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Any Activity Suggestions for Daughter's 10 Year Birthday Sleepover Party?

My daughter will soon be turning 10 and is having 5 friends over for a sleepover party. They are at such an inbetween age for activities - not really into "games", but I know they will need some entertainment. The only idea I had so far was maybe a nail/manicure party to start. Just thought I'd see if anyone else had any suggestions. Thanks!!

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We had a sleepover for my daughter who turned 8 and we made individual pizzas and ice-cream sundaes. We also watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We did play a couple of slumber party games. One was put all the stuffed animals in a pile and try to find your own with a blind fold on. We had alot of fun!

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Hi J.:

Do the girls like to do crafts? You can get foam craft kits at Micheals or Joanns reasonably priced. You can also try Oriental Trading for theme crafts.

Good Luck!


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You could have the girls make their own pillowcases or t-shirts. Crayola makes a great fabric crayon, the girls can color a design on paper(their own or a picture printed out-just be sure they trace the black lines too!) place the paper face down on the fabric, place a clean piece of paper over it and iron with a hot, steam free, iron. They can also draw directly on the fabric, which I found gives better results, then heat set it with the iron. If you are doing t-shirts, be sure to stretch the fabric on some cardboard so it is easier to draw on. Fabric markers work well too, but they would have to be more careful not to get the marker on their own clothes. If you are really brave you can try fabric paint. We make "flag" t-shirts every year by placing tape strips and stars on a shirt, painting over the tape strips area with red, the star area with blue. When dry, remove the tape/stars and then toss it in the dryer to heat set it. Have fun!!

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Hi J.,

I will say that it is imperative to have a strict itinery to keep the girls occupied. I would also enlist the help of a few other adults.

My daughter had a "spa" party theme to her 9th birthday. As we were planning an overnight party we had the girls show up around 5:00 PM. As the girls arrived they were directed to the sun porch where karaoke was set up and the girls socialized for about 1/2 hour before being escorted into the "spa". We had a few snacks available there "tea sandwichs"

We set up one room for the "spa". We placed folding chairs in a semi circle and lined shelves with nail polish, facial creams, toners, white towels, etc. We had scented candles a small indoor fountain and mood music. We also purchased a roll of tulle fabric and draped it around the room (keep away from open flame)We also purchased some pre teen magazines (American girl, etc. for them to read)

we had approximately one adult for each two girls. (a few of the mom's stayed to help but left later) The party started by girls applying facial cream to their faces (we purchased a very mild one from a spa party store.) (we had also hung a long mirror sideways on the wall so they could all see themselves to apply the cream) After they applied their face cream, the girls sat down and soaked their feet. (we purchased white dish pans and put in warm water and scented salts.) We had purchased very inexpensive pedicure sets from a party store. While the girls soaked we applied cucumber slices to their eyes and performed hand massages. Then we dried their feet and gave them a foot massage and pedicure. They were able to choose from a variety of cool nail polish colors. Finally, the girls were offered warm, white face cloths on a tray to remove their face cream and applied a moisturizer. We had a small hamper ready for the towels and face cloths. Each pedicure set came with cheap flip flops so they girls wore them after the pedicure and we went into the kitchen for pizza and soda.

After dinner we had the cake and presents. My daughter's birthday was in July so it did not get dark until late but by the time they were through with the presents it was quite dark so we headed outside for a night time scavenger hunt. (We live in a quiet neighborhood which used to be a summer vacation area so it is safe to travel around at night) I had marked each new clue with glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces which they were able to decorated themselves with. The final prize was candies, popcorn and movies.

When we returned to the house the girls did a project of make your own scented body lotion, lip gloss, body spray (also purchased from the online party store)
Before bed the girls decorated a small memory quilt which we purchased at Joann Fabrics. It came with fabric crayons, each girl decorated a square with a fabric crayon which is set by placing a piece of paper over the fabric and ironing. My daughter still loves her quilt!

This kept us occupied to about 10PM and then we set them up with their sleeping bags and pillows to watch movies and have snacks. (I will be honest, their were a few who stayed up until 3:00 AM)

In the morning breakfast was a yogurt bar: we placed out ice cream bowls and the girls could choose between strawberry or vanilla yogurt placed in large bowls and then add a variety of toppings. (dry cereals of various types) We also served juice in plasic wine glasses and fresh fruit and muffins.

Everyone left with their pedicure set and make your own lotions as their goody bag.

I will say the party was a success, though I was exhausted!

The web site where I purchased most of my supplies was thebirthdayboutique.com I was very satisfied with the service, products and price.

