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Hi Moms,

I'm requesting ideas for a 9 year old's birthday slumber party. My daughter will ask six other girls over and I'm wondering what you found to be successful at your daughter's party. (Nail painting is not an option). Thanks for your ideas

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Hi Moms, Thanks for all of the great ideas. We ended up having two parties - a swim party for a large group during the day and a sleep over with two friends that evening. For the swim party I bought everyone a noodle, goggles, and sunglasses. We had organized swim races and a bbq. During the large party a small group of girls had "issues" so I'm glad it was a small sleep over. The girls that slept over thought it would be cool to do a midnight swim, so we stayed up until midnight so they could go swimming for awhile. In the meantime, they played Wii games, ate, played some more, had a Webkinz party, and ate some more. When it was time for bed, I think they were asleep within five minutes or less of their heads hitting the pillow. Again, thank you for all of the great responses. J.

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I had a camp out for my daughter and her friends. Put a tent in the backyard. Get flashlights or glow bracelets/necklaces from the dollar store. Smores etc. Really fun.

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Hi J.,
If you have a wii thats good thing. bowling in the living room is fun, movies, arts and crafts , or bake cookies and let them put the toppings on like frosting or sprinkles....I hope that helped some


I do spa parties, and some of the free services are peppermint foot soaks and hand treatments. They might also like paraffins for $15. I can do up a $10 goodie bag with Body Shop products.

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Any craft that they can then keep is great for 9's. Friendship bracelets (check out the Klutz book on them) or beaded animals with key rings for their backpacks are both a lot of fun to make and a good favor as a keeper. I did a party for my daughter's 9th or 10th where we did fabric painting on square of white fabric (painting takes longer than tie-dye, so keeps them busy longer) and the week after the party, I bought bright printed fabric to back the panels and made them all pillows--my daughter is 20 and still has it on her bed, it was such a good memory. (And NO, I am not a seamstress at all--this is four lines of stitching and a store-bought pillow stuffing it, it's simple.)

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Here's a few ideas which are lots of fun:
- split them into teams and give each team 1-2 rolls of toilet paper. Each team picks one girl to be the "model" and the others are the designers. Using the toilet paper, they need to create an "outfit" for their model...give them about 15 minutes or so (you'll know when they're done.) Then have a fashion show with the results. (A variation on this is to get a big box of clothing items and have the girls work in teams or pairs to create a character with those pieces: a new superhero, a new cartoon character, a fictitious actor or actress/singer, etc. and have them introduce their person with a description - could be pretty hysterical!...they'll probably want to take turns on being the one who gets to be the model!)
- create a "Hollister's Got Talent" show. Girls can form groups to create a "talent" act: song, dance, skit, parody, etc. Enlist other family members to sit as judges.

Take lots and lots of photos - it's sure to be a blast they'll be talking about for weeks to come! Have fun!

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We did a scavenger hunt (2 or 3 teams) that had find objects, take pictures, and create something. One year it was a commercial for a made up product (That's what they had to make from what they collected.)

Last year, music videos. Children broke off into groups (by fav. artist) and group went off to select a song and create a music video. They performed and I recorded. I downloaded the videos to a dvd and sent them home with the girls in the morning. Next time, we'll mail them with thank yous so daughter can work them through iMovie.

I usually take them to the pool to swim until they can't swim anymore. Make their own pizza and a sundae bar for dessert.

Breakfast has been pancakes with sundae bar toppings (to get it out of my house). Then a trip to the park which is 2 blocks away.


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I had a camp out for my daughter and her friends. Put a tent in the backyard. Get flashlights or glow bracelets/necklaces from the dollar store. Smores etc. Really fun.

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We did a Peter Pan Party complete w/treasure hunt, that had several rhyming clues. Clues took them all over Neverland. One of the clues was even inside one of the black balloons (cannon balls)that were all over the floor in one section called Skull Rock Island (we made signs out of cardboard). They had to stomp the balloons to find the clue, that said to go to Mermaid Island for the next clue...Mermaid Island was under the tree outside(blue streamers hanging straight down in the tree, like seaweed. That clue led them to crocodile swamp (green streamers hanging straight down, and underneath them, a sea blue sheet put up (do this inside in a corner)where my hubby crouched behind and put treats/gifts on a fishing pole, gave a yank, and the child drew up the pole to find their prize. The birthday girl got the added benefit of the next clue attached with her prize..(we made sure she was the last turn). Much excitement came when a clue was found. The last clue did take them to a hole out in the yard where we dropped a bucket full of loot (chocolate coins, jewelry, etc)and covered it with branches. My birthday girl (6) dressed up as Tinkerbell and my son and hubby dressed up like pirates. My older daughter dressed up like Wendy (in fact all the girls can dress like wendy - in their gown and slippers!)don't forget the pixie dust (pixie sticks) to help them fly, and have fun! Make magic wands for crafts. give out fairy wings as a going home gift. We bought the Peter Pan soundtrack from Amazon. We played the song "Never Smile at a Crocodile" while the kids played "hot potatoe" with a stuffed green sock that we made into a crock. (For fun you can sew a timer inside of it!) Just make sure its stuffed loose enough that you can turn the dial on it. Make sure to let the girls watch the movie before lights out.

My daughter has never been into the spa stuff, but she loves crafts. At age 9, we got those clear plastic free- standing photo frames and some bubble paint, stickers and doo-dads. They each decorated a frame, and we printed photos of the party for the frames. For her slumber party last year, we decorated the living room with Christmas lights and hung a beaded door curtain to make it festive. You can buy a Twister game for under $20. Maybe water balloons in the backyard, music on the stereo, pizza, popcorn and a dvd. Build your own ice cream sundaes. They will have fun no matter what you do. Good luck!

Have them make something. Crafts are great. You can also let them decorate the birthday cake. My kids still like this. I just make a plain sheet cake and frost it plain white. I make extra frosting and color it different colors in small ziptop bags. Just cut of a small corner of the bags and you are ready to go.

You could also as around to see if any of your friends have a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) video game, or one of the Sing It type games that you could borrow. Nine year olds love them and will keep occupied for ages!

I used to have slumber parties every year for my birthday. Have plenty of food, a few games up your sleeve, and be ready to referee fights, but don't overplan! Mad Libs work well. They'll want to listen to music, most likely. We used to get a kick out of playing outside (in the lighted driveway) late at night.

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