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Weight Watchers and Breast Feeding

Hi...I just had my 3rd baby and am 30 pounds overweight. I currently weigh 180 pounds and was 170 when I got pregnant. I was wondering if anyone tried weight watchers while they were breast feeding? If so, I am wondering how many points I am allowed for my current weight and the fact that I am breast feeding. I am hoping that there is something that I can do to lose some of this weight now b/c I do not feel, or for that fact, look good. If anyone could let me know the point allowed while breastfeeding for someone who weighs 180lbs I would appreciate it. Also, If anyone has had success without compromising their milk supply I would love to hear from you...Failures too please. I am really trying to figure out what is the best way to take some of this weight off and still give my beautiful daughter all the nutrition she needs. Thanks.

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Hi C.,

I have not tried Weight Watchers in years, but both my sister and I had babies in the past 10 months and we are both on Jenny Craig. They put you on a higher calorie diet, you still lose weight and can breastfeed. I chose it because it is more convenient for me than WW because I don't have to prepare anything really. It's all prepared already which is very handy when you have a little one! Just another option for you.

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I cannot say enough good things about WW while BFing. I weighed 197 when I joined--and they gave me 37 points (I am 5'9"). The weight flew off (I have lost 42 pounds since September) and I was never hungry! My milk supply is fine--does not appear to be affected in the least, and I am tandem nursing my 8 month old and my 2 1/2 year old. Trust me, if there was a problem with the milk, the big guy would have let me know.

Now that I am down to 155 and supplementing with solid food, I get 28 points. If I were exclusively BFing, I would get 33. I am guessing you would get about 35 or 36, but I don't know how tall you are.

I feel so much better about myself now that I am back at a healthy weight. There are so many days that my diet is the only thing I do for myself--you deserve it! Go for it! Good luck!

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You have to join and do your intake forms and quiz to get the proper and safe points for your personal experience. Please for the sake of safety and better health don't just take what someone else says is the right number.

Hi C., I do weight watchers online. The website provides users a way to indicate that they are breastfeeding. When you register, you enter your height, weight, other information that is needed and whether you are breastfeeding. The software customizes the program for you. The new plan seems to be the most realistic one I've ever encountered. It turns the concept of dieting on its head, instead it promotes healthier eating habits and exercise. Good luck. P.S. I joined a WW group after my daughter was born a decade ago, while still breastfeeding. It worked for me and she and I had a healthy and lengthy nursing relationship-3 1/2 years. WW has been the only way I have ever lost the pounds.

Hi C.,
I breastfed all my children(my youngest is now 18). After my second son was born I went to the Weight Watchers program and was able to lose 25 lbs. We didn't have the point system back then but I think the overall program is so good and nutritionally balanced that you shouldn't have a problem. I continued breastfeeding while doing the program and he wasn't affected by it. Hope this helps. You can probably go on their website and find information on breastfeeding, or talk with one of their counselors. By the way, I too am a nurse. Good luck!!


Be careful. Make sure you are taking (your) supplements. I think you can, you just need to add that extra 500 calories for breastfeeding. Keep your intake regular and healthy (and don't eat 1/2 the batch of cookies like I do!) and I think you will do well. You may not lose anything at first, but rather, redistribute.

Also, don't think to cut down your food as much as you keep your water intake UP, and Exercise. (I know the e-word!) Exercise will help you lose more than anything, and might actually help the breast milk production (don't quote me).


Good luck!

Hi C..

I did WW while breastfeeding. I'm not sure if it's changed (it was a few years ago), but you got to add 10 points to your day. I'm actually really glad I started while I was breastfeeding because it was easier to ease my way into the program since you're allowed those extra points. I'm not sure if you've done WW before, but 10 points is actually a pretty good amount of food. It didn't affect my milk supply at all. I had great success with the program and would highly recommend it. Good luck!

HI C.,

I am nursing my son and on Weight Watchers as well. When you join they tell you how to figure out how many points you are allowed a day. It differs depending on your current weight, how active you are during day and if you are nursing. It has not affected my milk supply at all. I am allowed to have 27 points a day and I have found the weekly meetings helpful. Good luck.

Hi C.,

I have not tried Weight Watchers in years, but both my sister and I had babies in the past 10 months and we are both on Jenny Craig. They put you on a higher calorie diet, you still lose weight and can breastfeed. I chose it because it is more convenient for me than WW because I don't have to prepare anything really. It's all prepared already which is very handy when you have a little one! Just another option for you.