Best Wishes

J. L.

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Your nail/manicure idea is a good one, and you can add maybe facial stuff...There's a kit called the ULTIMATE SPA and PERFUME KIT for girls to make their own perfumes, body lotions and facial stuff that would be fun to make too..there's bottles that come with it so the girls can take some home with them. My daughter had a blast making stuff for people...all-natural stuff (you have to have some basic ingredients in the house first...most are simple stuff that your kitchen may already have) to add to the kit ingredients. Another idea is to make fruit smoothies (the girls can pick the fruits they want to have and add to milk/yogurt/ice cream in the blender) or have a Make-your-own-Sundae party. Mmmmmm!! Even though they may not be into traditional games, there are also DVD games that are a blast to play...usually based on music/movies/etc. The SHOUT ABOUT series is cool, since there's no game board etc. to deal with..players just shout out answers..try to get a kid-one though, since the regular ones are a little bit harder for pre-teens. Another favorite thing to do is to have a Dance Party...girls LOVE to dance and crank the music up. You'll have to endure a lot of noise for a bit, but its worth it. My daughter and her friends like to videotape themselves dancing then replay it on the TV...its a riot (and down the road, those little videos will be so precious)!! Hope that helps!! Have FUN!!!

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Theme the sleep-over with whatever new movie is being released on video that week. Also, have them paint fingernails and toenails .. that is a lot of fun .. use paperplates. Order Pizza and of course popcorn .. my daugther really enjoyed that when she was that age. The other thing, have bagels and cream cheese and fruit salad .. for a quick breakfast.

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We just had a sleepover for my son's 10 year old party. I brought home the computer projector from work and played an old 60s movie for the boys on the wall. They had a ball watching it an eating popcorn in their sleeping bags. I also did make your own sundaes instead of a cake.

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Go to Michaels and pick up a couple craft kits. They usually contain enough in each box to make 6-10 projects. We have made flowers, sand art, & Tie dye and they are perfect for your age group! I think they have nail/manicure kits and perfume making kits too. They really heave a great selection. good luck and have fun!

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If you don't mind letting them loose in your kitche, they could have a great time making slice n bake cookies, rice krispie treats, or nachos...also decorating cupcakes, etc. No guarantee that they will clean the kitchen when they are done, but it is fun, creative and inexpensive! Have fun!

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When my stepdaughter was younger we would do a spa sleepover where the girls could do manicures, pedicures and light make up & hair styling. We'd do facials and read fashion & gossip magazines then have make your own ice cream sundaes.I would also make a box with old costume jewelry and some dress up stuff. I have boys so I just love the girly stuff!

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Hi J. -

My daughter just turned 10 a few months ago and I went through the same dilemma. However I found a website called the birthday party lady and she had some pretty good ideas. My daughter ended up doing a detective party - like a live game of Clue. There was a mystery to solve, fingerprint cards in order to eliminate "suspects", etc. The kids had a great time. We did have to tweak it a little but for the cost it was great. You just decide on the # of guests and which party and she will supply all instructions, etc on line - you just print them out. If you choose to hand out favors, you will have to go get those. Good Luck and have fun.

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Along the same lines that you were thinking - they could play around with their hair as well. Curling irons, up do's, you could go to the library and get some books out about braiding hair and designs for their nails. Get some fun one wash hair colors and funky nail polish with decals. And maybe watch a fun girly movie and eat popcorn.

Have fun,
L. M

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How about making necklaces and other jewelry. Michael's and Target have craft kits that contain all the beads, wires and end pieces.

I also find great ideas at this website for all my kid's parties.

Good luck!

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I think when my daughter was 10 I had the same problem. I ended up doing a scavenger hunt, and had them running all over the neighborhood for clues. (They were poems about fairy tales and I used stuffed animals and props) You could make it "cooler" if you're creative and do a rock star theme or some other popular idea theme. Good luck!!

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Hi J.:

I have a few suggestions, but too lengthy to write. Feel free to call me. I'm around tomorrow between 8:45 and 10:30 and then after three.

J. - ###-###-####

Dear J.,
your daughter and her friends are a perfect age for a paint-your-own pottery party as a before or after combo with the sleepover. I welcome small groups like yours and would be happy to host them while they have a pizza party at my place too, if that fits into your plans. contact me for more information or to schedule your party!

If your still interested check out my website www.DulcebyCathy.com and check out the "Dulce Mobile Spa" page.

No stressing out...we come to you, set up, clean up and no exhaustion on your part. ;)


I was wondering where you live? I do know someone who does spa/skincare parties for that age range & there's no cost. Feel free to contact me if you want her information.

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