. good luck.

Hi K.,

I still go threw this with my almost 7 year old. I myself don't understand it. Some say its there diet. That they should have yogart at least once a day to help pervent this. It was bad around that age for my daughter and I kepted her clean as much as possible but she is more prone to it. I would try looking into foods that can help. Yogart seems the easiest for me. Good Luck! :)

I would take her back to the doctor (if you haven't already) to be sure that it is a yeast infection.
Some people are more prone to growing yeast in their bodies. Diet changes can help tremendously. There are some recommendations in the attached link, but you can also find others on the web.


Limiting sugar and highly refined carbs in the diet is extremely important.
all the best,

I went through the same thing with my daughter then my reproductive endocrinologist told me to give her yogurt daily and let her eat as much as she wants. It worked for my daughter and more than likely will work for yours. The yogurt will help balance out the normal flora in her body. I got really creative with it, making smoothies and shakes with yogurt and even making whips with Jello and yogurt. To this day she still eats a lot of yogurt and has not had a yeast infection in years.


I agree with the other posts that you have gotten - but wanted to add - make sure the yogurt has live cultures in it. If it doesn't- it won't do a thing for yeast.

Also - if she needs a little powder to absorb moisture - use straight corn starch (the cooking kind)- no talc or other powder. and yes - no fragrances of any kind - in soap, lotion, wipes, detergent (you can get natural and non-fragranced laundry detergents), etc. You could even switch away from dryer sheets - if you pour white vinegar into the washer with the clothes- you do not have to use a dryer sheet and the clothes are soft and static free (depending on the size of the load: up to 3/4 - 1 cup for large loads).

Crazy as it sounds, she may have a food allergy. Or, if she has been on antibiotics a lot, she may, indeed have a yeast infection. Cut back/cut out dairy (first), and see if it improves.

Hi K.:

My daughter had this same problem around the same age. I found that there were certain 'triggers'. Not drinking/peeing frequently during the day, wet bathing suit/playing to long in the tub, poor wiping skills.

I mandated at home and at the sitters for her to drink plenty of fluids, juice was diluted with water or seltzer (too much sugar can create yeast) and to try and pee every 2 hours. Found 'fruit of the loom' underwear that had cotton covered leg elastic and cotton crotch. Got rid of ALL bubble bath products and had my husband come with us to the doctor so he could hear that bubble baths are not a good choice for little girls whether they have infections or not. The doctor also suggested making yogurt a staple in her diet and when the irritation is bad, adding baking soda to a warm bath. We always have an extra bathing suit at the pool and if she is willing to change to showers this can also help.

Good luck, hope your little one feels better.


Yeast infections are not always external. Feed her yogurt. Prevention of vaginal yeast infections has been shown with regular daily consumption of at least six ounces of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus. Lactobacillus acidophilus is beneficial bacteria that naturally exists in the lining of the vaginal wall and prevents pathogenic bacteria from entering. This resulted in reduced episodes of bacterial vaginitis.

How's your daughter's eating? Remember, yeast grows on sugar in her system. If she's eating a lot of sugar or sugary foods (most packaged/processed foods), fruit or fruit juices, the yeast are sure to thrive. Yeast is also a systemic issue, not just a surface issue. Her whole body likely has an overgrowth. You should also add probiotics to her diet. Good bacteria will help to keep the yeast in check. Whole milk, unsweetened yogurt or kefir (I like Stonyfield Farm organic) mixed or blended with some low-glycemic fruits like berries (this is the perfect time of year for them) should be yummy enough with no added sweetener. Good luck!

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