I was doing WW before I got pregnant and now the "point program" has changed some of its plan. I would go to a meeting sign up for a month and see the new program. One lady in my meeting was having great success AND breast feeding. With the new changes (December 2008) I don't know if the point program I was doing is accurate any more. You get more points when your BF and more milk requirements to keep the milk supply up but keep the pounds coming off!!! A.

Weight Watchers works great while breastfeeding! They tell you to add in a certain number of points, but I can't remember exactly what it is. I did it, and had no trouble at all with my milk. The program isn't a severe calorie restriction, so it doesn't cause trouble. And you can still eat so many veggies and lean proteins, so your milk will stay perfect!

I will say- I had a hard time keeping it up after a few months. I wish I had gone to the meetings at the same time. I've heard they are wonderful about babies coming to the weigh ins, and I will definitely do that with my next one! Now that we're trying to get pregnant again, I'm not even trying...but I'm the exact same weight as you, so I know how you're feeling!

I had GREAT results with weight watchers and breastfeeding! I started when my son was 4 months old. The program I believe allowed me 18 points a day plus like maybe 10 extra for breastfeeding. I found I lost weight too quickly, so I added a couple points every week until I was losing at a rate that was satisfactory to me and my team leader, and my milk supply was not really compromised. I would only say that it was compromised during the time that I was eating too little. But it stabalized after we made the adjustments.
That being said, I discovered that by eating healthier foods with less processing, etc, my metabolism was faster than many of my peers. I continued eating 30 points a day after weaning and that was to maintain a weight of 133 pounds. 30 points a day is alot more than than WW actually allows most people at that level, but most of my friends found that the planned points were right for them, they lost 1-2 pounds per week. I was the only one in my group that didn't fit the mold.
I love weight watchers, it taught me to eat right, I have kept the weight off and now that I am pregnant again, I understand better what to eat and how to increase my calories in a smart way to gain more nutrition rather than to eat cupcakes every afternoon and mcdonalds for lunch. I am on track to a more normal 30 pound weight gain for this baby instead of the 40-45 I gained last time.
Good luck to you. I hope you love it as much as i did!!! and I am going to do it again after this baby is born!!

I highly recommend weight watchers while breasfeeding as an option if you want to lose weight. I have had success and i am still going. Lost about 8 lbs so far. To determine the points you get you will need to go to their website and they can help you with that. you can also go to a meeting and they can tell you your points. i started after my son already starting eating a little bit of solids but i pretty sure you can start even if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Just make wise eating choices and stick to your points and you will lose wieght and it won't affect your milk supply. Mine is just fine and the baby and i are both happy!

WW has a nursing moms program. It was actually suggested to my by the nurse practitioner at my docs office after I had the baby.

Personally, if it were me, I'd try to actually go to a meeting in person rather than doing it online, just so there's a real person to talk to in case of BFing issues (at least until I was confidant it wasn't compromising my milk supply).

Good luck (with baby and weight loss). :)

I was just looking at my book for you. Theres a questionnaire now that you fill out to determine your points. So I don't have an answer for you. I think you should definitley enroll in the program to get the most up to date information for your particular case. I ordered the at home kit after my son was born, b/c I had been to the meetings in the past and know how it all works. You can join online or order the at home kit if you don't want to go to the meetings. I love weight watchers. I think its the healthiest alternative to anyone wanting to lose weight.

Yes, I did WW while breastfeeding my son. You are allowed 10 extra points while breastfeeding, and (I think) it was more water and 1 extra calcium serving. About two weeks before I started weaning my son, I began dropping 2 points/week from my total points, and continued that until I was down to my 'regular' weekly points.

Good Luck! I did real well on WW til my Mom got sick last year. I fell off the wagon, but I'm hoping to get right back on this summer when my schedule settles down a bit and I can work out regularly! (That's the key for me, and I credit WW for helping me figure that piece of the puzzle out!)

You should not diet while breastfeeding, it's not healthy for the baby. You should, however, excercise regularly (I always walked with the stroller everyday) and eat healthy, balanced meals. You just had your baby, enjoy her. Don't worry about loosing the weight so soon. My Dr. and everyone else I know who are moms told me that it took 9 months for you to gain the weight, it will take at least that long to loose it, if breastfeeding, it may take longer. Your body needs the extra calories to produce the milk. Breastfeeding will also naturally help you to loose some of the weight.

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